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Kingdom Hearts: Awakening's

CH.1-1 Exploration and Answers

Current World: Twilight Town -- On top of Station Tower

Two figures in black coats stood there watching Nox walk toward Station Heights.

"So he's finally resurfaced huh?" The one who stood slightly behind said.

"Yeah, wonder where he's been… how long has he been missing now?" said the one closest to the edge.

"Uh… about two days," said the second one, "I think I'll head back to the castle now, don't forget you called a meeting we'll be waiting, see you later." with that he waved his arm and a portal appeared, he stepped through it and it disappeared. The one who was left summoned two dusks.

"Follow that boy," he said, "and make sure he makes it to the mansion I'll be waiting there," with that the two dusks disappeared, the man then made his own portal and stepped through.

Current Location: Station Heights

Nox walked slowly taking in his surroundings; it looked like the sun was either rising or setting, either way there was no one outside. He walked down into the tram common and was surprised by the tram passing by him, Nox sighed as he waited for his heart to slow then he started walking again. He noticed the crack in the wall because he saw a flash of grey/white enter it; Nox paused before running after it.

Once in the woods he saw the same flash disappear toward the mansion, Nox dug in his pockets but found he had nothing but the coin. Nox kept it in his hand, but he had no idea why he just felt that he should. Nox walked toward the gates, when he rounded the corner the beings of white were gone, instead in their place was someone in a black coat and a portal which disappeared.

"Hey Nox, how've you been?" Asked the man, Nox stared at him in puzzlement before replying.

"I'm… fine…. who are you?" Nox asked, the man sighed before producing two books.

"I can't believe you forgot me, we've hung out for the past month," he paused tossing the books at Nox, "here, read these they'll help. Come see us if you ever remember anything." With that he made a portal appear in front of him. Nox watched him step through and thought about following the man but then the portal disappeared. He sat on a rock and looked at the cover of the first book.

'Diary of


Was all it said, he opened it to the first page and began reading.

Entry One

It is my seventh day here, I told me to write this as a record, I don't know why but they haven't told me their real names or mine but there are five of us, ones a girl. There is I, II, III, IV and me V. All of them can make portals, all but me and I talks about two 'lost' members – XIII and XIV but I have no idea who they were, they must've died in whatever event that damaged this world.

Nox closed the book and looked at the second one; its title was 'Enemy Profiles' he opened it and looked at the first file.


These are nobodies, just like us but weaker, I has some under control but the rest are running around wild. I guess the events that damaged this world broke their control over the Dusks. I have included a picture of a dusk; they are strange creatures that's for sure.

Again Nox closed the book, he stared at the covers, 'Could this be me?' he thought staring at the ground now. He heard a sound and looked up, the gate to the mansion had been unlocked, Nox got up and went in. A Dusk appeared and walked ahead of Nox, leading him down into a room which had another portal in it the Dusk went in and Nox followed.

Kingdom Hearts: Awakening's

CH.1-2 Crash!

Current World: Radiant Garden

Allison heard a noise above her and looked; she saw a streak of light fly toward the bailey followed by a loud 'crash'. Alli ran toward the bailey and saw that it had a large whole through the roof, following the path to a canyon Alli found a ship stuck in the ground. She ran toward it as the hatch opened. Eight people climbed out, well really three people and five… animals?

"Hey, you OK?" Alli asked them, they looked at her before nodding. The one that looked like a mouse handed everyone blue bottles with green liquid inside.

"Here, save your magic," he said before walking up to Alli, "Hello, are you new here?" Alli looked around before nodding.

"Yeah, you could say that," she said as two people ran toward them.

"Hey guys," said a man with long brown hair, "you OK?" He asked as they made it.

"We're fine Leon, think you can have Cid check the ship 'cause it's what failed." said a boy with spiky brown hair. Alli realized something as he spoke, she had seen him before.

"Hey I know you, you have the Kingdom Key," Alli blurted out before she could stop herself. The others stared at her.

"How," asked Leon.

"Well, um, I had a dream before I woke up here, it was about this voice and platforms, and you three were on some of them. There was this letter and the voice told me to trust in Lady Luck whatever that means." She said taking out the card as she spoke, she twirled the string around her finger and held the card in her hand. A light of realization entered Sora's eyes as he remembered what had happened to him over a year ago.

"You're a Key bearer aren't you," he said causing pretty much everyone to look at him. "Let me see the card," he said hold his hand out. Allison handed it to him and he looked it over. "Yep, this is Lady Luck's keychain. Guess we found the first bearer huh King Mickey." Before anyone could answer a swarm of heartless appeared, and everyone but Alli got their weapons out.

"What's with the heartless, I thought they were gone," Sora said slicing through one.

"Me too," said Kairi and Riku as they eliminated their own, one broke through and went after Alli who raised her arms in defense. Suddenly, in a flash of light Lady Luck appeared killing the heartless; Alli brought the Keyblade down to examine it. It was red, yellow, pink and silver, it had two hearts and a ruby Alli smiled at it, sure it wasn't her color but it was still amazing. She looked at the people around her who started leading her back to the castle, Lady Luck disappeared since it was no longer needed, and the card was also gone attached to the Keyblade now, Allison allowed the rest of the people lead her away. Summoning the Keyblade had drained her, most likely just because she was new at it.

Kingdom Hearts: Awakening's

CH.1-3 The Meeting

Current World: The World That Never Was – Chair Room

I was the last to arrive, he looked at the three other people around him, I had been named leader because he was the first to reappear. He took his hood off revealing spiky red hair and emerald green eyes.

"Well guys, any theories as to how we came back, and why it was only us?" Axel asked the room.

"It was pure luck," said Luxord taking off his hood.

"Well I think it's because us fading was really an emergency portal," Said Larxene taking off her hood.

"I think it has something to do with Kingdom Hearts, after all we didn't reappear until it was destroyed." Demyx said while sliding his hood off.

"Yeah that's true, and we couldn't RTC for like a week afterwards." Axel said.

"Yeah but I faded before Kingdom Hearts was complete, even before it was visible from here," Larxene said.

"That is true and what about everyone else? They've yet to appear." Luxord said looking at the six broken chairs.

"Maybe this has to do with our somebodies, Kingdom Hearts sensed their power within us and decided to save us, for all we know we just float between realms and that's how it found you Larxene." Demyx said.

"Alright I think starting tomorrow we'll explore some worlds we've been to before, see how the heartless situation is. Dismissed." With that everyone went to their rooms, Demyx was second-in-command now, but they all go into the field. Once they returned they re-numbered themselves, I was Axel, II was Demyx, III was Larxene, IV was Luxord and V was not there at the moment, he was missing in action. This 'new' Organization XIII only had five members, seven if they could find Roxas and Xion.

Kingdom Hearts: Awakening's

CH. 1-End

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