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Ginny's Point of View

I don't remember half of my time with Tom Riddle's fifteen- or sixteen-year-old soul. I was eleven, and for most of the time that I was with him, I was either possessed or passed-out.

But I do remember what he was like right before his presence almost killed me – when Harry couldn't wake me up in the Chamber.

He was sweet, and kind, and like somebody else's older brother – I can remember wondering to myself why none of my brothers were like him. He asked me about my dreams and ambitions; about my family. He was even attentive and supportive when I told him that I thought I liked Harry – what kind of boy is like that at fifteen?

After a while, I began to become extremely sleepy – I just needed to take some heavy time off and really sleep. I wanted to sleep for days; weeks; I would have slept for years if Harry hadn't killed Tom.

Sometimes I regret the fact that Harry destroyed him. He was like my one true listener… But that's selfish, and, after all, he couldn't keep the one promise that I asked him to make.

I needed him to be with me when I awoke from that deep sleep.

Tom was gone when I woke up.

Harry was in his place.

It was immediately obvious what had happened. Harry had killed him. I'd already decided, though – if Tom couldn't keep the one promise, then why did he need me?

The answer was simple:

He didn't.

So I chose Harry.

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