Summary; Bella keeps in contact with Angela through email. What Drama will unfold?

At the end of my school life I got an email address from Angela. She was the only person I bothered to keep in contact with. I of course had my email registered as in readiness for my marriage. Hers was .com. After we had got rid of the Volturi and we had started Dartmouth after the Easter break I realised I had not contacted her at all when I had 18 unread emails in my inbox. 17 of them were from Angela each getting a little more disheartened yet still told me what I was missing. It seemed that Jess & Michael had finally got together and were at Washington College taking classes in magazine editing. Eric was at Seattle and apparently being a complete flirt whilst still being able to pass his exams at Seattle apparently the subject was sociology and how computers were helping people communicate I planned to reply that this was an example. She also always included a snippet about her and Ben. It turns out they had both managed to get in to Dartmouth as well and she was surprised that she hadn't seen me at all. I felt slightly guilty reading this. Her relationship with Ben was still going strong and they were unofficially engaged. She also asked about me and the Cullens and what was going on in that front.

I started replying to her as soon as I finished reading but debated what to tell her sensing me unease Edward told me to put the truth as much as possible.

Hey Angela

Sorry for not replying earlier. For a summary of what has going on in my life; I married Edward, we went on a honeymoon on a beautiful island owned by Edward's mum Esme. We stayed there for 2 weeks before coming home. Then guess what!! I was pregnant! Edward had a hard time accepting it at first because he didn't think he could have kids but after a while he also let himself fall in love with her. This did mean we had to put back our education until she was born hence the fact that you have not seen me at Dartmouth but neither of us minded and teh Cullens were extremely surportive. Everyone else also put back their education for our sakes so they could help with her. I know we could have attended school in between but none of us felt up to it so we saw the world. The Amazon is amazing. I'll add more about that in my next email. My baby's name is Renesmee a combination of Esme & Renee. She is a perfect split of Edward and I. That brings me on to my next important news. In the Amazon I picked up a disease from one of the local insects. It turns out this was the same insect that had affected the rest of the Cullens resulting in their pale skin and golden eyes. Do not misunderstand this they took every precaution to make sure I didn't get the disease but 1 got through. I worried about the affect this would have on Nessie but it seems that she got the pale skin but kept my eyes so they were not lost. The final event that happened was that we got an unexpected visit from some of Emmet's family who had finally decided to track him down after putting him up for adoption over 14 years ago. Let's just say we were lucky that that it was resolved peacefully because we had the upper hand.

Do you remember Jake? He was helping around whilst I was ill and stayed around after. It turns out that there is more love at first sight than I thought as even though Ness is only 3 months Jake fell in love with her the moment he first saw her. At the moment he sees her as a delicate younger sister and he is always helping around. Edward almost attacked him when he found out but was too busy attending to me. I'm so glad that Jacob was honest about how he felt about Nessie as otherwise we may of had a full blown war on our hands. On the plus side we don't have to worry about who our child will end up with as we know for certain that it will be Jacob also not thaat he besotted by Nessie has got rid of his fixation with me.

We are now living in the Dartmouth area ready to start our life at Dartmou so I may see you let me know in your next email which block you are in. I still see Charlie and the guys in La Push regularly although most of the visits are rushed. I am happy to hear about you & Ben as I know you deserve each other. Email back soon and I promise I'll reply ASAP.