may perpetual
summary;; It's ninety-eight for the last time. If only you realized—Lee, Oliver, and trying to stand still while the world won't. non-slash
requestor;; Bad Mum
prompt;; new year
a / n;; in my head, this scene takes place on New Year's Eve although it's not explicitly stated. Rambling intended. I had fun writing this so I hope you enjoy.


Sometimes you think the world stopped spinning, slipped of its tracks and rusted quietly, and clearly that's some profound stuff, and you try to tell this to Oliver but he only looks at you and asks you what the hell you're talking about.

"It's May, Oliver. May," and you kind of almost only a little laugh at this and he stares at you funny and says,

"You're drunk, Lee."

But you see—or you think you see, anyway, it's kind of hard to be sure of anything at the moment though you're not really sure why—the way he cringes against the syllables, the way his knuckles flash white, and you think you can even hear his heart whimper against his ribs—fred, colin, katie.

Or maybe that's you.

But it doesn't matter because you know and he knows there's no such thing as a new year.