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First is a Harry Potter/Loveless Crossover!

Plot(ish) thing:

Loveless's true Fighter- Potter Harry

Taken from orphanage at age 5 after abandoned by Dursleys at age 2. Found and trained by Ritsu.

Second generation Zero pair will have strange interest in him.

"He's stupid! He thinks words are gonna save him!" The children laughed as they kicked dirt at another child in the playground.

"He should know there's no such thing as magic!" They tormented the small black haired child more before running off into the building.

"What do you think Sobi?" The older man watched the small child pick up whatever the other's had destroyed, tears running down his cheeks in streams.

"He's small." The boy known as Sobi replied staring at the boy himself as the older man next to him ran his finger's through his hair.

"He is only 5." The man gripped his hand in the boy Sobi's hair clenching until he seemed pleased and relaxed.

"Let's go in." The boy merely sighed at the release and followed silently.

Harry wiped his nose off with his sleeve. He slowly picked up what was left of his toy. It was the only thing he had in the whole world. Everything else he had was always taken away by the other kids or broken up by the other kids too.

Words would save him. One day. They'll see.

Determined the boy of five years picked up his cast away glasses and headed in the building to his room. He shared it with one other. But the other was always away and never wanted to be around Harry.

So he sat alone trying to piece back together the toy when his door opened. The orphanage supervisor and two others were at the door.

An adult man with glasses and a younger boy without ears stood there.

"He's an adorable child. I'm sure you'll love him." The supervisor was telling the adult. A kind smile graced his face, and for a split second as the adult faced Harry it turned into a smirk.

"We'll take good care of him." The supervisor made Harry stand and come towards them.

The adult smiled and offered his hand to the boy.

"We're here to take you Loveless." The younger just nodded along with the adult. Harry took the adult's hand without knowing the fate he just sealed himself.

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Its a Demon Diary/Harry Potter!

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