God this made me cry. Just a take on what's probably gonna happen at the end of Bleach. Bring tissues. Read and Review.

Say it.

It was done. With the last of his strength, he tugged Tensa Zangetsu from Sosuke Aizen's chest. With the daito no longer stemming the flow of blood, the ex captain was left to look on in horror as he quickly bled to death. Unable to support him any longer, the reaitsu vanished, and he pitched forward, plummeting to the ground, forced to watch in slow horror as the ground rushed up to greet him.

The vizard raised his blade.

"Getsuga Tenshou."

Amber brown eyes widened as the opaque crescent slammed into him. He tried to scream, but found that his lungs had already been burned away, and all that came was a choking, ragged gasp. Then the deed was done, and all that remained was a charred, ashen crater.

Scarcely had she taken a single step towards him, then she saw it. His form was flickering, almost as if she were watching an old television set, and he was a bad picture, with lack of reception. But it wasn't just that. He was glowing, as if lit from within by a powerful inner light.

Then it began.

Slowly, he began to fade.

She gasped, cold, horrible realization overcoming her. He'd exceeded the limit placed on his soul. He'd used too much power, and now, his body couldn't compensate for the abrupt lack of it.

"Kurosaki! You're...

Ichigo, he shook his head in confusion and wonderment. Glancing at one hand, he observed its slow deterioration, his fingertips fading,, reconstituting, then fading again, as the cycle repeated itself. It was happening to his entire body. He was falling apart, like a doll without stitches, like a puppet without a puppeteer, the spirit particles swirling around him as his soul continued to destabilize.

She had only her right arm, but still, she used it to choke back a sob.

"Well, I guess this is as far as I go, huh." The vizard muttered quietly, clenching his fingers into a fist. He glanced back to her then, a sad smile flitting across his face as the tears began to well up in her eyes.

"Sorry, Soi fon. I guess this is the end of the line for you and me."

"Hey," She sniffled as he reached out to cup her face. "Don't cry. Captain's aren't supposed to cry, remember?"

She sobbed then, and reached for him with her remaining arm. This was so unlike her. She never, ever showed emotion, she rarely even made clear her feelings for him. She'd never said it before. If she said it, then it would be real, and if it was real, than that meant she could lose it. Now, as he disappeared before her very eyes, she found the strength to say it.

"I love you." The words burned at her throat, and ripped apart her insides, but still, she said it. "I love you."

If Ichigo Kurosaki was surprised by this emotional outburst, then he did very little to show it. Instead, he stepped forward, pulling her into his chest, or rather, what was left of it.

"I know." He whispered softly, as the deterioration reached his waist. "I've always known."

"Then why-"

"They're calling me," Ichigo turned towards the sky, his tone holding an almost sacred reverence as he continued to speak. "They're waiting for me, Soi fon. I have to go now. I can't stay here any longer."

His gaze fell to her stomach, and once more, he smiled.

"Don't worry about me. I know you're gonna be a great mom."

All that remained now was his head, neack, and shoulders. Ichigo looked on silently as Tensa Zangetsu fell from his fingertips, where it embedded itself firmly within the rooftop below them. He drifted away from her then, leaving her with onlythe vague sensation of the warmth that came from his embrace, his kiss.

"Goodbye, my Soi fon." He grinned, cheerful even until the very end. "Never die."

With that, Ichigo Kurosaki tilted his head back and sighed. A breeze blew just then, and the spirit particles that had comprised his body until this moment, chose to scatter. It was as if someone had just taken a hammer to glass, for he simply blew away with the wind. They swirled about her for a moment, then took to the skies, leaving a faint afterglow in their wake.

Soi fon watched them go, placed one hand over her still flat stomach and sobbed softly. Around her, the other lieutenants' and captains were beginning to come out of their daze, emerging from the shock of watching Kurosaki Ichigo veritably die before their very eyes.

Yoruichi Shihoin looked up to the sky, and was afforded one last glimpse of a transparent man in black, with black, feathery wings billowing out from his back, and holding her aloft. He touched two fingers to his mane of orange spiky hair, in a mock salute.

He waved to her, then was gone.

Yoruichi took one look at Soi fon, who had, by this point, begun to tremble.


Weakly, Soi fon glanced towards her.


"Yeah." The Goddess of Flash nodded, shedding a single tear as she took her former lieutenant into her arms. "I miss him already."

A small sniffle was her only warning, and then...

Shaolin Fon cried.