Time warp…

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"No. No, no, no, no. We're NOT going in that thing." Hidan said.

"What now. I thought you were afraid of nothing!" Kakuzu spat.

"Uhuh. Smart answer. You prick."

"Duh I am smart. Now go inside." Kakuzu pushed him in the weird hole.

"K-kakuzu! It's cold!" "Yeah. That's common in caves." "A-and its dark!" "Well duh. Do you see any light-bulbs!? Stop whining!" "… you fuckface…"

They had a mission. A mission to see why there was a cave. 'Coz it appeared in just one night. Now Hidan and Kakuzu were inside that cave. Hidan didn't like it at all…

They walked and walked and were engulfed by complete darkness. Their footsteps sounded ten times louder than they did earlier. Then… A flash. Everything went from complete black to striking white. The next thing they knew they were in a forest. But actually I think it's a crime to call it that. It was too small for that. A road went straight true it. A road with strange vehicles. Vehicles that drove by themselves.

"W-where the FUCK are we!?" Hidan screamed. Kakuzu looked around and shrugged. "I don't know even if you killed me." "Yeah, yeah. It's your friggin fault we're here! Get us out!" "I don't think it's that easy Hidan…" And so they kept on arguing till a random women screamed out: "Iewww! That man doesn't have a shirt on!!" (A/N: Think of the voice as extremely irritating and whiney.) Hidan looked up and saw a few people looking strange at him. He stood up. "What the h**l do ya want!?" They kept on looking and talking to the persons standing next to them. "Grr! I kill you all! Jashin! Watch me!" And he charged at the persons who looked horrified by now. "Stop!" Kakuzu said. "Were in another world. We'd better keep them … happy." "Hmpf. Okay. But If you can't get us out here I am f**king gonna kill someone!!" They walked away. The people ran away screaming bloody murder.

"Now DEAR Kakuzu. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GONNA DO NOW!?" Hidan yelled. "Shut up. Or I'll kill you." "Jashin, Kakuzu! As if you could seriously pull it off!" A little man with dark brown hair ran into him, apologizing. "Y-young master! What are you doing here?! You should be playing violin by now! Your teacher is waiting for you! Why did you run away? And who is that… ehm… person… next to you, young master!?" The little man asked. "A-and why are you wearing those clothes? Where is your shirt?" A vein twitched on Kakuzu's face. That… ehm… person!? "Kakuzu..? Who the fuck is that man!?" Hidan whispered annoyed. The man who apparently had good ears said: "His name is Kakuzu? From which country is he? But don't mind that question… Did you just say f-fuck..?! You must have some kind of sun stroke or something. You have to come with me, young master! I can't let you just walk here with that… person… Kakaza or something…" Kakuzu twitched. There actually were people who were more annoying then Hidan…

The little man took them to a house. Not just any house you mind, a complete mansion. While talking (that's what the man had done the whole way) he led them inside. The hall was enormous. Everywhere were gold candleholders. Hidan was twitching, Kakuzu drooling. They didn't have much time to watch, because the man led them already upstairs. Before a big door he came to an halt. "Young master..? You can go inside. If you need something you can call me or one of the maids. Ehm… sir?" This was pointed towards a twitching Kakuzu. "The young master.." *twitch twitch* "..needs rest. If you wanna excuse him? Here. Come with me. You can sit in the guest room or you can go home. …Something I appreciate more if you don't mind…" The last thing was said more as a mutter but Kakuzu heard it anyways. He resisted the urge to just kill the man. But Hidan helped him. "Hey! He stays here with me, Jashin damn it..!" ".. Okay. If you say so young master.." And so Kakuzu stayed with Hidan in the overdone large room. "OI!" Hidan screamed. "OI! Oi. oi…" You heard. "Haha its funny! And at least we have a place to stay. What will happen if I press this fucking button by the way..?" "Hidan! Don't!" But of course Hidan already pressed the red button. A few moments later someone knocked on the door. "There you have it already.. Come in!" Kakuzu said grumpy. A maid came in. "Did you call young master?" "… Wtf..! This is cool." Hidan said who finally noticed. "I'm their master!" Kakuzu rolled his eyes. The annoying little brown haired man already said it like over two thousand times or something. (A/N: ITS OVER TWO THOUSAND!! …lol) The maid who already knew from the brown haired man (his name was James by the way) that their master had a sun stroke wasn't impressed by what Hidan said. "young master? Why aren't you in bed?" She said, and gently led him to the King size bed. "Here you go.." She said and tucked him in. Hidan first looked shocked and then grinned from ear to ear. "I can get used to this.." He said when the maid was gone, leaving a glass of fresh water within his hand reach. "Well don't. I'm gonna get us the hell outta here." Said a grumpy Kakuzu.

It only took Hidan a few minutes to fall asleep, and Kakuzu sat there pondering on what to do now. It was becoming dark outside, and he wondered if he could stay here. The people in this obscenely huge house mistook Hidan for some rich guy. He could live with that… maybe… but they didn't like him at all. What if they sent him away..? Then Hidan would be alone in this enormous house. And he couldn't steal a thing then.. he realized. But that wasn't the worst thing. What if their real master came home..? There was a soft knock on the door. The maid came in again. "Young master?" she asked softly. But then she saw that Hidan was asleep. A soft smile crossed her lips. Then she saw Kakuzu. She stiffened. "Oh, sir! I completely forgot about you! You want me to make some dinner for you? I know it's a bit late, but still..?" Kakuzu looked at the startled maid. They didn't hate him, eh? "No. I'm not hungry anymore." "Shall I lead you to your guestroom then?" "Hm… Is it good if I stay here?" Kakuzu asked. He wanted to talk to Hidan, very soon. "Oh.. Eh… If the young master thinks it's all right? Yes you may." She smiled. Happy to do something good. Then she disappeared and the room was left in complete darkness.

So. That's chap 1

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