Ron lunged.

The black wolf smashed into the wall, some bricks crumbled but the wall did not fall. The black wolf shook the dust off his coat and growled at the younger wolf.

'You shall pay for your choice cub, you have no hope. You may be powerful, but you have no experience at fighting, that coward wolf,' it said, snout pointing towards Lupin, 'is a disgrace to wolf-kind and has never taught you how to be a true wolf. You have never learnt how to fight, how to...,' Ron stopped listening this wolf was boring him.

Ron attacked the black wolf once more and pierced the wolf's thick skin with his sharp claws; Ron might have not been the most experienced wolf, but he did know how to hurt. The black wolf howled out; the pain was too much, blood was pouring from his thick skin staining his dark coat. The smell of blood waved in front of Ron, taunting him with its smell; so beautiful, so pure, so delicious.

Ron's eyes changed to a dark red colour, filled with desire for that thick red liquid which flows in all of us.

The black wolf's cold eyes lit up in fear, he knew what Ron's changed eyes meant. The red wolf had smelt blood for the first time, he would not be able to resist

'Blaidd mawr coch, please, I ask, your highness, for your mercy. I was sent here, please, spare my life, I will make sure you get your fame and fortune, I can give you anything you wish for, anything you desire, sir,' stumbled out the black wolf, hoping that its "apology" would save its life. The red wolf knew that this wolf wanted to save its own life but its blood smelt so warm, so inviting, why shouldn't he just drink it all? Why shouldn't he just eat that wolf there and then?

'That is not right. Show that wolf that you are better than him. Show him that good shall always win over bad. Be the better wolf. Do not let your dark side win.' Spoke a voice inside the red wolf's head; it was the voice that had come before. It had stopped him attacking those wizard children before. The voice had been ok before and Lupin had smiled at him the last time he had listened to it. So maybe this time he should listen to it again? But the blood was so pure, so lovely...

The red wolf stepped back and made his fur stand on end.
He was listening to that voice. He was going to resist the blood.
'Go! Run! Spread the word of my mightiness. Spread the word that I'm a wolf who supports Dumbledore and Harry Potter. Tell them that the next time some wolf comes and tries to get me to come to the dark side; I shall not be so merciful. No wolf is to go anywhere near my territory, nowhere near Hogwarts, Hogsmead or St. Ottery Catchpole. No wolf is to touch any pupil of Hogwarts, they are mine. No female of Hogwarts is to be raped, they are my females. I will not be kind towards any wolf that shows cruelty to wolves that join my side. Wolves that join me will be praised highly and I shall protect them. So spread the word coward, tell every wolf you meet, tell them to tell every wolf that they meet, make sure every wolf knows. I, blaidd mawr coch, am a good wolf and a powerful one,' said Ron demanding the black wolf listened. His voice was confident, clear and cool but was stern and serious, a voice not to be challenged or changed.

The black wolf understood, this cub was not a cub but a young powerful wolf. A wolf you should never get on the wrong side of. The black wolf nodded nervously, bowed as low as it could and did not once look Ron in the eyes. It flew down the halls of Hogwarts, not once stopping until it got outside Hogwarts' boundaries, out of Ron's territory.

It had to spread the word.

Dinner in the Great Hall

Everyone had heard. Everyone had heard about Ronald Weasley the Werewolf. Everyone had heard of the "fight". Everyone had heard of Ron's vows to keep Hogwarts and its pupils safe. But everyone also knew that Professor Lupin was a wolf too.

The giant oak doors gently opened as Lupin and Ron walked into the hall. Silence.

Ron laughed at something Lupin had said, both ignoring the quiet and the shocked faces,
'You make me laugh Remus, see ya later, I'm gonna sit with 'Mione and Harry,' smiled Ron as Lupin went to walk up the isles to the teachers' tables.
'I will see you tonight then Ron, I do not care if you are meant to be all big and powerful, you still need to learn about lycanthropy in more detail,' Ron sighed, did he really have to learn? He still nodded and walked towards the Gryffindor table.

''Ello 'Mione, how's your day been? Where's Harry?' Ron asked, pouring food onto his plate.
'Erm...," Hermione hesitated, she wanted to ask Ron about what the wolf had really said; as everyone had only Lupin's translation to go on, 'yeah, it has been fine, nothing that interesting. I don't know, I have seen him since DADA,'
'Aw, DADA was quite good today, don't you think?' Said Ron grinning like a Cheshire cat. Hermione just smiled.

'Scary is a much better word. I thought we were gonna die,' said Lavender, like everyone she had heard their conversation and had decided to comment.
'Ah, it wasn't that bad. It could of been worse,' shrugged Ron.
'Oh how?'
'I could of chosen the dark side, like that black wolf was telling me too and then I would have turned on all of you guys, drank your blood, eaten you and killed the lesson went well didn't it?'
'...Well...err, when you put it that way,' Ron just smirked, they didn't realise how lucky they had been that lesson! They didn't understand how much protection they had now; they had the most powerful, strongest, biggest werewolf to ever be born looking out for them.

Ron carried out his promise until the day he died. He protected every Hogwarts student that he knew and even the ones he didn't know he looked out for. Even when he died, he died protecting a Hogwarts student.

Ron died at the young age of seventeen, Ron never saw Harry Potter, his best mate, beat Voldermort, he had never seen the end of the death eaters.

Ron died saving Draco Malfoy's life.

A killing curse had been sent by Lucius Malfoy at his son, just because Draco had chosen the light, and Ron wasn't going to see someone killed for a stupid reason like that and Draco had proved himself to be a good guy, to be a nice person, who didn't mind muggles and muggle-born, who would have happily given his life up for a muggle-born.
Ron had jumped the curse and as he was a werewolf had been able to shoot back a curse which tied Lucius up, so that he could be taken away and imprison later. Draco had been able to say thank you and had held Ron while he faded away. Draco was the last ever person to talk to or to see Ron Weasley alive.

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