Because he loved that smile, and he would do anything to see him again on the lips of Nathaniel.

The protected too, knew this, but could not stop, it was pure instinct. Did not like to see your Nate hurt both physically and emotionally.

I could not sleep thinking that he was not there with him in his suite with him, and smiling with him, while drinking something stronger, but he never left Nathaniel drink too much, drank too much and never close to him, was his super protection .

And God, it hurt too much to look at that couch and do not see him lying there, or even in your bed. Nate knows he was the only man to lie on the Chuck Bass, was single and i would always be the only one.

Neither Blair nor any other girl, Chuck never felt for any woman who feels for Nathaniel.

His name, he was the only one who could call it so, nor the father of Nate called him that. It was his Nathaniel Archibald.

Always remember to smile when they fought because of the super saver Chuck to Nate.

It was always the same thing.

- Damn Chuck, want to stop with that in their care over me?

- Nathaniel wants to walk with people who only want to hurt you?

They were one when they were together in perfect harmony, and as he liked to smell it, Chuck loved him so much.

But it was Chuck Bass and could never say aloud:

- I love you Nathaniel Archibald.

But Nate pass over his pride, his name, his fame, and say to him, with all his heart

- I love you Nathaniel Archibald, and always will.

And surely this will only end up in his bed in his suite, and this time Nate would not be on the couch, he was again in bed with Chuck Bass.

Because Chuck is super guard with Nate and not let him sleep alone, no more.

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