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"The Chronicles: Rewritten"

Chapter Name: One Time

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All it took was one time...

He'd been scrounging around in an alleyway, looking for scraps or spare change before he had to resort to "drastic measures". There had been no work for him recently, so cash was tight. And since he was picky about who he would pick pocket from (ah, the irony), he was up to the old scavenger routine.

Riddick was digging in the dumpster that sat behind an old Chinese restaurant, his nose scrunched in disgust. So far, his findings had been only vegetables. And he was NOT a fan of vegetables. Where was the meat?

Absently, he threw a head of cabbage over his shoulder...


...and promptly spun around, a knife instantly in his hand.

There stood a little boy, at least half of Riddick's age. The tiny boy rubbed his forehead where he had been smacked by the head of cabbage. Rosy pink lips pouted in discontent as the child pulled leafs of the vegetable off his shoulder with his free hand.

Huffing in slight amusement, but mostly frustration, Riddick put away his knife and was getting ready to scold the boy when he finally got a good look at him.

He looked into the eyes of the younger child, the biggest and greenest eyes he had ever seen, and found himself awed. There weren't a lot of things that existed in the universe that could grab Riddick's attention or become an object of his love. But those eyes, and once he could finally make himself look away, the owner of said eyes too soon became something that he would treasure and love always.

...and something deep and dark, down within the already jaded soul of the then ten year old purred in contentment.

"Mine," Riddick stated with a clarity never seen in any other child his age. He gently took one of the hands of the younger boy, his free hand brushing through the other's black hair. "Mine."

Green eyes glowed with a happiness so profound, Riddick found himself smiling.

"Come on, kid," Riddick said, quickly patting himself down with both hands to make sure all of his things were still where they needed to be. Then he held his hand out to the other boy. His hand, which was swiftly, grabbed a hold of. Smile on his face, Riddick tilted his head towards the end of the alley. "Let's get out of here."

The boy (Green-eyes, Riddick said to himself. I'll call him Green-eyes) nodded his head. A determined look on his face, he squeezed Riddick's hand to show he would not let go. Apprehension filled his eyes as he watched the different types of people walking past the end of the alley.

Riddick squeezed his hand in return.

"I'll keep you safe," he promised.

...all it took was one time for Richard B. Riddick, only ten at the time, future convict and murderer, to know he would go to the deepest bowels of Hell and back for the other boy. It took one time, one glance, to know he would kill for the other. It took one time to know he would protect him to the best of his abilities. And if his abilities, his strength, were not good enough, he would become stronger. And though he didn't really understand it then, it took only one time for Riddick to know that he had found the love of his life, his mate.

And all it took was one time.