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As Sora crouches down beside the tiny wooden doghouse, his brow furrowed in concentration as he grips the top part of its little roof, he peers inside and then motions to Riku to come over. Riku gives him an annoyed glare before strolling over, crouching down himself to look into the hollow inside of the house. A strong odor of dog hair and a few less pleasant odors that came from having a pet radiated from inside, and the highly sensitive to odors Riku immediately recoiled.

"Goddamn it, Sora! Clean in there! And take that stupid thing out of your mouth!" He snarls, waving his hand over his nose, gagging a little at the strong smell. Sora hums quietly to himself before peeking back inside, adjusts the black pipe he had been biting on since he, his father, his younger brother, Kairi, Tidus and Riku had gone outside.

"… Is that your grandfather's pipe? Sora! He'll kill me! You know how expensive that thing was? … Lemme play with it next, son." Daichi comments as he bounces a sobbing Nico on his hip. The little boy sniffles before motioning to the pipe himself, whimpering that he wanted to play with it, too in a strange sort of toddler talk that was very hard to understand unless you were a parent or very good with kids.

"So this is what the older kids do all day… Sniff dog houses?" Tidus questions Kairi curiously. She shakes her head, giggling quietly to herself but politely starts answering all of his questions even as the older boys stay beside the dog house, talking to themselves.

"Riku. Sniff the house." Sora says in a secretive voice, motioning to it again. Riku gives him a disgusted look and shakes his head violently.

"Hell no. It reeks from here!" He snaps nasally, still pinching his nose shut to protect himself from the odor.

Sora gives him a sharp look before motioning to the house and saying quietly: "We need your darkness seeking power thingy, Riku! To see if you recognize anything from the smell!"

Riku sighs, scratching his cheek for a moment before stating calmly: "Hundred fifty munny. At the least."

"… Oh come on! I'm your best friend! Gimme a discount!" Sora wails, putting his hands together in a pleading gesture, blinking his large blue eyes rapidly in a way that he thought it was cute and whimpering exactly like a small puppy that was hungry or wanted something.

Riku looks up towards the sky for a moment, calmly observes the shape of the large cumulus clouds overhead before nodding and actually crawling inside of the doghouse. Almost immediately, Sora runs over to a small gate that had been to the side of the house, drags it over and props it up against the opening.

"That's for scaring the crap out of me when I was four, Riku!" He snaps angrily as the house rocks violently from side to side as Riku yells violently from inside the cramped space. "… Okay, I was kidding," Sora says next before pulling the gate off and stepping back so Riku could crawl out.

The instant Riku does so, he stands up and brushes himself off, gagging violently before saying in a weak voice: "Sora… wash your dog when you get him back. … And clean that house. … Hmmm." His expression suddenly turns thoughtful as Riku crouches back down and murmurs something quietly to himself.

"What was that?" The others in the group shout at him.

Riku glances up and admits: "Actually there's something familiar about one of the other smells in there. And… well, it reeks of darkness."

"Oh my god, Riku just went insane." Tidus says in horror, his dark eyes widening as he takes a few steps back from the older teen. Riku shrugs, not really caring but he nods towards Sora and makes a slashing motion with both of his hands.

Sora's eyes widen.

"You don't mean… HIM?"

Riku nods solemnly.


Castle That Never Was

Xemnas stares at the man standing at his doorstep, holding a very familiar looking child in his arms. He stares at the man in confusion before looking outside, peering in both directions before asking the brunet before him: "Yes?"

"Um… Well… My car broke down a few miles away… Can I come in and use your phone to call a mechanic?" Daichi lies nervously, rubbing his spiky mane of hair with one hand while holding onto Nico with the other. The little boy smiles sweetly at Xemnas, waving at him and giggling quietly to himself. Xemnas sighs and nods, motioning with his head to come in.

"The phone's in the Gray Room. Please follow me." He commands coolly, still obviously confused on how the hell Daichi had managed to crash a car in the World that Never Was. He follows Xemnas sheepishly, cradling the hyper Nico in his arms as the little boy babbles on about gray-haired old guys in a sweet tone, making the Nobody twitch with anger.

Meanwhile, four sets of inquisitive eyes look at the scene secretly from a back way into the castle. Riku sighs to himself before announcing to Sora, Kairi and Tidus: "Next time, we're not letting Mr. Minami be our cover."

Sora glares at him, offended before snapping:

"Well, how was I supposed to know that my dad doesn't know how to lie?"

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