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Episode #1 The passage of time

Mr. Electric was destroyed a month ago. Linus, or Mr. Positive took his place in running the planet. Lava Girl became Queen of Volcanoes and Shark Boy, who was now King of the Ocean, looked for his father. Sometimes they got together to fight crimes. They also helped Max on earth but only rarely since he mostly visited them.

On one of those rare days Max called Shark Boy to help him find a lost dream in the Dream Graveyard. He was asking for his flushed away fish that maybe he could get back.

Of course Shark Boy ran for the Dream Graveyard as soon as he heard about the fish. Lava Girl heard about it and went with him saying "Once a team always a team"

When they got to the passage of time, which lead to the graveyard, they were shocked. It was all rusted and nothing was moving. The Cuckoos from the Cuckoo clocks just hung there on rusted coils.

Lava Girl was the first one to break the silence "What happened here?" She looked down at the railway then up at the clocks.

"Everything stopped" Shark Boy answered "But why?" He ran over to the entrance of the passage of time. "This thing thing is connected to Mr. Electric's old lair and ever since Mr. Electric was defeated..." He turned his towards Lava Girl

"Ever since Mr. Electric was defeated his lair went down with him and if his lair went down..." She concluded his sentence and now it was his turn to finish hers

"If his lair went down... so did the passage of time." Shark Boy concluded

"Do you know what that means? Soon time will stop and we will not only lose or powers but we might lose all progress"

"What do you mean?" asked Shark Boy

"You know, time equals progress and without progress we can never get anything done. Even the beating of a heart is progress and without the heart we-"

"Die" Finished Shark Boy in his negative voice.

"Yeah... Sharky give me your hand"


"Just do it!" Lava Girl said impatiently

He stuck out his hand and she grabbed it. Shark Boy braced for the burn of her hand but it didn't come. "What the-?"

"Progress. Even heat is progress" She confirmed sighing "Let me hear your heart" She pressed her head against Shark Boy's chest, which made Shark Boy smile, and waited for the slow beat. Thank goodness. It came. "It's slowing. That's really not good. Come on we have to find Max. He'll know what to do"

"Max this, Max that" Shark Boy muttered "Marry him why don't cha"

Lava Girl raced off so she didn't hear.

Tobor's voice came from behind him "Jealous Shark Boy?"

"No!" Shark Boy replied sharply not turning around "She's just always thinking of Max"

"Max is a good kid and you being angry is a sign of jealousy"

"It wouldn't make sense to be jealous. I can't touch her without being burned, well not now but I used to, and she probably thinks I'm a grouch"

"You are. But find your inner light then maybe she wouldn't think that"

"She thinks I'm a grouch?" Asked Shark Boy turning around but Tobar was already gone. "Crazy robot" He muttered under his breath

"Shark Boy! Come on where did you go?" Lava Girl called from far ahead.

"Coming!" And he ran forward to find her

"What happened?"asked Lava Girl

"Got lost" Shark Boy replied curtly

"But you were right behind me"

"I just got lost, OK!" Yelled Shark Boy walking faster to avoid seeing her and vice versa

Lava Girl felt her first tear but wiped it away before Shark Boy could see.

They got to the new Shark Rocket and climbed in.

A voice from above mechanically said "Lift off in three, two, one!" but nothing happened.

"What now!" Yelled Shark Boy, his bad mood still with him.

"Another progress failure. This isn't good. If we can't contact Max then what can we do?"

"Maybe we don't need Max!"

Lava Girl ignored him and asked "Can you come here?"

Shark Boy sighed and got up "I'm not usually a lazy person but this whole 'no progress' thing is really slowing me down"

Lava Girl grabbed his hand and checked his pulse "Your pulse is slowing again. It's really worrying me."

"What about you?" Shark Boy asked

She checked her own pulse and gasped "My pulse is two times slower than yours!"

"What do we do?"

"It's five o' clock. Maybe Max is daydreaming" Lava Girl mused hurriedly

"In that case let's go to Volcano Beach" Shark Boy opened the door and they stepped out.


Over at Volcano Beach a young blond boy was sitting on a large rock reading his new dream journal. He wondered where his friends Shark Boy and Lava Girl were. The boy's name was Max. He was the creator of Planet Drool. How he got here by sleeping. Before he fell asleep today he was studying. He knew how to wake up but he wanted to escape from math for a while. He waited for his friends on the rock and finally then they ran up to him.

"Where have you two been?" asked Max

"Max! Thank goodness your here. Time is stopping here on Planet Drool" Rushed Lava Girl

"The passage of time is broken and all progress is about to stop" said Shark Boy

They explained everything that happened before Max came.

"Well" Max said trying to put everything together "Did you think of turning Mr. Electric's lair back on?"

"We can't his key was destroyed with him" replied Lava Girl

"Yeah but there's another entrance" Max said "The puzzle key"

"The puzzle key?" They asked in unison

"Yes, you need a transition of hot and cold to open it. Like Ying and Yang" Max explained

"What does that have to do with Mr. Electric?" Shark Boy asked

"I dreamed of it recently"

"We need the Ice Princess" Surprisingly that came from Lava Girl.

Shark Boy and Max turned there heads incredulously to her.


In front of Mr. Electric's lair were Shark Boy, Lava Girl, Max, Linus and the Ice Princess.

"What are you doing here Linus?" Max asked politely since they were friends now.

"I wanted to see if I could help" Linus replied

"And what am I supposed to do?" Asked the Ice Princess

"Try to use your powers" Max said "When I count to three you and Lava Girl have to try really really hard to use your powers"

They nodded there heads.

"One, two...THREE"

Lava Girl and the Ice Princess splayed there hands a pathetic wisp came out.

"The lack of progress doesn't let us use our powers" Lava Girl complained

Tobor came flying towards them. "Problem?" He asked

"We need to activate the key but our powers aren't working" said the Ice Princess

"You think that they aren't working but believe that they are and they will come. If you really want it you will get it" Tobor said and he flew away

Lava Girl and Ice Princess sighed and closed their eyes putting there differences aside, believing and wanting for their powers to come back. They splayed their hands again and out came lava and ice.

Before anyone could celebrate Lava Girl fainted.

"Lava Girl!" Shark Boy yelled crouching down to her.

Ice princess stopped to look at them. "What can I do?" She asked hoping to be of assistance.

Shark Boy checked Lava Girl's pulse and went quiet. "There's no pulse" he said weakly "She's dead" his voice cracked at dead.

"Stand back. I have an idea." said Linus. Out of his pocket he produced two metal objects. "One, two, three!" he said rubbing them together and pressing them on her chest. There was a sick electric sound and Lava Girl's stomach jumped up.

Linus continued the procedure a couple times until Lava Girl opened her eyes. "What happened?" She asked looking around.

"Your pulse stopped," explained Max "Do you feel OK?"

"Yeah. I feel better." She got up and stood next to the Ice Princess. "Let's try again"

Shark Boy looked at her incredulously "I thought you were dead! You scared me bad! You owe me a new heart cause this one had a heart attack!"

Lava Girl smiled at his concern "Thanks for worrying about me Sharky"

Shark Boy turned around, his arms crossed, embarrassed "Whatever" he muttered.

Lava Girl and the Ice Princess splayed their hands and again lava and ice came out.

The two ingredients mixed at the large battery shaped key and it started glowing. Two large doors opened and light filled the lair. The passage of time, that was a under them, started humming and moving again. Lava Girl heated up again. She touched Shark Boy on the arm and burned him.


"Burn's back" She confirmed

Shark Boy grimaced and rubbed his arm. "Great" he muttered sarcastically

And so time was restored on Planet Drool.

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