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He had known that it was a bad idea to go back to HQ. Of course he hadn't had much choice. But he had now lost a further half hour only to bring the director up to date. Half an hour he could have used finding the bastard, who had poisoned Tony.

Actually, he had even lost forty minutes. For ten minutes, he had tried to convince Jenny that he had more importent things to do at the moment, than explain to her how far they were with the case.

At least Abby, McGee and Ziva were not stopped from working. And Gibbs hoped fervently that they found something. They had just over 42 hours. Jethro didn't want to think about it, because it showed how little progress they had made an how little time they had left. And what happened when the time was up.....no he definitely didn't want to think about that.

However, he found it a little difficult to distract himself from these facts, as he sat in Jenny's office. She had stolen precious time. And worse was, that she didn't seemed to care. She had stubbornly insisted, that he had to bring her up to date about the situation. Probably she was right and he couldn't do anything. But everything would have been better than sitting with Jenny in her office. Especially since it wouldn't have seemed nearly as pointless.

Now he was on his way to Abby's lab. Ziva should have been sitting at her desk, but Gibbs was sure that she had joined the others down in the lab. Normally he would be mad about it, but today he didn't care. Maybe because today was everything but normal.

Jethro took the stairs down. Normally he would take the elevator. But that would only mean, that he had time to think about everything that happened today and could happen in the next 42 hours. And that definitely wasn't an option.

Now he's focused on simply taking one step after another and prayed that the others had found out something. And faster than he liked, he arrived at the lab. Actually he loved to come down here, to talk to Abby. But at the moment he was almost afraid. He wasn't sure if he wanted to hear what the others had to say. But he had no other choice.

He took a depp breath. He had to focus on the case and keep his personal feelings in check.

Ziva had actually gone to the lab. She sat at Abby's desk and talked on the phone with someone. Probably with one of her contacts.

McGee stood in front of the large screen while Abby typed something in her computer.

"Tell me that you have something for me," Gibbs said suddenly, ignoring the fact that McGee and Abby flinched.

"We just wanted to call you, Boss," said Tim excitedly and walked to stand beside Abby "We checked the fingerprints from the phone booth. Of course, not all, there far too many ... we have a match."

Jethro felt his heart pounding faster. They had their first clue and what could be better as the identity of a suspect. And yet he couldn't enjoy it. Because, first the guy still wasn't at HQ. Secondly, they didin't know whether he had really done it. After all, it was a public phone booth. And thirdly, the whole thing was somehow too easy. In the years that Gibbs worked for NCIS, he had learned one thing, a case was never easy. "Don't let me gues," Jehtro threatened finally. He hated it when they let him wait and espesially at the moment. There wasn't much time left.

Tim looked nervous and Jethro was sure that he was going to stutter again. But he would have lost that bet, because it was Abby who finally answered. "Pawters, Gibbs," she said without her usually ever-present enthusiasm "Steven Pawters, the father of Midshipman Jonathan Pawters." Too simple. Gibbs had a feeling that this wasn't the end. His gut had told him from the beginning that the father had something to do with this whole mess. But something was missing. He just didn't knew what.

Jethro was about to say something when the door to Abby's lab opened and Ziva stormed in. "Gibbs, Jonathan Pawters father's name is ...."

"Steven Pawters," Gibbs finished the sentence for her "Good work," he added to all. Because that's what it was. They had done a good job "Anything else?"

Ziva nodded "Pawters is a male nurse in the university clinic. That means it is possible for him to take this stuff, like the poison Tony was given."

He had a motive and the opportunity to do it. Nevertheless, Jethro was sure that wasn't all. "We bring him in," he said finally, "Address?"

"Here," said Ziva and gave Gibbs a piece of paper that she already held in her hand the whole time.

This time it was Gibbs who nodded before he turned and left the lab. He knew Ziva and Tim would follow him. Perhaps they would be lucky this time and it would be over soon. There was nothing that Gibbs wanted more. This idea, that Tony would die if they were wrong, was almost unbearable. But again, he pushed him into the back of his brain. If he let himself be distracted now, then there was the possibility that Pawters could escape. And he couldn't allow that.

Jethro was still sure that there was more behind this whole story. There were some things that didn't get along together.

Gibbs was fetched from his thoughts when his phone rang suddenly, while he got into the elevator. 'Ducky' appeared on the display and Jethro hold his breath for a second. He had told the ME that he should update him about Tony's condition every now an then. But even if he only wanted to give Gibbs an update, was the likelihood that something bad had happened, great.

He took another deep breath "Gibbs," he said.

"Jethro, you should come here immediately," Ducky replied and Gibbs knew immediately that something has happened. The various scenes played for a few seconds in his head. One worse than the other. "What happend?" he asked finally, and was suprised that his voice showed nothing of his feelings.

The pathologist was silent for a moment, seemingly unsure what to say. He apparently decided to say it outright. "Anthony is gone. We searched the hospital, but it looks as if he had disappeared."


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