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A young boy sat on a snow covered bench, bare clad arms guarding his body against the cold. The bitter wind swept over him, attacking the bits of skin that showed with biting fragments of ice and snow. The boy was gazing at a gray headstone. The only words visible were: Masen…beloved mother…beloved father.

A salty tear escaped the flood gate, and silently coursed down his cheek. . His bottom lip quivered, and a gasp was stifled against the soft, blue flesh of his lips He turned his head away from the sight that simultaneously drew him, yet repulsed him.

The sparkling lights of a nearby house captured his attention. Through the front window, he could see the bright glow of the Christmas tree, with young children about his age gathered around the trunk. The glamorous ribbons and gaudy wrapping paper were strewn everywhere, covering the living room floor. The same was happening in the next house…and the next house…and the next. In every house that was a home to these strangers, presents were being enjoyed by the young and the old. Boy or girl, they had the same joy, same spirit. A joy and spirit he could never again have.

The 'tragic accident' as all the cops had called it, had changed everything. He knew it wasn't an accident- nothing close to it. It was murder and he had been the traumatized witness to the whole thing. This dreaded day a year ago and he was one of those boys in the precious houses that he watched. He was happy, right up until, as a family, they had decided to take a walk andwere murdered outside of this very cemetery.

He turned once again to the shabby grave holding his two parents and wished, for the thousandth time that day, that this day didn't remind him of the calamity and that he could still have a family to call his own. Rising slowly, he placed his head down and walked into the blizzard, disappearing into the surrounding white, leaving nothing but a trail of footprints leading to the creaky iron gate of the silent cemetery.

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