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The Death Eaters apparently felt neglected, so here's part two. I know Snape's arguably not a Death Eater, but it seemed to fit.


He's a good dancer. No living soul knows, or remembers if they ever did know.

He loves Quidditch. He and Lucius Malfoy have a standing bet as regards the Tornados versus the Harpies. He's won the last five years.

His first real kiss was with Xanthippe Carrow on Halloween night of Sixth year. Every time he looks at Pansy Parkinson, he remembers kissing her mother and silently thanks the ancestors it never went any further.

Lily Potter will always be the love of his life, but the first person to ever say they loved him was Draco, at age two and a half. Ever since, he's secretly pretended Draco was his son from time to time.

Which was the reason he didn't mind giving him the Talk, deep down. Not that it made it any easier to look at Granger the next Monday, Merlin knows.

He owns seven sets of identical clothing. Even his shoes.

He hated having Wormtail living with him. Aside from the obvious, the man was a compulsive mover of objects. Snape can tell exactly where the smallest thing is supposed to be, and having everything constantly fiddled with is torment. He suspects the Dark Lord knew this.

It's a matter of pride to him that, no matter how upset he is with a student, he's never hit a child in anger. Every time he ignores the urge, he mentally taunts his father that he's the stronger of the two.

He cried for the first time in almost twenty years the night before he had to kill Albus.

Bellatrix Lestrange once tried to seduce him and he let her. It was…interesting. Dolores Umbridge and Alecto Carrow tried the same thing, and he refused. Even he has standards.