Gibbs/Ziva fic: Role Reversal


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Ziva/Jenny friendship

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Chapter Thirteen

Ziva smirked as she heard a gentle knock on her door. As she rose from the sofa, she deposited her book onto the coffee table and sauntered over to the door. She bit her lip as she knew who was behind the door, she swung it open and her face fell.

'' Jen?'' The red head smiled and Ziva took a step back to let her pass. Jenny watched Ziva close the door and then turned to face her.

'' You look surprised to see me.'' said Jenny, tilting her head, making Ziva get the feeling that her thoughts were being read.

'' Well, yes, you never come over.'' Jenny nodded.

'' True.'' Ziva motioned for Jenny to sit on the sofa and then she followed, once they were comfortable, the two looked at each other.

'' So, how was playing Gibbs' lack?'' Jenny frowned.

'' Oh, you mean lackey? Erm... it was harder than I remembered it, though his style hasn't really changed-'' Ziva raised an eyebrow in question, '' His slaps are still the same... I think he's perfected it though. It used to be all over, he'd hit one spot, now it's just continuously in one place.'' said Jenny, subconciously rubbing the back of her head.

'' I bet you have not been on the receiving end on one of them for a while.'' Jenny shook her head.

'' The first time he did it, it was like 'Oh my God', the second time I was like 'He hasn't changed one bit'.'' Ziva laughed and leaned forward to stroke Jenny's head.

'' Aww.'' she said with a giggle. Jenny narrowed her eyes.

'' How about you? What was it like playing Gibbs' babysitter?'' Ziva thought about her answer. Subconciously she was screaming 'It was amazing! Jen he really likes me! The whole 'Director' thing really worked out... Finding out could not have been more perfect. I learned so many things about him, he is kind, caring, respectful and more importantly he values what I am to him.' but instead she said-

'' It was a challenge, I didn't realise there were so many things to keep a track of... Gibbs, the budget, every other agent, meetings. It was great while it lasted, but I do not think I could do that again.'' Jenny nodded and smiled at her.

'' So asking you to be 'acting Director'...''

'' I would want a considerable pay rise before I even thought about it.'' The two women laughed and Jenny looked at her.

'' About the Act of 'No getting my own back'-'' Ziva chuckled, '' Why?'' Ziva shrugged.

'' You know what Gibbs is like.'' Jenny nodded and stood, watching Ziva rise, she walked over to the door.

'' I need revenge Ziva.'' The Israeli chuckled.

'' Just so long as it does not collide with the Act of 'No getting my own back'.'' said Ziva using Jenny's earlier words. Jenny nodded and hugged her friend before leaving.

'' See you on Monday, Zee.'' Ziva waved her goodbye and sighed as she watched Jenny drive away. She closed the door and let out a short yelp of surprise when she saw Gibbs standing there.

'' Not scared are you David?'' Ziva growled and thumped him on the chest as she walked past. He chuckled and followed her into the kitchen, where she was pouring herself a glass of wine. Gibbs tilted his head while he watched her.

'' What about mine?''

'' Bourbon, glass.'' said Ziva, pointing at the relevant cupboards. Gibbs smirked and got what he needed to make himself a drink. Once he made himself one, he walked over to Ziva, brushed her long hair out of the way by putting it over one shoulder and he began to kiss the other shoulder. Ziva smiled and turned around to look at the silver-haired agent.

'' What was Jenny doing here?'' asked Gibbs, watching as Ziva took a sip of her wine.

'' She wanted to know how I found my experience.'' said Ziva, very aware that Gibbs was very slowly backing her into the counter. Gibbs nodded and cupped Ziva's face, the tips of his fingers massaging her scalp.

'' And?'' asked Gibbs, his lips hovering just millimetres from Ziva's. Their gazes flicking from each other's eyes to each other's lips.

'' I said that I would not do it again, but it was valuable.'' said Ziva, slowly. Gibbs smirked and their noses brushed together. Ziva moved and Gibbs kissed the tip tip of her nose. He watched as she got out from his trap and she moved.

'' Wait a moment, yes?'' Gibbs lifted up his glass of bourbon and watched as she disappeared. He shook his head and thought about how true her words were. It was valuable. Gibbs nodded to himself. It was. If Jenny and Ziva hadn't had swapped, both the agents would still be dancing around each other... and there wouldn't be any coffee machines. Gibbs swallowed the the last of his bourbon and decided to see what was taking Ziva so long. He walked through her house and up the stairs and to where he guessed the master bedroom was. He knocked on the door and waited.

'' Ziva?''

'' Hmm?'' Gibbs shook his head and opened the door, and he was lucky his heart didn't give out on him then. Ziva chuckled seductively and looked at him.

'' See something you like, Special Agent Gibbs?'' Gibbs nodded slowly. His eyes soaking up the sight before him. An image so beautiful, it would be on his mind forever. Ziva had stripped to her black lacy underwear and on her hip was a golden NCIS badge, her gun was strapped to her right leg and her hair was wild and free. Gibbs looked back up at her.

'' W-wha-''

'' You said that you wanted your agent back... I am not your agent with out my badge Gibbs.'' she all but purred. Gibbs nodded and closed the door behind him.

'' You give a whole new meaning to Bond Girl, Ziva.'' said Gibbs, advancing on her. Ziva smirked.

'' And who said I wanted to be a Bond Girl? Can I not be your Girl?'' asked Ziva innocently. And that was it. Gibbs all but leapt over to her, grinning as her heard her yelp for the second time that night, as he grabbed her and threw her into the middle of the bed. Ziva pulled him down to kiss him passionately.

'' I have waited for this for so long.'' said Ziva, breathlessly as Gibbs nibbled her jaw. Her hands made quick work of stripping him of his shirt and he pulled it off. His bare chest making Ziva smirk.

'' What?''

'' So very much better than Tony.'' commented Ziva, Gibbs grinned and lowered himself to kiss her again, he hands rest on his back and Gibbs growled as she used her long nails to scratch a path down towards his trousers. Her hands moved again and she flipped them both over so she was on top.

'' Prefer it on top do you?''

'' Not always.'' said Ziva, bending down to kiss him, giving Gibbs a nice view of her lace covered breasts. Her hands went to his belt and fly, giving a triumphant 'ha' as she undid them. Gibbs' laugh was soon replaced by a gasp as Ziva took his erection into his mouth. Gibbs buried his hand into her hair while she worked her magic. His eyes closed as she cupped his balls and massaged them, making him cum. He watched her rise, a trickle of him falling from her mouth. Gibbs pulled her to him and kissed her. He rolled them over and kissed the spot where her Star of David lay before making his way down to kiss her breasts through the lace, paying extra attention to her nipples. He pulled back and kissed her again while unclasping her bra. He peeled it from her and threw it over his shoulder. Ziva gasped when he took her breast into his mouth and sucked. Ziva arched and Gibbs smirked against her breast before moving to the other one and doing the same he did before.

'' Gibbs.'' whispered Ziva, as he kissed his way lower. His kissed her covered anatomy and smirked as she growled.

'' Gibbs.'' repeated Ziva impatiently.

'' All in due time-''

'' Do it now or I will do it myself.'' threatened Ziva. Gibbs looked at her.

'' As much as I'd love to see that. I'd rather you didn't.'' said Gibbs, yanking her underwear down and kissing her inner thigh. Ziva squirmed.

'' So help me God if I have to pull this gun on yo- AH!'' Gibbs smirked as he stopped Ziva mid sentence. He winced as her hand buried itself into his hair and pulled.

'' No... not there.'' she said breathlessly. Gibbs tilted his head, adjusting the angle and Ziva came. He moved up to lean above her and he watched with a satisfied smile as she tried to catch her breath. She looked at him and kissed him, moaning when she could taste herself on him and feel his cock rubbing against her opening. She smiled up at him and he kissed her again, before thrusting into her, making her both call out in a mixture of pleasure and pain and dig her nails into his back. He moved his arms to cradle her head and kissed her neck before continuing to thrust in and out. She felt her eyes close as she grew close. Gibbs released a primal growl as he was almost there while he knew Ziva wasn't.

'' Damn it David, you'd better hurry up.'' Ziva looked at him and smiled and then let out a small moan as she neared her peak quicker than she thought she would. Gibbs grinned and bent his head to rest his mouth just above her ear.

'' I have waited too long for this Ziver, you're my match and I finally have you... and I'll be damned if I'm gonna get there before you. So hurry up and cum before I slap you into next week.'' And with that Ziva threw her head back and a scream ripped from her throat as she exploded into a million pieces beneath Gibbs.

'' Jethro!'' Gibbs bent tucked his head into the crook of her neck as he thrust wildly and came a split second after Ziva. They stopped and just lay, still connected. After a few heartbeats, Gibbs pulled himself out of Ziva, making her whimper at the loss of contact and connection. Gibbs pulled her to him and she moved to lay her head on his chest. He stroked her head and Ziva giggled tiredly.

'' What?''

'' I am still wearing my gun.'' She grinned as she felt his hand travel down from her shoulder, across her butt and to the gun. He grinned.

'' I like it there.'' Ziva smirked and wiggled more into his side.

'' I-'' Gibbs moved his hand to her hair after she broke off.

'' What?''

'' I want to say thank you.'' Gibbs frowned in confusion.

'' Why?'' It wasn't as if he did what he did without any benefits for himself.

'' For waiting... until things were normal.'' Gibbs kissed her head.

'' Always will for you Ziver.'' Ziva smirked and closed her eyes, ready to sleep, when Gibbs chuckled.

'' You do know Jen's gonna get her own back. She'll find a way.'' Ziva shook her head.

'' Right now... I really do not care.'' Gibbs chuckled and pulled her closer before he fell into his own sleep. He was glad this happened, he knows he's said it before, but he really was glad.