What is poetry?

Something you rhyme

Or keep to the time

Words to the beat

Or stamp with your feet

Something inside you

That glows before you

Is it something you inspire

Or would aspire

Is it something that makes sense

Or a word without pretense

Do you write it in thought

Write something without

Your heart and soul

Something that it is foul

Do you write with anger

Or write with danger

Happiness and joy

Or of girls and boys

Written with art,

Which comes from the heart

Is it words to you on a piece of paper

Or meaning with hard labor

Nights and days written in

Or few minutes end to begin

I can tell poetry to you

From the point of my tongue

On a paper of white

Or at campfires for fright

Story within its own

Poem with no meaning around

Thought starts you, does it?

Memories give the grit

Fables from long gone

Reel your mind through the dawn

Through night and day

You write without stray

The words don't match

Sometimes never catch

When it comes from you heart

It is the start

Of brilliance of a being

Who is willing to knowing?

Poetry comes from the heart and soul

Or is forever foul

Written with thought

Written with to be caught

Art it is to be

A writing to become free

Show the world of thee

And you shall again be free

Poetry is not nothing

To us it is everything