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Okay. They only were here for like 1 day, and Hidan was already mistaken for a rich guy and poisoned. What's coming next, eh?

"Ah.. Damnit. That hurt!" Hidan said."HOW R U FEELING!?" Kakuzu screamed into his face. "Woah… Kakuzu! No need to scream!"

The maid looked at them smiling. "See? That wasn't so bad." Hidan and Kakuzu looked at her. Blood thirst in their eyes. "O-okay… I'll leave you alone for now… heh heh…" she said quickly walking away.

"Kakuzu… I feel… weird.." Hidan said. Shit! It WAS poison! A moment later Hidan collapsed. Kakuzu quickly dropped him on the bed, yelling for the maid to come. She came, looking shocked by so much noise. "W-what is it sir!?" "Call a doctor! … another one. Quick! And… call the police!" First the maid looked around wildly, but when she saw Hidan in the bed, her eyes widened and she ran out the room calling a doctor.

"Hmm… He's lucky he's still alive." The new doctor said. It was a woman and she had a young girl with her. She looked rather interested with it all. "I don't know for how long though…" the doctor muttered. "Who did this? It's a very dangerous poison. Kills in an instant!" By the word kill the young girl looked up. A wicked smirk on her face. She had light blue eyes and dark brown hair. She wore a blood red shirt and black pants. She actually looked quite scary. But that didn't really matter right now. Hidan couldn't die here! "He has to go to an hospital and~" "Ugh… No hospital." A voice said. Hidan! "Hidan! You're alive!" A maid looked up. "..Hidan..? I didn't know that was his name…" The scary girl looked quite happy at Hidan. Then she looked at Kakuzu and said: "Kakuzu? I suppose?" Kakuzu looked back at her. How did she know his name?! He didn't told her!

"My name is Kaida. What exactly are you doing here? Lost? This is another dimension you know.." The name was Japanese. It meant little dragon. But she wasn't Japanese at all…

"The poison is gone! He's completely healthy again!" the doctor said suddenly, unbelieving. The girl – Kaida – said smirking to Hidan: "Lucky you're immortal, huh..?" Then she left leaving a startled Hidan and Kakuzu behind. The doctor looked at her. "What..!?" She said. "Don't mind her… Sometimes she's a little bit… weird."

"That girl fucking knew…" Hidan muttered under his breath.

"Her real name isn't Kaida by the way. Its Alissa. My name is Eveline. We're a family." She said smiling now. "But you don't need me anymore now. You're healthy again!" then she left too after muttering a goodbye. The maids came running at Kakuzu and Hidan. "Young master! You need something?" They asked all at once. Hidan smirked. "Yes…" he said slowly. "I want one of..~" He was interrupted by James. "What do I see? You're still in bed?! I heard you were sick, but you look quite healthy in my eyes right now. Time to go. Oh! And… that person.. Kazaka or something… You can go home now." "Where do I have to go!?" Hidan yelled. The man forgot about Kakuzu and answered the question. "Why, to your violin lesson of course!" Hidan's eyes widened. "W-what!? But I'm still sick!" But James was already dragging him out of the room. The maids came with the clothes, and when Hidan came back from clothing Kakuzu almost couldn't hold his laugh. "H-Hidan… Y-you look good in this!" Kakuzu said turning around to laugh his ass off.

"FUCK YOU KAKUZU!" Hidan yelled. Lucky for him the maids and James weren't around for a minute.

"Oh! Hidan-sama! You look stunning in it!" The first maid said. She meant it. She turned around to blush madly.

"Stunning huh!?" Hidan said not happy with this at all. "You know something!? I don't wanna go to my violin teacher to learn playing violin! Why can't I go train for… Capoeira or something. Everything is better than playing violin!" "Huh…?! Fighting!? But young master! You never wanted to!" James said shocked. "But now I do!" Hidan yelled. Everyone thought he still was a little sick so they didn't really listen to everything he said. "Oh.. I see.." James said throwing his black suit jacket behind him. "You wanna fight, eh?" He asked. Their real master always cried when he only hit his toe… so he could handle him… Hidan smirked while Kakuzu rolled his eyes and said: "I wouldn't do it if I were you. I'll fight him." Hidan's smirk fell. "Oi Kakuzu! I wanted to fight him!" He whined, But Kakuzu already hit him in the gut.

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