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"Edward is missing?"

The cup slipped from my hands, clattering onto the ground. Ian looked up, alarmed by the sudden movements which occurred at the same moment. Alex was on his heels, dashing out of the dining hall.

I followed, running hurriedly to our room. My soul pounded like a mad hammer, urging me to quicken my footsteps.

Alex barged through the wooden doors, and ran towards the nest-like crib next to our bed. He turned to face me, his grey eyes wide. "He's not here, Bella."

Tears sprang into my eyes immediately. "Where is he? He was sleeping just a few minutes ago."

Alex flew to me, holding my face close to his. "Don't cry," He said softly, soothingly. "We will find him. I promise."

I held his hand, fighting more chokes. "This isn't the first time. It took us days to search for him the last round. What should we do if -"

"Bella, Bella," He pulled me into his chest. "It's okay. Everything is fine."

"My lord," A guard greeted. "We have prepared the army for the search."

I pulled away, and dried my tears. "Please find him. He's so young, so small..."

"Hush, darling," Alex soothed. "We will find him. You just stay here, and wait for our return. Do you understand?"

I nodded numbly.

"I love you," He whispered, and placed a soft kiss on my forehead.

The next moment, he was gone, soaring into the air with his majestic wings.


Forks was the last place in the world I vowed never to return to.

But I could sense my little boy around - a motherly instinct that drew the both of us closer together through the years. My wings were in full bloom under the sun.

The forest around had changed. There were lesser trees and more dead, broken logs on the ground.

As I ventured deeper, the sense became stronger. My baby was around, close.

"...and my Mum is the best, most beautiful faerie ever!" A little voice crowed. "She tells me about the world, and so much more. My Dad loves her a lot, I can tell. It's like...well, I don't know how to explain it."

I took a step closer, listening to the conversation.

"Does your Dad take you on adventures?" The voice hit me like a lost, painful memory.

"Yeah! He flies with his mighty wings and takes me along to see the mountains and rivers. I love my Dad. He's my hero."

The lower, deeper voice chuckled.

"Edward," I called.

Instantly, two heads snapped in my direction. Two pairs of eyes looked at me - golden and chocolate brown. Edward dropped his apple and ran towards me.

"Mum!" He dashed into my arms. I held him close to me, relieved by the sweet scent of his body.

"Where were you?" I demanded. "Did you know how worried Daddy and I were?"

He grimaced. "I'm sorry. I just wanted to fly out into the human world. You told me stories about them, and I wanted to see for myself." His little fingers stroked my cheeks. "Don't cry, Momma. I'm sorry."

I smiled, amidst the tears, and carried him. He clung onto my neck.

"Oh! That man has the same name as me, Mum!" He chirped. "He helped me when I got lost the last time as well."

I looked up. Edward - the Edward I once loved - smiled. For the past century, we had not seen each other. He looked the same with his bronze curls and crooked grin.

"How are you?" I asked softly.

"Good. You?"

"I'm fine."

He nodded. "Your son is really intelligent."

I felt the corners of my lips pull up. "Do you still reside in Forks?" I inquired.

He chuckled. "No. We have moved to Canada. I just came by to visit the Denli coven - my extended family."

We savoured a moments' silence, before Little Edward broke the quiet. "Can he come visit us?" He asked me.

Edward looked bemused. "Maybe some other time, we'll meet again, twin."

Twin. They had already formed a close bond.

"I guess, twin," My baby agreed. He scrambled down and ran up to Edward. He held up his hand, and they did a series of handshakes. They laughed at the same time.

"Bye, twin," They hugged each other.

The sound of fluttering caught our attention. Alex was near. Edward caught my gaze nodded. He ruffled Little Edward's hair, and disappeared into the trees.



Alex emerged, relief fierce in his eyes. He scooped Edward into a tight hug and kissed his cheeks. "Where were you?"

"Just exploring," Edward grinned.

"Don't ever put me through this again, understand?"

"Yes, Dad."

My eyes never left the trees where he'd disappeared.


I turned back to Alex. "Yes?"

"Let's go home," He smiled.

I nodded and beamed. Alex started walking ahead, with Edward on his shoulders, chattering away happily.

When I turned back, I saw his golden eyes. They were smiling, as if to say, 'Mythical creatures get their happy endings too.'