"Will it hurt?" Ciel asked, and, for the very first time, he looked like a child in Sebastian's eyes.

"Yes, a little. I'll keep it as gentle as possible." After all, he was a butler to the core; his master's well being was always put on first place.

"No. Make it as painful as you can. Carve the pain of my life into my soul."

Sebastian smirked. Yes, that was the corrupted soul he went through so much for having. Kneeling on the floor one last time, he said:

"Yes, my Lord."

He got on his feet and walked to the boy. Caressing his face, he took off the eye patch that covered the mark of their contract. It was a bad habit of his, to play with his food before devouring it.


"What is wrong, young master?"

"If I give you an order now, you will have to obey even if I'm dead, right?"

The butler hid a frown.

"That is correct."

The boy opened both his eyes and the corners of his mouth turned slightly up, almost like a smile.

"Then, Sebastian, this is an order: after you have my soul, protect Elizabeth just as you did to me. Be a loyal butler and make sure she is happy."

That was unexpected. Perplexed, Sebastian asked:

"Just like I did to you, young master? But of course you wouldn't want me to take her soul, right?"

Ciel smirked. He was waiting for that question.

"The exact opposite, you moron. I already know that the souls eaten by demons go to nothing. But I want company there."

"Yes, my Lord."

His young master was corrupted, mean and sometimes even cruel. But one thing Sebastian always knew. He loved his fiancée, even if he didn't show it. And, as a butler of the Phantomhive family, what would he do if he couldn't even take care of his master's woman?

That day, Sebastian tasted the most delicious of all the meals he has ever prepared. And he was going to have a dessert.

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