Disclaimer: I own exactly this: nothing.

Picture: n. A visual representation (of an object or scene or person or abstraction) produced on a surface.

A picture is a moment captured.

I was (we were) created to capture that moment.

Contain it, print it, deliver it, use it, that is my (our) mission.

I am (we are) one and the same.

Three cannot exist without one. I can't exist without we, and so we are one.

The Autobot's rallying cry is 'till all are one.'

Till all are three would be easier in my (our) opinion.

Perfectly the same and separate, talking in unison, yet sharing different thoughts, yet thinking the same thing.

Some would call it insane.

I (we) call it brotherhood.

Did I (we) have a choice?

No. but as forced choices go, it was the best one that was ever made for me (us).

Do I (they) (we) miss not knowing another's thoughts? Miss speaking for oneself, not in unison?


I am (we are) what I am (we are).




We (I am ) are Reflector.

Is anything else really necessary?