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'You coming?' Yawned a raven haired boy with large circular glasses. Harry Potter stretched his arms tiredly; it had been a long journey to Hogwarts.
'Nah, I'm not that tried at the mo. I'll come up when I'm ready.' Smiled a tall red-headed boy.
'Night then.'
'Yeah, see ya tomorrow.' Ron Weasley waved Harry goodnight, now it was just him in the Common Room.
He made his way over to the window sill and sat on it. It was cold, for someone had left the bottom of the window open, but Ron didn't mind. Ron stared out over the grounds. The moon was reflecting beautifully onto the still lake.
How can such beauty bring such pain?

Harry woke in the morning and looked over to Ron's bed. It was made and looked like it hadn't even been slept in.
'Hey Seamus, has Ron been in? It doesn't look like he slept in his bed last night.' Harry asked Seamus; Seamus was already dressed, so maybe Ron had already been in.
'Nah, well I ain't seen him yet. Dean, you were up before me, any sign of Ron?' Seamus looked towards Dean, who was sitting crossed-legged, already dressed, drawing.
'Didn't see him, but I think I heard him early this morning. I heard the shower go on, looked around and all you lot were dead to the world, so it must have been him.'

'How early this morning? Coz I know for a fact that Ron loves his sleep and is usually asleep to about 7:30, half an hour before we have to be in lessons.' Chuckled Harry.
'Merlin, he's worse than me.' Neville poked his head up from his bed and rubbed his eyes tiredly.
'Morning Nev.' Chorused Harry, Seamus and Dean, Neville raised his hand in acknowledgement.
'Erm, I looked and I think it was about four.' Shrugged Dean.
'You have to be joking. Ron couldn't get up that early, even if Crabbe and Goyle used him as a bouncy castle.' Dean and Seamus laughed; getting the joke as bouncy castles were a muggle thing, but Neville gave Harry a confused look.

'Maybe he didn't sleep. Nah, that's a stupid thought, sorry!' Apologized Neville.
'No Nev, it's not that bad. Ron didn't look to good yesterday, he could have been ill so couldn't get to sleep.' Proposed Harry but shrugged his shoulders.
'Yeah okay, that seems logical but having a shower at four in the morning? Weird." Seamus said, still finding hard to believe that Ron hadn't slept and had had a shower at four.
'We aren't gonna find out by just sitting here. Knowing the pig, he is probably wolfing down food in the Hall, so I'm gonna get dressed and head down there.' Spoke up Harry.
'Good idea. Me and Dean will wait for you and Nev.'

Harry and the boys stopped dead in their tracks as soon as they had looked over to the Gryffindor table.
Ron was sitting at the table not eating and reading!
'Merlin's beard, Ron. What's wrong with you?' Yelled Seamus.
'Yeah, you're not stuffing your face.' Harry said.
'You didn't sleep in your bed last night.' Dean continued,
'And you of all people are reading!' Neville finished, his mouth hanging open in astonishment.
'What? Our youngest brother is,' George shouted surprised,
'READING.' Finished Fred shocked.
By now most of the Hall was looking at Ron in disbelief! Ron was known by most people for being a pig, sleep-lover and a book-hater, yet he was sitting in the Hall quite happily reading with no food on his plate.
'Merlin, don't sound so surprised. I can read you know.' Ron rolled his blue eyes.
'You just rolled your never do.' Gasped Ginny, now even she was amazed by her brother's behaviour.
'Oh, oh. We know why he is being like this!' Smiled Fred, he looked towards George.
'Ah, yes, twin. Ron must believe that Miss Granger will like him back if he behaviour more pompous.' George said seriously.
'Ron likes Hermione.' Whispered Ginny in shock.
'Oh Merlin, you two still don't think that do you? Just because Ron is reading, does not mean he is pompous or that he likes Hermione.' Spoke up Percy...from the Ravenclaw table.
'Course I love Hermione.'
'TOLD YOU!' Yelled the twins and pointed to Percy smugly.
'Like a sister.' Laughed Ron, he got up and patted the disappointed twins on the head.

'Waittt a minute!' Yelled George.
'What are you doing here Lord Percy? You left last year,' said Fred, pretending to stroke a very long beard.
'Yeah, but Penny hasn't,'
'YOU'VE GOT A GIRLFRIEND!' Shouted Fred in disbelief.
'What is wrong with the world today!' Said George shaking his head.

Ron didn't look like his usual self. Even though he had laughed and walked out smiling. His voice sounded tried and bags had started to develop under his eyes. He hadn't been sleeping lately.
'Wait up Ron! Where you going?' Percy called after Ron.
'Library, before DADA.' Percy hesitated, something was definitely wrong with his youngest brother, but he quickly snapped back.
'May I come with you?' Asked Percy politely
'Sure Per.' Percy kissed his girlfriend, Penelope Clearwater, on the check lightly before heading out to the Library to Ron.

'Did anyone else just hear that?' Said Fred slowly. 'Or was my great mind playing a prank on me?'
'No Fred, I heard what Ron said too, he said he was going to the... library.'

Like the twins, everyone who knew Ron knew that he never went to the Library, and only did when he absolutely had too. What was up with that boy?

Lupin nodded knowingly; he had seen someone's behaviour change like that before. He knew what was "wrong" with Ron.