Shy: Hey guys this is my new story Dead Man.

Amu: Why is it called dead man??

Shy: Cuz Tadase is the dead man for what he did to you!!!

Ikuto: what did he do to my strawberry?!?

Shy: read and find out!!!

Ikuto and amu : -read chapter 1-

Shy: disclamier!!!

Princess- shy doesn't own shugo chara but owns me!!!


Same old same old. It was a typical day getting home. Birds chirping the sun shining and my charas annoying the hell out of me. I decided to walk threw the woods where I met a certain blue haired cat-boy. I sighed while recovering from my memory from that day. It wasn't like any special memory it was when I made my first fun one from 3 years ago. I sighed again while leaning onto the Sakura tree. (cherry blossom tree) I wondered what Ikuto was doing? Wait why am I thinking about him while I am going out with Tadase? I shook my head getting that thought out of my head when Ran said something.

"Amu-chan look!" Ran said while pointing over at Tadase kissing that Slut Saaya.

"Amu-chan." all her charas said. Miki was drawing the scene for Ikuto and Yoru. So I took a pic of it and started to cry.

"Amu maybe we should leave." Suu said while wiping my tears away.

With that we left and went to my apartment. Once we got there I flopped onto my couch while Su made tea for everyone. I turned on TV and was watching some boring show. I turned it off and texted Utau and Rima.

Utau and Rima

Hey you guys once you get this call me plz.


I waited for 15 minutes for them to call. I was almost going to give up when my phone suddenly went off. I had a feeling it was them and we did a three way.

"Hey Amu!" they said unison.

"Hey guys….."

"Whats wrong? Rima asked.


"Dam it Amu tell us." Utau said in a demanding voice.

"Ok it seems I cant get anything past you guys can I?"

"Nope" they both chorused.

So I told them the story from walking home to seeing Tadase kissing Saaya.

" HE WHAT/?!?!?" Both screamed into the phone. I swear I can go death if they keep this up.

"Like I said he kissed Saaya. Were did I go wrong.?"

"You didn't do anything wrong he just probably used you to get her." Rima said while watching gags.

"Yea that's probably it Amu." Utau said whille watching people sing horribly.

"Anyway Amu I have to go my mom wants me off the phone bye." Rima said while hanging up

"Yea I got to go to. Concert rehearsal." And with that we all hung up.


"Amu-chan whats wrong??" Dia asked.

"I cant believe he would do that to me."


" Its ok guys I just need a bath." I said while heading up the stairs . I knew my charas would worry but I know that maybe someone could heal my heart from the pain. After I got my bath I went to bed.

Ikuto POV

I heard Utau yell "HE WHAT!?!?!?" I figured this had to do something with the evil blonde girl.(Rima)

Or the peppy one.(Yaya). I shrugged it off till she came in stomping into the living room and flopped onto the other couch across the room.

"Ok Utau spill."

"What do you mean?" Trying to calm herself down like nothing ever happened.

"Tell me." I demanded.

"Ok..Ok but you wont like it."

I wonder what she meant by that it couldn't have been something with Amu could it?

"Its about Amu." trying not to get even more pissed off.

"What about her?"

"Lets just say she saw Tadase kissing another girl…….." she trailed off knowing I wanted to punch him.

"Don't tell Amu I told you."

"Fine…" I said while claming down.

The Next Day


I woke up to another boring day ahead. Wake up got to school and go to work. Yes I work. I work at my café called Black Rose.( sound familiar? It from my other story.) Yaya , Rima , Nagihiko, Kairi , and Kukia. The boys are chefs and the girls are waiters. (TadaGAY doesn't work there) Ugh I got dressed and headed off for school and went to the Royale Garden.


"Hey Amu-chii!!" Yaya said while clinging onto Kairi. Did I mention that those two are going out? Well they are along with Nagi and Rima.

"Hey Hinamori- san." I know that voice it belongs to

"Tadase." Rima said with daggers in her eyes and a black aura around her.

"Rima whats up with the black aura?" Nagi asked.

Me and Yaya went over and grabbed her wrists and arms so she cant punch anybody.

"YOU TWO TIMIMNG BASTARD!!!!!" Rima yelled while trying to get out of our grip.

"Whose a two timing bastard?" Kukia asked while coming into the garden.

"Tadase is he is cheating on Amu for Saaya." Yaya said.

"Is this true Tadase?" All the boys asked while looking over at Tadase.

"I have no idea what your talking about." He said while looking all `innocent'

" God dam it Tadase stop acting like you don't know." I said while taking out my phone.

"What are you doing? You know phones have to be turned off during school hours." He said while looking over and trying to take my phone.

"Amu give me the phone." He said while holding out his hand.

"No." I said while sending the picture to everyone.

Everyone heard their phone go off. They heard their phones go off. They opened their phones and revealed Tadase kissing Saaya.

"Tadase…………." Everyone said with anger forming around them especially the boys since thy are like brothers to me.

"You might want to run now." Rima said clinching her fists. Soon after Rime was coming for Tadase he hid behind me.

"What the hell!? Get away from me!!" I yelled

"No." he said while grabbing my wrists and pulling out a knife.

"Make a move and I'll slit her throat."

"Why Tadase?""Because no one was suppose to know especially you!!!" He yelled.


Now or never I thought.

I elbowed him in the stomach and that caught him off guard.


"Amu-chii" Yaya said while the boys hold back their girlfriends.

Tadase tried to stab me but I was to quick. Thank you Ran.

"STOP DODGING!!" He yelled.

Trying to cut my leg and which he succeeded.

"AMU-CHAN!!" the girls yelled. The boys were trying not to get angry. The charas were by the ones they loved : Ran & Daichi , Dia & Rhythm, Miki & Yoru (Poor miki cuz yoru is with Ikuto.) Su & musashi (I think that's how you spell his name.) the rest of the gang was trying to comfort Miki.

"Ah Fuck!" I yelled.

"Hehe now who looks hurt." he said chuckling evily and cutting my arm. My leg and arm are starting to bleed badly. All the girls were crying and the boys were comforting them same thing with charas.

"Dam it no more Mr. Nice woman."

I don't care if it hurts I have to beat him. He was charging at me with the knife. A little bit more. NOW! I yelled in my head. So I jumped behind him and grabbed his arm that has the knife. I twisted his arm till it killed him.

"OWW LET GO!!" He yelled.

I took the knife from him and threw to Kukias feet.

"No I won't let you go not till…….' I trailed off and started to sway. Thank god Nagi and Kukia grabbed Tadase while Yaya, Rima and Kairi helped me. My eyes started to close. I heard Yaya say something about

"Don't leave us Amu-chii" and Rima say something about "Amu don't leave us." and the boys said stuff but it all went fuzzy.

Rima POV

I didn't know what to do. Yaya was crying. Kairi was on the phone. Nagi and Kukia were holding TadaGAY back. I dint have a choice but to call her.


"Hey Utau its me Rima."

"Hey whats up?"

"Its about Amu.""What about her?"

" Tadagay tried to kill her in front of us."

"He's a dead man when I get there."

"Your coming back?"

"Yup we found our dad andf they decided to come home and see everybody."

"Where are you guys now?"

"On a plane about 2 more hours till we land.""Ok don't tell Ikuto about this till you get to the house."

"…Fine but when can we see her?"

"Once you get here she will probably be awake."

"Ok but were are you?"

"We just arrived at the hospital."" OK seeya in 3 hours."


They both hung up.

At the Hospital

Shy: There chap 1 done.

Amu: Am I going to die?


Shy: Do you seriously think I will kill you?Amu: Maybe….

Shy: I guess he is sulking vuz there was no amuto moments.

Amu: Probably.

Both: PLZ R&R!!!!