Bella gets a half-sister & a half-brother

This happens several years after BD and everyone has been getting on nicely.

I was just watching TV when we got the news. I heard Alice's sharp intake of breath and immediately looked at Edward for an explanation. He was still staring at Alice is shock. After 30 incredibly long seconds Edward faced me with a very serious expression I suddenly realised he was in shock. Alice then said "Should I tell them or do you want to?" to Edward. The rest of us were getting agitated and as Edward was still in shock Alice continued; "In 10 minutes we are going to get a call from Sue telling us that she is pregnant." We saw why Edward could of gone in to shock we were pretty shocked too. But that wasn't all as as soon as it looked like we were accepting that I would be getting a half-sister Alice continued "Also in 20 minutes we are going to get a call from Renee," she paused, "telling is the same thing." I now saw why Edward had gone in to shock. Finding about 2 more siblings in 20 minutes was enough to make anyone shocked.

I don't think it had registered with me yet. That was the only way I could be taking the fact that I was going to become a big sister so calmly. Even Emmet was unable to talk. Esme was the first one to get control of herself about 2 minutes later. She congratulated me whilst hugging me. That seemed to be a cue to everyone except Edward to start hugging me and congratulating me. 10 minutes later as promised we got the phone call from Sue who knowing Alice wasn't surprised that we already knew what she was going to say. We all congratulated her but after 9 minutes we told her we were expecting another phone call so we would have to hang-up. 1 minute later like Alice predicted the phone rang and we had a repeat performance. I also suggested that they should tell Charlie for my sake and in return they will get some interesting news.

Alice told us that they did as we had suggested so were congratulating each other as well. Carlisle promised me that he would check both of them out soon but he will start with Sue as she is closer. Edward was still in shock and Alice told us that he will be for another 30 minutes so I took him to the cottage with the help of Emmet with Jacob and Nessie following. Nessie surprised us by taking it quite well. She was quite excited about being older than her aunts and she loved babies. Jacob was muttering about how that means Sue's baby will be born in to this madness. It only took me a second to work out the new family tree though it was extremely complicated.

'Sarlie' will have Seth, Leah and I as a half sister/ brother, Emmet, Rose, Alice and Jasper as sister & brother in laws, Carlisle and Esme as Father and mother in law, Edward as an official brother in law, Nessie as a niece & Jacob's family as extended family on both sides before getting in to other family members. One thing was for sure Sarlie was going to have a massive family. This led me on to 'Phinene' Phil had no other family but though me Phinene was going to have the same massive family as Sarlie will even though they will only be related through me.

Finding this out made me realise why Edward had gone in to shock. Edward had worried about leaving my family behind when I became a vampire. Though I reassured him that A) I was still regularly seeing Charlie and B) I started distancing myself from her the moment I came to Forks. Now that I am going to have a new sister I would probably want to see more of Renee which at the moment will be impossible. Suddenly my brain started concentrating on how to get Phinene to Forks.