AUTHOR'S NOTE: Make sure to read the note at the end! Important news!

It was as the clock on the mantel struck midnight that Harry woke all of the sudden. He had an eerie feeling, like something was wrong. But he couldn't put his finger on it...

From under his mattress, Harry pulled out a couple of pieces of wire. Carefully he was able to unlock the door to his room from within. It was a skill he had practiced with caution, always aware that the Dursleys could catch him if he wasn't careful. And it was a skill he was grateful for his Richard teaching him.

Once he heard the lock click, he slowly opened the door. With quick feet Harry made his way to the kitchen and the back door. Silent as a mouse he made his way out into the garden.

Where he quickly looked up at the night sky.

That eerie feeling was back. Stronger than before. But Harry still didn't know what was wrong.

He searched the sky; nothing looked different. He had found an astronomy book at the school library when he was eight and had memorized all he had read. Harry knew what constellations were supposed to be out for that time of year. Yet nothing looked out of place.

So maybe it wasn't the stars themselves? Something among them perhaps? Oh, if only his Richard had been there. He would have been able to-


"Something changed," Harry whispered to himself. Tentatively, he glanced back at the silent house. He bit his lip in worry. "Something's changed...but what?"


AUTHOR'S NOTE #2: And so it ends... SORRY! I know, no warning at all. And I know I said there would be at least two more chapters. But I've been having devious thoughts...

I feel I need more time before the sequels are ready for posting. And I decided to cut this short because instead of TWO, you guys will get three sequels. And the ideas I had for them didn't mesh with one of the previously written chapters that I would have posted. And the originally written chapter for the end of "The Chronicles" doesn't quite fit anymore. Damn "Riddick" movie that I haven't seen yet but can't wait to, practically salivating in fact to see it...

Ahem. ANYWAYS I have plans. "The Chronicles" shall be rewritten. Previous complaints had been for longer chapters. Which, I can do to some if not most of the previous chapters. (The first one has already been done!) And also, I feel that I could add some more chapters to show what life with Riddick and Harry was like as kids. This is also an opportunity for you guys! Send me some ideas of what you would like to see. And I'll try to make it possible. And if anyone has some cover art for the "The Chronicles" I'd love to see it! Send me PM's or contact me on Twitter, I'd love to hear from you all!