Gibbs/Ziva fic: Role Reveral


K+ Rating

Ziva/Jenny friendship

Summary: Ziva and Jenny have an arguement about their jobs and they agree to swap roles for a day. Gibbs reacts to the swap, but not in the way Ziva would expect.

Chapter One- A Long Day

Jenny stretched her arms above her head and yawned, who knew this director job could be so... draining? She had been sitting at her desk, writing replies to e-mails about budget meetings, returning phonecalls about more budget meetings and reviewing reports about cases and guess what?... more budget meetings. She blinked several times while looking at Agent Gibbs' report, his writing was illegible.

'' Probably does it to wind me up.'' she muttered, raising a glass full of amber liquid to her lips. She struggled through it a while longer and signed. Jenny threw his report on the finished pile, which was considerably smaller than the 'un-finished' pile, Jenny looked at it and groaned. She picked up another folder and opened it, it was Ziva's.

'' Nice, neat writing, that's all I ask.'' said Jenny, flicking through Ziva's report. She had almost finished when Cynthia poked her head around the door.

'' You still here, Director?'' Jenny looked up.

'' Yes, Cynthia, Gibbs' writing is terrible.'' Cynthia smiled, then frowned.

'' Director, you really should have done this earlier.'' Jenny nodded and stifled a yawn.

'' I know.'' said Jenny, so not in the mood for a lecture. Cynthia sensed this and said a small 'night Director, before closing the door and leaving. Jenny looked at the door several minutes after Cynthia had gone and slowly turned to her pile of folders.

'' Why did I leave this to the last minute?'' She said, before letting her head fall onto the table.


Ziva looked up from her report and grinned, Tony was slowly falling asleep and McGee was fighting a losing battle with his eye lids and Gibbs... was probably at home with a glass of bourbon, thinking of ways to torture them tomorrow. Ziva shook her head and looked at her watch eleven fifty-three. she hadn't seen the Director yet. Ziva got up and walked past Tony's desk and up the stairs to see Jenny.

She walked past Cynthia's empty desk and opened the door to Jenny's office and stepped in. Jenny looked up from her pile of papers and report and gave Ziva a tired smile.

'' Hey sweetie, you ok?'' asked Jenny, watching Ziva sit opposite her. Ziva nodded.

'' Yes, why are you still here?'' asked Ziva, Jenny pointed to the unsigned reports. Ziva shook her head.

'' You should have done them earlier Jen.'' Jenny scoffed and stood up, taking herself and her empty glass over to where her bourbon was kept.

'' Don't you start, Cynthia's already taken great pleasure in giving me an almost lecture. D'you want one?'' Ziva nodded and Jenny poured Ziva a drink, she turned and handed Ziva her drink and sat in her chair.

'' What do you mean almost lecture?'' Jenny swallowed some bourbon.

'' She was about to lecture me, but I stopped her before she could.''

'' Ohh.'' said Ziva, before sipping some bourbon, loving the trail of fire it left going down her throat. Jenny put her glass down and picked up another report and groaned. Ziva looked at her.

'' What is wrong?''

'' Another one of Jethro's reports.'' Ziva grinned.

'' His writing is appaulling, is it not?'' said Ziva, laughter in every syllable. Jenny growled and threw his report to one side.

'' It's not funny, I'm nowhere near drunk enough to sign it off.'' Ziva grabbed the pen out of Jenny's hand and looked at Gibbs' report and began writing little bits on it. Jenny sat back in amazement.

'' How can you read it?''

'' It looks like a mixture of Greek, Arabic and Hebrew, and I can read his writing anyway.'' said Ziva, a smile playing on her lips. Jenny grinned.

'' I am also quite good at forgery.'' said Ziva, grinning back. Jenny nodded and Ziva signed Jenny's name on the report.

'' I didn't see that, or know that you can forge my signature.'' said Jenny, Ziva looked at her.

'' I do not know what you are speaking about Director.'' said Ziva, picking up another report, Jenny grinned and picked up another pen and another report and began signing off the reports. After two hours, the reports were finished and Jenny had had a bit too much bourbon. Throwing her pen across the room, Jenny giggled.

'' That's a wrap folks.'' Ziva grinned and shook her head.

'' If you get home now, you could have a few hours sleep.'' Jenny shook her head.

'' No, I'll just sleep on my lovely sofa over there.'' said Jenny, stretching her arms over her head, Ziva nodded and stood up and walked over to the door. Jenny watched Ziva.

'' I had better go and finish my report or Gibbs will devour me.''

'' Have you got much to do?''

'' Just dot some 't's and cross some 'i's.'' Jenny giggled.

'' I thought I was the intoxicated one, Zee, it's dot some 'i's and cross some 't's.'' Ziva shrugged and stiffled a yawn.

'' Whatever, I will see you later.'' said Ziva, before disappearing down to the bullpen, leaving Jenny alone to giggle to herself.


Looking over Tony's shoulder, Ziva let out a sigh of relief, he had done his report and there wasn't any Facebook pages open.

'' Well done, my hairy butt.'' whispered Ziva, she walked over to McGee and saw he had a finished report and she smiled again. She walked back over to her desk and put some finishing touches to her report, after she did, she looked at her clock, it was almost three in the morning. She yawned and let her head rest on her arms and closed her eyes, just for a minute. She did deserve a small nap, she had been up since half five yesterday morning and it was only a little rest...

Walking into the bullpen at exactly half seven, Gibbs grinned, he stood in the middle of the bullpen, coffee in hand and almost gave laugh.

'' God, I love it when they leave themselves open.'' he said to himself, he took a big breath in... oh he was going to enjoy this.

'' David, DiNozzo, McGee, did I say you could nap!'' He stood back and watched his agents jump up out of their seats. They all ran and stood in a line in front of him, clearly still asleep.

'' I'll nap in my own time Boss.'' said Tony, stifling a yawn, Gibbs had to hide his grin, one of Ziva's curls were sticking out of place.

'' Good, now let's see your reports.'' The team dispersed and ran to get their reports, holding hers, Ziva groaned, she could sense a long day ahead.