In the Silence-verse, Pansy's mother is Amycus and Alecto's little sister.

Amycus Carrow:

Got the looks in the family, aside from being three minutes older than Alecto

Was Seeker for Slytherin, and thinks Hooch ought to let him coach, seeing as how everything's gone downhill since he graduated.

Once took Draco Malfoy aside and threatened to perform an anatomically impossible act on him if he should upset Pansy, his little princess

Calls his sisters by their baby names in private. Any else who called Alecto 'Allie' would find himself missing a body part or eight shortly after. When Amycus does it, she smiles.

Has the creepy sense that Millicent Bulstrode is flirting with him. He doesn't realize she's got terrible allergies, and the looks he's taken as adolescent passion are an attempt not to sneeze.

Alecto Carrow:

Has a singing voice so sweet it makes people cry. She can sometimes be talked into singing at the tamer revels.

Once raided a house where the muggle who'd lived there apparently owned her own company. Ever since, she's had the nagging thought that perhaps, just perhaps, being a muggle wouldn't be so bad if she could have done something like that.

Resents that no matter how high she is in the inner circle, Pureblood society still regards her as less successful than her sister, who made a good match.

Tried to seduce Snape by being honest about her intentions. He appreciated it enough to make an excuse to spare her feelings.

Genuinely doesn't understand why the little Weasley girl doesn't want her special attention. The chit has real potential, after all, and Alecto is sincerely trying to help her develop it. She considers Cruciating her a form of tough love.