The next day at Dot's

Ronnie: (sits down with breakfast) Heard from Sam yet?

Roxy: No. Nore has auntie Peg.

Ronnie: Do you think Sam did it?

Roxy: It's possible...I'd rather not point the finger at anyone.

Ronnie: I didn't tell you exactly what happened the night he died.

Roxy: Ronnie...You aren't going to tell me you did him in, right?

Ronnie: No, no...Of course I'm not. I just mean...More happened then what I said.

Roxy: Alright well...Spit it out then.

Ronnie: I went to see Dad...He...He told me some things. He then chucked me out onto the street. Exactly like I did to Daniel. And he said 'remember this spot'. Now all I can think about is that night. If only I would have believed her...

Roxy: Ronnie...It wasn't your fault okay. If dad would have let her tell you earlier...

Ronnie: I need some air (wipes her eyes and walks towards the front door).

Roxy: I'm coming with you.

Ronnie: I want to go on my own Roxy.

Roxy: I'm not leaving you alone while you're in this state.

Ronnie: Roxy...I'm not going to top myself.

Roxy: Ronnie, I want to keep an eye on you. We've both had a bad week. We need to stick together.

Ronnie: (her eyes well up and she leans back against the door). Why me?

Roxy: Ronnie (goes to touch her sisters face).

Ronnie: (moves her face to the side) Why do I always lose the one thing that I want.

Roxy: Are you talking about Dad or the baby?

Ronnie: A child...I had the chance with Daniel...And then with this new baby. But because of everything...I'll never have the chance.

Roxy: Ronnie...You have plenty of time for a baby. You can still have one.

Ronnie: Plenty of time? I'm not getting any younger...If it doesn't happen soon, then what?

Roxy: I don't know. How about adoption?

Ronnie: I want my own baby, not somebody elses.

Roxy: It might be your only option.

Ronnie: I need some air (opens the door and walks out, slamming the door behind her).