Our Second Chance

Summary: Post- Second Chances. Mac takes Stella home and she gets something that she hadn't expected.

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Stella's POV

When 'Santa' and his 'elves' had shown up, it warmed my heart to see all those children so happy. To see our team smile and bring joy to those children even after the year we had, touched my heart and definitely put me in the Christmas spirit. And when I see the smile that he has on his face, my heart does a flip-flop. I haven't saw that smile in awhile and I really didn't know how much I missed it til now. When he pulls me to him and places a kiss on my forehead, I think that my heart might stop. After the children have saw Santa and gotten their gifts, we all make our way to our vehicles and head back to the lab. Once we have finalized plans for a small celebration at Danny and Lindsay's on Christmas day, the following evening, we all go our separate ways.

I walk toward the curb, getting ready to hail a cab when Mac looks at me, "Let me give you a ride to your place?"

I smile, glad for a reason to be in his company for awhile longer, "You sure?" At his nod I climb into his Avalanche and we are pulling up to my apartment in no time. I turn to thank him for the ride and am surprised that he is getting out of the Avalanche and is making his way to my door. I smile at him and we make our way to my apartment in silence. As we reach my floor, I can tell that he is having an inner struggle with himself. Approaching my door, I break the easy silence that has settled over us, "You okay Mac?"

He smiles at me once more and butterflies erupt in my stomach at the emotion in his eyes, "Stella, I know we didn't make it official or anything, and with us going to Danny and Lindsay's I could understand if you don't want to, but are you still interested in coming over for our traditional Christmas lunch?"

His shy manor, all the more endearing, I answer, "As if I would miss the famous Taylor Christmas tree."

His smile warms my heart, "Good... We could spend the day at my apartment and then go to Danny and Lindsay's from there if you want...That way you wouldn't have to worry about a cab."He clarifies, apparently needing to justify his bold move of us arriving together.

I nod, "Sounds great! Will allow me the time to give you your Christmas present before we go."

His eyebrows crinkle, "Stella, I thought we decided that we wouldn't exchange gifts?"

I raise my eyebrows knowing that he did in fact get me something, "Oh...so you didn't get me anything?" As he shuffles his feet and looks at the ground and I know that I have caught him. "So then why did I see you and Lindsay looking through a Tiffany's catalog a few weeks back?" His face reddens and I can't resist the urge to tease him a little more. "Unless you are buying her something?" I pause for effect, "Is there something that we should talk about? Should I warn Danny to keep an eye on you?" I finish, smiling brightly.

He ducks his head to hide the smile that seems to have taken up residence there, "Okay..fine you caught me.I might have gotten you something.."

My smile brightens as I reply, "Well, lucky for you I am a sucker for one of those little blue boxes, so I'll let it slide this time." as I turn to unlock my apartment I ask, "You wanna come in for a bit?"

His warm eyes catch mine when I turn to look at him, "I would love to, but it is going on 11..." My smile slightly falters after his reply, but I do my best to hide it. But of course Mac sees the change, "Stell, it has been a long day...And even though neither of us are working tomorrow, it looks like it could be a long day as well." I nod, knowing that he is right and today has been a long one and before I can respond he asks, "What did you have planned for tomorrow morning?"

I shrug, "I was just going to curl up with a good book and then head over to your place around noon... Why?"

"Come over for breakfast?" he looks at me uncertain of my response. "You can still bring your book if you want."

I smile, knowing inside that I could never say no to this man, "Of course." I pause, "And I don't think I will need the book in light of the company that I will have."

His smile widens and I see him visibly relax and I wonder exactly what tomorrow will hold for us. "Great. I will see you in the morning."

I smile and nod, "Sounds good Mac. Good night."

He nods back and I see a look in his eyes that I haven't ever seen and moments later, his lips are touching my cheek again. And he whispers, "Good night Stella." His kiss combined with the feel of his breath on my skin, send shivers down my spine and I can't help but reward him with the brightest smile I can muster.

He smiles back and as he turns away I lean in to kiss his cheek; however, he must have sensed my movement and turned back to see what I was doing. And that's when it happened, our lips touched. At first I was too shocked to do anything, and by the look in his eyes so was he; however, something changed and before I could register what happened, I was engulfed by his arms for the second time this evening as he pulled me closer and kissed me full on the mouth. As he kisses me I can feel the electrical shock all the way down to my toes and moments later I wrap my arms around his neck pulling him closer and kissing him back as passionately as he was kissing me.

When the need for oxygen becomes too much we part and our foreheads touch, each of us trying to regain our breath. After we have regained our breath I tense expecting him to say how much of a mistake that was and that we should forget it ever happened, but I am extremely surprised when he pulls away from me and says, "Wow!"

I am totally caught off guard and I know that my confusion is written on my face, "Mac?"

He smiles slightly, "That was wonderful thank you." He leans in and quickly places a kiss on my lips and backs off, "I'll see you in the morning! G'night."

I watch his retreating form and I can't help the smile that forms on my face as I step into my apartment and close and lock the door. Our relationship has been changing for a while now. Him following me to Greece was the turning point for our relationship and even though its development was slowed by Angell's death and the shooting in the bar, we have been working our way toward more. As I climb in bed I think to myself that I may not know what tomorrow holds for us but whatever it may be, it looks like a bright future.

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