Tempe came out of the bathroom and locked the door from her side, going to her bedroom door she shut and locked it as well. Seeing him standing by her bed holding the picture, she said softly, "Seeley?" Turning, he simply stared. She'd let her hair grow and it was down past her shoulders, she had changed into a pink, sleeveless camisole top and matching pink shorts. Setting down the picture he walked over to her and held her in his arms. He leaned down and kissed her softly before standing up and gently pulling his fingers through her long hair. "You look beautiful, so sweet and innocent" he said. Smiling she took his hand and led him to the table, "Well, I wanted tonight to be special, but I didn't know how to do that, so I hope this works?"

"Oh it works" he told her. He'd realized what she was doing almost immediately, he knew that she wanted to run this show and he wasn't going to do anything to rush her. He could feel it, tonight was a big night and he'd do whatever she wanted him to. The two of them sat down and began to eat, they talked quietly about graduation, the other picture slide shows, and how it had all seemed to happen so fast. They specifically avoided any mention of how short their time was. When he was done eating and she'd managed to push her food around her plate a couple of hundred times, he said quietly, "What's wrong little one?"

"I want you to stay Seeley. I hate that about myself, but I'm selfish. I need you to stay here. With me. Let someone else go fight for this country, I just want you to stay. I've been by your side almost every day for the past 10 months and I can't imagine what it's going to be like when you aren't there. I can't text you, call you or touch you and I hate it!" She tried hard to squelch the tears that gathered in her lashes and fell softly down her cheeks, but failed. He stood up and came around to her side of the table, taking her hand and helping her stand, he held her in his arms, tight against his chest. He said, "I want to stay too Tempe, I do, but I can't. You're not being selfish, you have every right to be mad and I'm glad you are. It tells me that we have a chance. I don't know what I'm going to do not being able to talk to you anytime I want to. I'll write to you when I can, during basic we can't have any contact for the first few weeks, but when we can, I'll burn up the phone lines, the internet everything." He'd started to cry too and she turned her face up to him and kissed him.

Their tears mingling, he picked her up in his arms and carried her over to the bed, laying her down carefully, he took his suit jacket off and started to take off his tie, when she got onto her knees and said quietly, "let me" she carefully untied his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, pushing it off of his shoulders carefully and slowly. Then she lay back down and he lay beside her, softly kissing her, touching her face and tracing his fingers down her arm and side. She stopped kissing him and stared at him, her eyes bright from the tears and putting her hand in his said softly, "I love you Seeley, and I'm ready."

"Are you sure Temperance, you don't have to do this." He said back, equally as soft. She smiled and said, "Once a long time ago you told me to stop telling you what you had to do and now I'm saying it to you, I know what I have to do and what I don't. I want to do this and I will" she kissed his bottom lip and laid her head back on the pillow. Looking at her, seeing his love reflected in her eyes Seeley dipped his head to hers and kissed her lips. His kiss was soft and tender, slowly he increased the pressure of his mouth all the while, softly stroking her hair. She'd wrapped her fingers in his short hair as best she could and pulled his head down hard to hers. She nipped his bottom lip causing him to open his mouth slightly, and she probed his tongue with hers. The two of them were fighting for dominance in the kiss when he abruptly stopped and moved to her cheek and jaw, pressing soft kisses along her face to her neck. When his mouth took him to the hollow of her throat, he bit slightly and then soothed the nip with his tongue. When his teeth pinched her skin she moaned and arched her back bring her hips into contact with his. He slid his legs over so that only his torso was covering hers and continued to kiss and nip her neck. Tempe was melting into the comforter, trying desperately to bring his mouth back to hers. "No Tempe, I'm going to lead this, just relax and trust me" he whispered into her mouth as he kissed her and then moved his head back down to her throat.

She ran her hands down his strong back to the bottom hem of his shirt and pulled it up, realizing her intent, he sat up, positioning himself over her, a leg on either side of her hips and he undid the buttons. His hands were barely moving and his eyes were locked on hers. He nearly lost his focus when her small pink tongue licked her bottom lip as he tortured her with the removal of his shirt. When he'd taken it off his shoulders and was just wearing a white tank top, she put her hands on the top and pushed it up over his tight abs to his defined pectorals. Her hands warm on his skin and leaving trails of heat. She sat up slightly, still pinned under him and kissed his chest, licking his nipples before latching on to one and sucking slightly. He leaned back and groaned and pulled the tank top off, before gently easing her back down onto her back. He slid down so his face was hovering above her breasts, his arm stretched over his head, fingers curling into her hair.

His other hand was sliding under her camisole top, intent on removing it. He relished the feel of her tight stomach against his hand, and she moaned aloud at the sensation his rough hand had on her sensitive skin. He was moving too slow for her, so she ripped her own top off and moved his hand to her breast. Covering it completely, his hand was so warm on the tender flesh and as he took the nipple of her left breast between his thumb and forefinger she arched her back again, trying to give him the access they both desired. "Oh Seeley" she moaned, "What are you waiting for?" she asked petulantly as he had barely dipped his head to taste the tightening bud. His tongue rasped over and around each nipple before he committed to suckling one and stroking the other.

His warm mouth on one of her most sensitive area's was almost enough to have her crying for release, taking his hand she forced it into her shorts, to the bundle of nerves between her legs begging to be stroked and manipulated by his strong fingers. He chuckled slightly, "Slow down baby, we have all night" he said against her breast as he continued to trace the contours with his tongue.

"Seeley, I don't want to wait anymore" she said, her voice hoarse with desire.

"I'm not going to rush this Tempe, you and I have both wanted this for a long long time and I'm going to show you how good it can be, be patient, I promise it'll be worth it" he told her, leaning back and looking into her eyes. She closed them and arched again, forcing his hand to press down on her mound. He hissed and slid his fingers under her panties, dripping wet her folds were so slick and hot. He pulled his hand out of her pants and gently slid her shorts down her long legs, trailing hot kisses down the outside of her legs until the shorts were removed. Sitting at the base of the bed, he looked at this girl, her eyes bright, skin slightly flushed, breasts taut with need and nipples tight and straining, her white cotton panties soaked with her desire for him.

He slid off the bed and stood at the foot and unbuckled his belt, his own body demanding to be stroked and teased. Pushing his pants down, he shucked them off and stood there in tight boxer shorts, his cock pushing against the cotton fabric and begging to be released. Tempe quickly sat up and crawled on her knees to him, grabbing his hips she pulled him close to her and pushed his shorts down, his dick free from its restraints, rock hard and throbbing stood at full attention. Tempe wasted no time; she grasped his shaft and groaned aloud at the taste of his pre cum on her tongue. Seeley's entire body tensed as she took him in her mouth, softer than velvet, her mouth was hot as she swirled her tongue down his entire length, slightly pulling him back towards the bed with her mouth. He allowed her to suck once, twice both times making his toes curl with want, before he put his hands on her shoulders and made her release him.

Both of them felt the same sense of loss when her mouth left his cock, but he wanted to do this his way and he knew if he let her continue on, he'd never be able to stop from coming his brains out in her mouth. Tonight wasn't about merely being satisfied, tonight they were crossing a bridge and he wanted to be the one to lead her across that bridge. Gently pressing her shoulders back, he whispered, "Lie back baby" she looked up, her eyes hurt, "Seeley, why won't you let me…" her question was cut off by his mouth on hers, "I'll let you do whatever you want, I promise baby, this time is for you though, okay?" he said, his eyes drowning in her ocean depths. Nodding, she slid back on her butt and lay back down, her back against the pillows, her legs splayed slightly.

He knelt on the bed and crawled towards her, his mouth trailing kisses along the path his hand took as he stroked his way up her inner leg, to the inside of her thigh where he licked and nipped. "Oh Seeley" she moaned, as he kissed the dewey wet vee of her panties. Sucking the cotton into his mouth, he tasted her sweetness through the material and she mewled and pressed his head down. Not giving in, he traced her panty line with his tongue, never once lingering at any one spot, but constantly teasing and torturing her. Tempe's head thrashed back and forth as he kissed her pussy, avoiding the one spot she wanted his mouth, no amount of pressure from her hands made any difference, he simply reached up and caught both wrists in one hand and held them steady while he kissed her thighs and the curls where they met.

When he knew that neither one of them could take much more of the torture, he used his free hand to hook the panties off her hips and slid them down her long, smooth legs. Running his hand back up, he reached under her and elevated her tight ass slightly, and laying on his stomach between her legs, with her ass slightly elevated, he wasted no time and slid his tongue between her warm lips, taking her clit into his mouth he sucked softly at first and then with more pressure, causing her hips to buck and her whole body to tense. "Whoah, baby slow down" he whispered, "you can't cum yet" he told her, his hot breath exquisite torture on her clit. He licked at her warm opening and slid his tongue in and out, alternating his finger at the same time.

"Oh god, oh god oh Seeley" she panted, "I can't stop, you…" Knowing she was close, he slowed down, and removed his finger, putting his hands on either side of her hips, he brought his body up over hers and then rested his himself half on her, half supported by his arm by her head. Dipping his head, he kissed her deeply, letting her taste herself on his mouth, she arched into him again and when her leg came into contact with his own desire, he hissed against her mouth.

She opened her eyes and looked at him, this boy, this man that she loved and snaked her hand down to him. Grasping his cock in her hand, she encircled him and brought her hand from the base, to the hard sack below. She rolled his balls in her palm and squeezed slightly before quickly stroking all the way to his head. Feeling more cum on the head of his dick, she rasped her thumb over the wet slit, eliciting a moan from him, "Seeley, I need this" she said against his mouth. He knew he needed it too and slid down so that his cock was positioned at her swollen entrance. Putting his hand over hers and bringing it back up her body he said, "This is going to hurt and I'm sorry." His eyes were dark with desire, but there was also a bit of apprehension in them, and she whispered back, "Go slow Seeley" she wasn't scared; she knew it would hurt; she just needed to feel him inside of her. Her body was begging for the release she'd denied for so long.

Taking himself in his hand, he kept his eyes on hers as he slowly pressed himself against the hot, wet opening of her pussy. Her lips spread as he gently slid in, just the head. She gasped and tensed immediately causing him to stop, "Are you sure" he asked, knowing he would stop immediately if she asked, but praying that she didn't. She licked her lips, eyes still locked on his and nodded mutely. Carefully, he dropped his hips and slid further in; he brought his hand back up to her head and wrapped both hands in her hair. With each inch that he entered her, his cock seemed to get harder and harder, she was so tight and hot that every nerve ending in his body was screaming for him to plunge himself in deeper and deeper.

He felt resistance and wasn't sure whether to continue when she reached both hands down and grabbed his ass, pulling him in with a strength that he didn't know she possessed he was buried to the hilt in one movement. She arched and moaned and tensed at the sudden sharp pain and the sense of fullness. He could feel the muscles in her inner walls twitching around his dick and expanding to allow him full access. Every flutter of her body against his made both of them feel as though they were going to explode. Simply inside her, not moving, his cock twitching slightly, he whispered, "are you okay?" she opened her eyes and said, "Yes, please Seeley…I need something…I don't"

"Shhh Little One" he soothed, his mouth on hers, as he began to slowly rock his hips, sliding in and out she cried out, "Oh god" her hands on his back, her hips rising to meet him. He tried to go slow, he knew that she deserved it, but her body was so hot, so wet and so tight, he wasn't able to control himself and plunged harder and faster, his own back arched, eyes closed as he enjoyed the feeling of her body milking his cock with each thrust. The friction between them made the thrusts hard and soft at the same time. She cried out slightly and he opened his eyes and looked down, her head was thrust back, eyes closed, a tear pooling in the corner of one. Slowing his thrusts, he started to pull out when she opened her eyes and grabbed his ass, pulling him back in, "don't stop Seeley, oh god don't stop" she panted.

"You're crying" he said, barely able to breathe and talk at the same time, he was about to explode inside of her and wanted nothing more, but not if she couldn't explode with him. "Seeley, this feels too good, don't stop, please oh god don't stop" she said, encouraging him with her hands. Feeling her pussy tighten around him, he groaned and leaned down to kiss her, pistoning his hips into her harder and harder until both of them were incoherent and we're both speaking in tongues, when he couldn't hold it any longer he panted, "Oh god baby, I'm gonna cum, I can't…"

"Take me with you Seeley!" she cried and arched her hips tighter into his. That was it, he lost complete control and felt his cock erupt inside of her, his balls were tight and she came with him, both of them riding a wave of need and desire, her body thirsty for his and draining him with each flex of his dick. He buried his head in the hollow of her neck and continued to lightly thrust, each time feeling the walls of her contract against him and pull him deeper and deeper inside of her. When he was drained and his arms were trembling with the effort of not crushing her, he collapsed on top of her, still joined, twin shocks speeding through both their bodies.

She kissed his shoulder, his neck, everywhere that she could reach with her mouth, her hands sliding up his back, slick with sweat and when he turned his head to hers, he captured her lips and kissed her back, gently, the passion moving from white hot to a slow burn. "Are you okay?" he asked, still inside her, still hard, he pushed the damp hair from her face and looked into her eyes.

"I've never been better Seeley, that was amazing… Thank you" she whispered, tears springing to her eyes.

"Why are you crying?" he asked, starting to slide out of her in concern.

"Stop" she said stopping him from moving. She never wanted to lose that feeling of fullness from their connection. "I'm glad it was you, that's why I'm crying, I love you" she said.

"I love you too Temperance" he whispered, brushing his fingers over her forehead. He slid out of her slowly and gently, stopping when she winced slightly. "I'm sorry I hurt you baby" he said.

"Never be sorry, you didn't hurt me" she told him.

He leaned up and grabbed the shirt he'd hastily discarded earlier and held it out to her, "Not to ruin the moment, but you may need this" he told her, blushing.

She blushed herself and told him to close his eyes, "Really? After that, now you're shy?" he smiled.

"Yes, now do it" she told him, sliding out the bed. She checked the sheets and saw the tell tale sign of what had happened and smiled to herself. She'd finally understood what all the excitement was about and she loved it. Going into her bathroom, she cleaned herself up, wincing slightly at the soreness between her legs and then pulling a t-shirt over her head, she went back to the bed. Seeley had removed the sheets and lay the comforter back down, he'd gotten a blanket from the closet and was sitting under it, shirtless and smiling, "Feel better?" he asked.

"Much, now, let's see what we can do about you" she said, turning off the light and advancing towards him and the bed.

"Already?" he asked, pulling the blanket back.

"I want to make tonight last Seeley, you're leaving and I want the memories to sustain me while you're gone" she said quietly. Taking her in his arms, he smiled and said, "So do I Tempe, I love you".

The two of them began that age old dance and spent the evening wrapped in each other's arms. They spent the next full day alone in her room and tried to make enough memories to last them through the long uncertain time up ahead.

Reluctantly after spending the night and the entire next day together, locked in her room, eating leftovers and making love, talking and holding each other he had to go and spend his last day in town with his grandpa and brother. She was going to spend the next day with Angela and then see him off at the airport. She knew he had to say goodbye to his family, but all she wanted him to do was stay with her. Knowing that it was like taking off a band aid, he got up and got dressed before she woke up and would make him stay. He kissed her softly on the forehead and said, "I'll see you tomorrow Bone Lady. I love you." And then he left. She was awake when he kissed her forehead, but didn't want to open her eyes. That would make his leaving her too real. She simply waited to hear the door shut and then she cried. She cried for all the time they would lose and because she already missed him. Pulling the pillow close, she inhaled his scent and cried herself into a troubled sleep. Angela came home and went straight to her room where she found her, eyes puffy from crying sitting on her bed, holding Booth and simply staring. "Oh Sweetie, it's going to be ok. You'll see him off tomorrow and then before you know it, he'll be done with basic." Tempe started to cry again at her soft words and Angela reached over and held her. She started to cry too and the two of them simply sat and rocked back and forth and tried to comfort each other.

Seeley had gone home and played Guitar Hero with his brother, and the two of them talked about what he would need to do while he was gone. Hank was getting older and although nowhere near unable to care for his teenage grandson, Seeley just wanted Jared to keep his eyes open and take care of him too. They connected in a way that they hadn't in years, since before they'd come to live with Hank and all they had was each other. "Are you going to say goodbye to mom?" Jared asked as he and Seeley stood on the back porch over the grill and the cooking burgers. Hank was inside, making a salad and trying hard not to cry that his grandson would be gone this time tomorrow. "I think that ship has sailed little brother" he said, "I've said goodbye to the important people in my life already." He reached over and hugged his brother close. "Take care of everybody while I'm gone okay? Call Tempe once in a while, she'll need to hear from us, maybe see if she'll come over to see Pops." He didn't want to get all mushy on his brother, but he wanted him to know how much he cared.

"I will Seel, I will." The burgers were done, and they took them in and the three Booth men spent the night playing dominoes and talking. At midnight Hank told them both to go to bed, they had to be at the airport at 8 the next morning. Jared hugged his brother and tried hard not to cry as he went upstairs; Hank took Seeley into his arms and hugged him tight, "I'm proud of you Shrimp. Prouder of you than I have ever been, I hope you know that. You've become a great man already, and I can't wait to see how much better you'll be when you get back. Keep your head up, be smart and trust yourself. Okay?" he'd stood back and was looking up at his grandson. This boy had become a man overnight it seemed.

"I will Pops, thank you." He couldn't say more, he hugged him back and cried. Patting his back, Hank knew that he was ready to go even if he couldn't see it yet. "Go upstairs, get some sleep and I'll wake you in the morning" Hank said stepping back from him.

Seeley took the stairs two at a time, suddenly desperate to talk to Tempe. Not caring that it was midnight he called her and when she sleepily answered the phone he said, "Hi babe."

"Seeley" She sighed, once again on the verge of tears. "Hi"

"I'm going to sleep, I just had to hear your voice" he told her, holding the phone as close to his ear as he could. "I need to hear it." he whispered to her his voice heavy with emotion.

"I know the feeling" she said. The two of them talked about nothing for the next hour and half and then realizing that she was fading with each long silence, he finally said, "I love you, I'll see you in the morning okay Tempe?"

"I love you too Seeley, I'll see you in my dreams" and she hung up. Holding the phone against his chest he leaned back on his headboard and when the sun came up and through the blinds in the morning he was still sitting there. He'd slept fitfully, desperately trying to memorize everything. Hank came upstairs at 6:45 and knocked on his door, "I'm up Pops" he said.

"Breakfast downstairs Shrimp" was all he said, his voice gruffer than usual. Sighing Seeley stood and took a shower, dressing in jeans and a t-shirt, he headed downstairs. Jared was down there, wide eyed although barely awake. They didn't speak much at breakfast, just absorbed the enormity of the day. All too soon it was time to go to the airport and Seeley drove his Explorer there and parked. Tossing the keys to Jared, he said, "She's all yours kid, take care of her." Jared caught the keys and put them in his pocket. He smiled at his brother and nodded, "I will." The three of them walked into the terminal and Seeley was surprised to see Wendell, Fischer, Alana, Max, Zach, Tatum, Grayson, LaNiecy and Marie there as well as Billy. Angela was holding a sign that said, "Good luck Big Man" on it along with a drawing of him in a uniform he didn't even have yet. He smiled broadly at his friends and family but his eyes were only on one thing. Temperance. She was standing next to Max and Angela, wearing his jersey and jeans, her eyes were rimmed with red and he could tell she'd been crying most of the morning. Dropping his bag he jogged over to her and picked her up. Everyone watched knowing this was going to be the hardest part of the day. He kissed her hard and then softer, never once letting her feet touch the ground.

Other new recruits had been arriving around them, and there were farewells going on everywhere. There was an announcement for boarding and everyone started to head to the gate, the soon to be soldiers didn't have to go through the same stringent security requirements that the rest of the passengers did, so their families were allowed to accompany them right up to the gate. People stared at his entourage, more than one recognizing Billy, but they were conscientious enough to let him alone. One by one all of his friends shook his hand or hugged him, wishing him well and telling him they'd see him when he came home from basic. Soon it was down to him and the two most important girls in his life. Angela hugged him tight and said, "Be careful Big Man, we need you here" and she stepped back, he leaned back down and kissed her cheek and hugged her again, whispering in her ear he said, "Thank you Ange, for everything, take care of her okay? She's going to need you." Patting his back she assured him that she would and then she turned to everyone and said, "Let's go" knowing that he needed to say good bye to her privately, they all turned and headed back into the main terminal.

Seeley held her close as she cried. "Come home" was all she said and when the final boarding call was made; he kissed her softly for the last time and told her he would. She watched him walk through the doors and then went to the glass to watch the plane leave. She didn't know if he could see her or not, but she stood there until the plane left the tarmac and was a blur in the sky. Angela came and took her hand, and the two of them walked into the bright sunshine. "He'll be okay Sweetie" She said.

"Will I?" Tempe said back as the two of them walked to the waiting car and the rest of their lives. Tempe settled into the back of the car as Tatum drove away from the airport, she held the glass slipper in her hand and said to herself, "I love you Seeley Joseph Booth, you'll always be Prince Charming to me" and stared out the window, wondering if he was doing the same thing.

In the air, Seeley looked towards the ground. He couldn't see anything that far away, but knew in his heart, she was looking up at him he said, "I'll be back before you know it princess."