"Ian!" I hissed.

He looked up, then followed my gaze to the ground. There were two large, white feathers that had fallen from where I was standing.

"Shit." He muttered, and quickly picked them up before anyone could notice. I cussed aloud in my head.

"Put it in my bag quickly." I ordered urgently. He fumbled with the zips, swearing quietly. The other students walked past us, staring.

"Those two are as good looking as the Cullens!" One of the girls squealed.

"Oh God, that boy has eyes I could die for," Another one sighed. "Check out his biceps. Totally hot."

"I need him so bad..." A girl cooed.

"That girl is one hell of a beauty." The soccer team watched me playfully.

"I'm totally asking her to prom."

"I'd rate Rosalie Hale 10. This chick is 9 and a half."

"No, this chick is definitely 10. Let's see how the Cullens will react to the two of them. Will that - what's his name - be able to resist such a good catch?"

"Edward Cullen? If he doesn't fall for her, he's gay."

The whole team snickered.

Ian stuffed the feathers into my bag, and zipped it securely. I ground my teeth together. This shouldn't be happening. Not now where there were people and curious on lookers everywhere. Ian and I were both wearing matching clothes. We were twins, by nature, and we looked exactly alike, except that I had the extreme feminine features, while he was masculine - a typical guy any girl would want.

He put one arm around my shoulder, and led me towards the office building, trying hard to ignore the giggles and cat callings of the student population. The office was warm, with a rather friendly atmosphere. A motherly-looking lady at the counter greeted us. She introduced herself as Ms. Cope.

"Good morning," Ian smiled. "My name is Ian, and this is my sister Isabella. We are new here."

The lady keyed in our names into the system, and read the information. "Ah yes," She smiled. "Isabella and Ian Swan?"

"That's right," Ian answered.

"Please wait a moment," She said politely, and disappeared into the door beside the counter.

My mouth had turned dry.

"What should I do?" I whispered to Ian.

"I will request for the same time table as you," He said in a low voice. "Nothing will happen, don't worry."

I could feel things moving in my bag. The feathers were trying to get out - it was uncomfortable in there. I could feel their pain almost immediately. Something light brushed past my ankles, and I quickly picked another fallen feather up. My wings were breaking apart.

Ian frowned, and quickly put it in my bag again. I wanted to protest, but he was older. It was right that I listened to him.

"I need the sun." My hands clenched the table.

"Bear with it."

"They can't stand it. I've been hiding them under my shirt for the whole day. The need the air and sunlight."

"Bear with it."

Ms. Cope returned with two stacks of papers, explaining to us the routes around the school, and our time tables.

"May I have the same time table as my brother?" I asked.

She blinked. "Well, you are strongly encouraged to mix around with the other kids."


I lifted my hand, touching my hair, and at the same time, sending invisible waves of magic through the air. Ian felt it almost immediately, and looked at me, smug.

"Of course, darling!" Ms. Cope smiled, and hurried to change my time table. I felt proud of myself. My magic worked.

Ian hid a smile. He was more powerful than me. In fact, he was the second most powerful faerie in the world. Above him was the King of faeries. Ms. Cope returned with our time tables, and we thanked her, walking out. Ian's wings were perfectly hidden underneath his shirt.

"Your skirt's too short, sister." He murmured, when he caught the boys staring at my legs.

"Look at the girls," I mumured back to him.

All the girls literally jumped when he smiled at them. Their books dropped from their arms, and they flushed, picking them up. One of the guys - a rugby captain - I assumed, came up to me. He was huge, with a charming smile playing on his lips.

"Hello there," He chuckled.

"Hi," I replied.

The whole team shouted in amazement when I'd decided to open my mouth and talk to him.

"Definately not one of the Cullens," They confirmed.

I blinked a few times, and smiled. He stared for awhile, then composed his features. "My name is Josh." He held out his hand.

"Isabella." I shook his hand lightly, and gestured to Ian. "This is my brother, Ian."

"Hey!" Josh punched Ian's shoulders lightly.

"It's nice to meet you," Ian grinned. "You were speaking of the Cullens? May I know who they are?"

Before Josh could answer, a pretty blonde stepped up, and answered his question. "They are this group of adopted siblings who just moved here. They're really stuck up - don't talk much."

"Where did they come from?" I asked, feeling Ian tense.

"Alaska." She replied. "But they're freaking weird. I mean, their parents love to take them out to camp. It's the 21st century. Who in the world does that? And they sit in one group in the cafeteria. They get their food, but throw them away when the bell rings. Really, people in Africa are starving."

I looked at Ian. Vampires. That was interesting.

"They don't talk to you guys?" Ian asked.

"Nope. They think their too good for us," Josh laughed, along with the rest of the other students. "They don't even greet us. Only the little sister, Alice, does. She's a great chick. Too bad she's taken."

The bell rang shrilly, and I crouched down, covering my ears. This was by far, the worst thing I've ever heard on earth.

"Hey, you okay?" Josh asked. Everybody was staring at me, and I stood up quickly.

"Yeah, she's okay." Ian smiled, and offered to help me up. "She's just feeling a little dizzy."

I took his hand, and he pulled me to my feet.

"You take care," The blond smiled, and placed a hand on my shoulder.

"Thank you." I said.

"Sure," She replied, shrugging. "By the way, my name is Beth."

Without saying another word, she ran off to the other block. Josh said a good-bye to Ian, and the whole rugby team moved for chemistry. I checked my time table.

Biology. Dissecting of plants.