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"She has to be here,' said Tom-Tom looking up at the escalators that headed upstairs.

Then suddenly everyone became quiet and there was a blood curdling scream, and the floor beneath them exploded!

Lost and Found

They were all thrown back by the explosion.

Shark-Boy opened his eyes as he felt a simmering heat above him. He realized that Lava Girl had landed on top of him. They were nose to nose.

"Uh," stammered Shark Boy.

"Heh, sorry," she quickly scooted off of him leaving them both with racing hearts.

Marissa had been hit on the head by a tile from the floor and was out cold. Max ran to her limp body and sat her up against him. He shook her by the shoulder as he called her name over and over.

Shark Boy shook off what just happened to help Max wake Marissa up. Lava Girl stood up and walked over to the huge hole in the floor and looked into it. Smoke billowed from the gaping abyss.

People where starting to clear out of the building and sirens were ringing.

Lava Girl turned around and shouted, "Where's Tom- Tom?"

Linus stood up, his hair singed and messy. He looked up and pointed to the ceiling.

"I have a better question..."

They all followed Linus' finger. On the roof was a whole of about the same size as the one on the floor.

Tom-Tom came out of the crevice on the floor coughing. "No one's down there," he said as he coughed more dust and small pieces of debris out of his mouth.

Timmy was shaking behind a concession stand. "I-I think that w-whoever t-that w-was saw u-us c-coming."

Lava Girl nodded looking back up at the ceiling. "And they got out as fast as they could."

"With Magnetisa..." muttered Tom-Tom walking over to the front door.

"Hey, where are you going?" Shark Boy yelled getting up.

"Home... We'll never find her now..." Tom- Tom stopped at the entrance when he heard Lava Girl walk over to him. She stopped a couple feet away and furrowed her eyebrows.

"We can't give up now!" she said in her heroic and stubborn voice. "We can-"

"Look at us!" Tom-Tom yelled cutting her off. He whirled around as he said this, startling her. "Look at us!" he repeated more forcefully this time. "We're in Japan! You guy's are dressed like weirdos! We're just a bunch of kids dressed up in costumes with half of our powers! We've come all this way to some Comic Con just to come back to square one!" He closed his eyes and breathed in jaggedly. "I'm going home." He turned back around just to feel a rough hand on his shoulder. He looked up to see Timmy, who seemed to have a new burst of confidence.

"Oh no your not!" he said in a strange tone that seemed rare to him. He sounded more mature, more like a parent than a part-time taxi driver who worked in a Hello Kitty store. "I have no idea what you meant by powers but you have to help your sister! I don't know what's going on, but I'm going to help you guys." He smirked, "Besides I haven't had this much fun in years."

"But you were cowering behind a candy stand..." mumbled Linus but Timmy paid him no attention.

Tom-Tom sighed, "Even if you help us, how are we going to find her?"

Shark Boy cocked his head at the crater "Let's search down there together. Maybe there's something in there that will give up a clue."

Tom-Tom shook his head. "I checked."

"You guys..." said Max in a low haunting voice. "Marissa's not waking up."

Marissa's head was laying on Max' shoulder with her eyes closed. She looked even colder than she did on Planet Drool.

They all looked over at her. Another complication... that was something they did not need.

Timmy lost his confidence and his shoulders slumped.

Finally, Lava Girl sat down on the floor and put her hands on her face. "What do we do now..."

"I can't believe you guys are giving up on me. Am I not loved?" said a familiar cocky voice from the doorway leading to the food court.

Tom-Tom gasped and turned his head to the girl with blond pigtails and a yellow suit with magnets attached to it.

"Magnetisa!" her friends called out as she chuckled.

"Miss me?"


She smirked as she walked to them with her arms crossed. She put her hands on her hips and stuck her head forward, "What? Your looking at me like I'm a ghost."

Tom-Tom blinked. "M- Maggie?"

"No, it's the easter bunny."

He ran up to her and gave her a hug.

She smiled and hugged him back, "I missed you too, brother."

"W- we've looked everywhere for you!" stammered Tom- Tom.

"I can see that," she looked over his shoulder to find her friends battered and bruised.

She gasped at the sight of Marrissa.

Max was no longer looking at her. His head hung low and tears were falling from his face.

"Move over!" Magnetisa said running over to Marrissa.

She got on her knees as everyone stared at her. Magnetisa stuck her hands out in front of her and let out a long breath. Then she took in a sudden gulp of air and pressed her hands on Marrissa's chest. The sound of static filled the area and Marrissa started to glow.

"Holy..." whispered Timmy, who had taken a step back in astonishment.

Magnetisa's face was contorted with concentration. "C'mon, Princess. C'mon, wake up," she muttered as the glow around Marrissa turned from yellow to orange to red.

Then the glow dimmed.

Magnetisa dropped her hands down to her sides and panted with the exhaustion.

Max lifted his head up only to put it back down in disappointment.

Marrissa hadn't even flinched.

Then there was a voice.

"M-Max?" Marrissa mumbled turning his head to him.

Max's head shot up. His eyes were as wide as bowling balls.

Magnetisa gasped in delight.

Marrissa turned to her and and sat up slowly. She squinted as if she couldn't see properly. "Magnetisa?"

Maggie smiled. "The one and only."

Lava Girl smiled, Shark Boy's jaw touched the floor, Timmy looked like he was about to faint, and Tom-Tom looked a combination of the three.

Marrissa sighed in relief. "We found you?"

Magnetisa laughed shakily. "Well, I found you."

"Good," she said a bit dumbly. She leaned against Max's shoulder.

He gave her a hug and she smiled sleepily.

"Okay," sighed Magnetisa. She stood back on her feet. "Let's get out of here. I have a lot to tell you."

Cats and Dragons.

Magnetisa spent the whole taxi trip talking about how she was captured.

"It wasn't Mr. Electric who took me," she explained. "It was some sort dragon thing." She moved her arms in exaggerated movements as she described the creature. She cringed slightly when she spoke of it's large reptilian head and how it's sharp wicked teeth were just inches from her face...

"And you will never believe who was with that thing," she said. She was starting to get more excited in telling the story.

"Who?" asked Max.

She grimaced. "It was-."

They all gasped. "Frost!"

She eyed them with a puzzled expression. "How did you all guess?"

"No!" shouted Shark Boy. "Frost!"

Just as he said this a giant snowball hurled toward the taxi. Timmy swerved as quickly as he could, nearly hitting a silver Volvo in the process (a/n: Excuse the Twilight pun ;) ). Ahead, four giant pyramids of ice shot up into the sky from the road. The cars beeped and turned jaggedly to avoid the ice. Timmy stopped altogether before a fifth one shish - kebabbed the cab.

"What the-" but whether he ended that with a derogatory word or not was unknown for the cab let out an earsplitting screech as it curved sharply.

"Everyone out of the car!" Timmy yelled quickly unbuckling his seat-belt with fumbling hands.

They all followed suit and hopped out of the car as another snowball plowed through the cab, just where thy had been sitting five seconds ago.

Timmy grabbed the still uncoordinated Marrissa and ran out somewhere behind the giant icicles sticking out of the road.

Shark Boy was the first to see the feline's head sticking out of the sunroof of an SUV. Some man with a sunglasses was driving and his mouth gaped slightly as if being hypnotized.

"Ah, man," Linus muttered under his breath as the car swerved in front of them and cat on a hypnotized man's shoulders opened the door roughly and stepped out. He walked up to them with his hands held a bit to casually behind his back.

"So good to see all of you again," Frost said in a mocking tone.

"Like-wise," Lava Girl replied scathingly.

"What do you want Frost?" shouted Max.

"To win. Duh." Frost turned around and gestured to the blue SUV behind him. "My new master sits in that car waiting to be called out. When he does, it's not going to be pretty." He turned back to them and smirked with his kitty face. He turned his head from side to side. "Where's the Ice Princess?"

Max clenched his fists. "She's busy at the moment."

"Darn. I so wanted to have her watch my revenge." He waved his hand, dismissing the thought like a pesky fly in the air. "Ah well, we'll just have to do without her."

Then his eyes caught Magnetisa.

"You! So this is where you went!"

Magnetisa said nothing. She simply stuck her tongue out.

Linus laughed and she smiled in his direction.

Frost scowled and took a step forward.

"Ice cream," he muttered under his breath.

Magnetisa raised an eyebrow. "What?"

Suddenly the SUV rattled and the front door opened.

A man in a black suit stepped out.

"Hi.. My name's Keith."


Linus was the first one to start laughing. Then everyone else joined the chorus of laughter. Even Magnetisa.

Keith frowned and raised his eyebrows. "What? Did I forget to wear pants?"

"You- Your the ultimate bad guy we've been expecting?" Shark Boy guffawed, holding on to his stomach.

Keith blinked then narrowed his eyes. "Yes."

They continued to laugh but stopped suddenly when Keith boomed, "SILENCE!"

He took an angry step forward and talked angrily through yellow bucked teeth. "Once again i am underestimated! The last time I said my name a whole police department broke into laughter. It's probably not wise to say what happened to them in front of children who still watch Sesame Street."

Linus stepped forward as well and yelled, "Hey! I only watch Sesame Street on Tuesday mornings!"

Frost looked at him with a perplexed look and everyone else followed.

Keith coughed. "I don't even want to know..." He shook his head and looked up angrily again. "Fools! You think you can both distract me and underestimate me!"

"We were sort of hoping," shrugged Magnetisa.

Keith looked at her angrily. "And how? Do you know what I can do?"

Before anyone could reply he have a large tremor. Something crawled up his skin like a wide snake. His skin turned to scales and he grew longer and longer until he was larger than the car. Keith turned into a giant dragon...

He took in a deep breath and let it out. Fire shot out. Every one scattered except for the one person who was immune. Lava Girl.

She stood her ground until he stopped blasting fire. He looked at her with confusion.

That was his mistake. He shouldn't have hesitated. While he was holding still Shark Boy got behind him and bit his tail.

"Aggggghhhhh!" he cried. Keith swiped his tail to try to shake him but to no avail. He wasn't going to let go.

Lava Girl used his distraction to hurl lava at his face. He clawed at her and she fell backwards onto the icy ground.

Linus and Tom-Tom hopped onto a flying candy bar and started to throw random candy at Keith. Keith batted the things away but still missed.

Magnetisa was shorting out light bulbs and electrifying Keith. He was strong but he couldn't handle them all. Frost on the other hand was looking around the ice pyramids for Marrissa.

After much fighting Frost came back with a broken nose and fell to the ground. Out of the ice came Marrissa and Timmy.

Keith swayed dangerously and then fell, square on his jaw, to the floor. His golden eyes dimmed and closed.

Everyone fell back as they noticed the wreckage they created.

"Did we just win?" asked Linus.

"I think so..." said Magnetisa.

"Ugh," Timmy fell to the floor, obviously unconcious.

"We'd better get him back," muttered Linus.

After the fight

After the fight everyone cleaned up as best they could.

They took Timmy back to the airport. And finally they all went home.

Lava Girl planned a campout in front of her home and they all went just as the sun was setting.

"Well, this was fun," laughed Marrissa, who was feeling better now.

"Yeah," smiled Max.

"Ugh, will you two just kiss already. It's not even funny how obvious it is that you guys like each other," Linus rolled his eyes.

Max and Marrissa blushed but looking at each other, they finally kissed.

"Ha ha ha, I knew it," chuckled Shark Boy.

"You guys, too," Linus said raising his eyebrows. "I'm surprised that you guys aren't going out yet."

Shark Boy looked dumbstruck but Lava Girl smiled grabbing his colar and pulling him toward her.

Linus smirked then frowned slowly as he realized Magnetisa staring at him. He turned around and his eyes widened as she grabbed his face and pulled him to her as well.

Tom- Tom sighed. "I gotta get a girlfriend."

They all laughed at his statement and went on with conversation until late into the night.

Everything was right again.


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