Sebastian was a demon. And a butler. Therefore, one would never expect he liked playing with dolls. Well, they said the Phantomhive toys were the best. He agreed.

His dolls were having a tea party, sitting on a table full of colourful sweets and other small treats. They were using a porcelain tea set decorated with pink roses.

The boy wore a nobleman's outfit, full of frills and bows, that was almost feminine, and a top hat adorned with silk ribbons. The girl wore an also frilled dress, with white lace gloves and a ribbon in her curly hair.

Sebastian couldn't help but think it was cute, the dolls that looked so much like a loving couple. He loved playing with them. And later, he could plan their wedding. It would be so pretty, so cute… He would decorate the ballroom with white roses, and his dolls would dance a beautiful waltz, just like a handsome prince and his stunning princess, that would spin and swirl around the dance floor, around royalty, nobles and servants, all amazed by the couple's grace.



The butler came back down to earth, and looked apologetically to his young master.

"Take off that stupid smile. Elizabeth wants more tea."

The gentleman wanted his young lady to be treated like a princess. They were a cute couple of dolls, indeed.

A.N.: That's it. I loved this piece; I always thought Sebastian would enjoy himself taking care of Ciel as if he was a doll. Put this and some CielxElizabeth together and STRIKE! Review, and tell me what you think!