Chapter 13
Midmorning: Hospital
Sara opens her eyes to find Jake asleep in the chair beside her bed. She struggles to sit up.
Jake opens his eyes "Pez your awake."
"How long have I been out?"
"All night."
"Where's Ana?"
"At Jas's."
"And Gabe?"
"Outside. Want me to go get him?"
Jake stands going to the door. He finds Gabe at the nurses station talking with a nurse "Gabe Sara's awake"
Gabe grins "Cool" he looks at the nurse "See you" he follows Jake into the room "Hey Pez you've looked better" he smirks
"Shut up Bowman" Sara says groggily
"How are you feeling?" Gabe asks
"Well the Captain is interrogating the cops right now."
"They won't tell you much." Sara says "How's Ian?"
Jake and Gabe look at each other "Well" Gabe says
"What's wrong?"
"We haven't heard from him since you got out of surgery. Jas hasn't heard from him either" Gabe says
"I hope he's OK"
"I'm sure he's fine. You need to get some rest."
"How's Ana?" Sara asks Gabe
"Jas said she's spent most of the night crying. The doctor gave her something for her cold so she got some sleep."
"Good" Sara says
"We'll let you get some more rest"
Jake turns to the door then pauses "Hey Pez... Nottingham's the father isn't he?"
Sara rests her arm over her middle and nods "Yea he is."
"Were you ever going to tell me?"
"Yeah. Sooner or later."
Jake nods walking out the door
"He'll get over it" Gabe assures
"I hope so" Sara says sadly

Half an hour later
Sara looks up as the door opens and Jake enters with Jas carrying a sniffling Ana.
Ana holds her arms out to her mother whimpering
"She's been crying all day" Jas sets Ana on the bed
Sara hugs the little girl kissing her head as the baby lays down on her chest. She carefully removes the bracelet from Ana's wrist putting it on her own. "Can you guys give me a minute with Ana?"
"Sure. We'll be right outside" Jas says
Once the door closes Sara sighs stroking Ana's back "Its OK Ana. Daddy will be OK."
Ana sniffles rubbing her cheek against her mother's gown. Sara lays back staring at the Witchblade "Please protect Ian." she rubs Ana's back soothingly
"You need to stop worrying" Danny says
Sara looks at Danny "I'm scared. I can't lose him Danny. I've lost Mom, Dad, Maria, you, Conchobar... I can't lose Ian. He's the one completely stable thing in my life. He's always there whether I know it or not. It scares me not having him there watching by back or scaring me when he appears out of nowhere"
"You love him."
"Yeah I do"
"I always knew you'd fall for him." Danny chuckles looking at the sleeping baby
Sara grins "What can I say"
"He'll be fine Pez don't worry."
"Danny will you stay with me?"
"Will you get some sleep?"
"Then yes I'll stay with you"

Hour later: Hospital
Sara awakens grinning as she finds Ian sitting on the chair beside the bed with Ana asleep on his lap. "Hey"
Ian smiles slightly "Sara" he says softly not wanting to wake Ana.
"Are you OK?" Ian asks touching her cheek
Sara nods "Fine." she looks at Ana
"The doctor gave her some more medicine for her cold." Ian says
"I'm surprised Gabe and Jas haven't jumped out the window. Jake said she's been crying."
"Jas said that along with her cold a new tooth is coming in." Ian says
"I was worried about you" Ian says. He stands moving to the bed he sits beside Sara with Ana still dozing in his arms.
"No need to be." Sara says her fingers trailing lightly over his face. "I thought you'd leave us."
"I said forever" Ian reminds "and I meant it."
Sara lifts her hand his head her fingers moving ever so gently through his dark hair. "I love you Ian"
"I love you too my Sara"

Chapter 14
Next morning
"Let's get out of here" Sara says. She looks at Ian as he picks up Ana. "You OK?" she asks seeing the faraway look on his face
Ian nods "Let's just go."

Hour later: Apartment
Sara looks at Ian as he stares out the window. She hands Ana a bottle as the baby plays in the playpen. She goes over to him slipping her hand into his "What's wrong?"
Ian glances at her then out the window "Am I doing the right thing?" he asks softly "I mean he has no one other than me. He's alone now"
"Do you want to go back there?" Sara asks saddened by the thought
"No" Ian says looking at Sara "I want to stay with you and Ana. Its just" he looks out the window "He is all I had for years. My only family."
"Ian if he's family why would he treat you like he did?"
Ian shrugs
"No one who's family would treat you like that." Sara moves infront of him "Ian" she says
At her soft tone Ian looks at her his eyes sad
"If you want to still work for him I'll understand. I won't stop you." she takes his free hand pressing it against her middle "We'll be able to be together and raise Ana and the baby."
Ian pulls her close kissing her forehead "I want that too."
Sara kisses his cheek "Why don't you go take a shower. I'm making breakfast"
Ian nods a moment later he releases her making his way to the bathroom.

Hour later
"Ana can you please sit still" Sara requests annoyed at the baby's squirming in the highchair as she tries to feed her.
"Uh" Ana grunts avoiding the spoon.
"OK then breakfast is over for you" Sara laughs grabbing a wet cloth she wipes the baby food off Ana's face. She grabs a handful of crackers setting them on the tray.
Ian sits at the table watching Sara thoughtfully
Sara looks at him lifting her brow "What?"
"Just thinking"
"About?" she goes around the table sitting on his lap "What's going on in that head of yours?" she asks teasingly
Ian twirls a strand of Sara's hair between his fingers "I was thinking that perhaps we should start looking for a bigger place." his free hands moves under her shirt resting against her stomach.
Sara groans "Before I get huge and can't move." she buries her face in his neck
"What do you think?"
Sara lifts her head pressing her lips against his she grins "What do you think I think?"
Ian smiles about to reply when Ana begins to pound on the tray of her highchair laughing loudly.
Sara kisses Ian again then stands going to the highchair "Arms up" she says. As Ana lifts her arms Sara removes the tray picking her up. "Good girl" she kisses Ana's cheek. "What happened with Irons after the hospital?" she asks wincing at the cut on Ian's temple "Other then him hitting you"
"We talked." Ian shrugs
"About?" Sara asks setting Ana in the playpen
"He's mad I did not tell him that you are pregnant."
"And that its yours"
Ian nods sitting on the couch he pulls Sara onto his lap. "Sara are you sure about not being upset if I still worked for him?"
"I wish you didn't because I see how he treats you. But like I said its your choice."
"Working for him is all I have known. At least this way I could keep an eye on him. Though I doubt he would trust me." he says his voice almost sad.
"Is that so bad?"
"It is if I am to protect you"
"Well don't worry about it Ian. It'll only give you a headache." she turns in his arms pulling his head down to hers she kisses him deeply. As they get into the kiss hands moving under clothes caressing skin their jarred out of their haze by the sound of Ana crying. Sara groans pulling back she sighs "Better get her before she screams the place down" she kisses his cheek standing she goes over picking Ana up.
Ana squirms holding her arms out to her father.
"Uh Ian"
Ian sees Sara's face pale he takes Ana watching as Sara makes a run to the bathroom. He winces hearing Sara gag through the door.
Ana looks at the door puzzled by her mother's actions "Eh" she grunts pointing at the door then looks at her father her eyes wide.
Ian kisses her forehead "Mama's OK" he assures moving to the floor with Ana on his lap. He hands Ana a toy.
Ana examines the toy for a moment then throws it down turning around to look at her father. She tugs on his shirt giggling. When he looks at her she claps her hands grinning and waving.
Ian chuckles lightly picking her up he lifts her over his head causing Ana to shriek with laughter.
In the bathroom Sara manages to smile over her nausea at the sound of Ana laughing. She then groans feeling another wave of nausea hit.
Ana reaches out patting her father's cheeks grinning at the feeling of his beard. "Ooh"
Ian smiles at the look of fascination in her eyes. "You know you are very special Anastasia."
Ana grins giggling
A few minutes later Sara steps out of the bathroom to find Ian on the floor with Ana on his lap reading to her.
Ian looks up giving Sara a small smile. "Feel better?"
Sara shrugs sitting on the floor beside Ian her head on his shoulder. "What are you reading?" she asks
"Peter Pan. Found it in your bookshelf"
"Ah yes. I loved this story... and the movie." she snuggles against Ian she listens as he continues the story.

Hour later
Sara sets Ana in the crib standing there she watches as the baby sleeps. She smiles feeling Ian wrap his arms around her waist. She tilts her head back "So what do you think of Peter Pan so far?"
"I have to finish it before I make up my mind." he leans down kissing Sara lightly his hands moving her shirt up.
Sara turns around her arms going around his neck "I'm going to have to borrow the movie from Michael"
"Danny's son"
Sara nods
Ian moves backwards his legs hitting the end of the bed. He kisses her deeply pulling her down atop him not breaking the kiss.
Sara sighs happily
Ian shifts pinning Sara under him they stare at each other silently then he speaks his voice soft and husky "You are so beautiful." he leans down kissing her neck.
Sara arches into his touch her hands pulling at his shirt with his help she pulls off his shirt tossing it on the floor. Her hands roam over his back and chest.
Ian kisses her bruisingly pulling her shirt off he tosses it beside his own. Seeing the bandage on her shoulder he winces touching it lightly he leans down pressing his lips against the bandage as his hands move down her body. He starts to unbutton her jeans when their interrupted by a phone ringing. Kissing her "I have to get that"
"No" she pouts
Ian moves up grabbing his cell phone off the nightstand "Yes?"
Sara lays underneath him half listening to the call as she runs her fingers over the scars covering his chest and arms.
"Yes sir I will be right there" Ian says hanging up he looks at Sara "I have to go. He wants to speak with me about something." he kisses her forehead moving off the bed he grabs his discarded shirt off the floor pulling it on.
"Call him back and tell him your busy" Sara says wrapping her arms around his neck.
Ian kisses her "I wish I could but he is in one of his moods. If I do not go he will take it out on whoevers nearby. I am used to getting hit but none of the others have been."
"Because he uses you as his personal punching bag" Sara says bitterly
Ian shrugs "Depending on what he wants I should be back this evening."
Sara nods her fingers trailing over his cheek her eyes thoughtful
"I can handle his tantrums my love. I have done it for over thirty years." he assures
"I know." Sara sighs
"Get some rest Sara." he kisses her forehead stepping back
Sara nods "I hope she takes a long enough nap."
Ian sits on the edge of the bed pulling on his boots as Sara strips out of her jeans pulling on a T-shirt. He looks at Sara then holds out his hand as she takes his hand Ian pulls her infront of him. He looks up at her "I love you"
Sara smiles "I love you" she straddles his thighs leaning down she kisses him passionately then sighs. "You better go before this gets too far." she says
"Finish it later?"
"Oh definately" she smiles kissing his cheek she moves off him. She crawls under the covers "Oh and Ian use the door"
"Do I have too" he smirks
Sara laughs at the look on his face "Don't have too but its easier then climbing up the fire escape."
"Whatever you want my Sara" he says grabbing his overcoat
"Bye" she calls as he walks out the door.

15 mins later: Vorschlag Industries
Ian enters the office standing before the desk he waits for Irons to speak.
Irons looks up "How is Sara?"
Irons nods standing "I have thought about what you said... you were right it would be easier to keep track of her if I do not protest your involvement with Sara."
"As I said Sara would most likely be more willing to help you if you do not invade her life."
"And that includes you"
Ian tilts his head "I will continue protecting you but I will no longer do your dirty work."
Irons nods "Agreed"
"I will find someone to take my place in that area under the condition that you never speak to Sara or I about the side dealings unless it involves the Witchblade."

That evening
Sara looks at Ana pulling herself along the coffee table "Gettin' better at that" she smiles at the child
Ana grins
Sara stands bending over she takes Ana's hands in her own helping the little girl walk. Ana makes it a few steps before she falls to the floor. "Oh you OK?" Sara asks
Ana looks at her mother and grins
The door opens and Ian enters removing his overcoat
"Who's that?" Sara asks pointing at Ian
Ana grins clapping her hands happily. "Uh uh" she grunts holding her arms up to her father bouncing.
Ian picks up Ana
"So what happened?" Sara asks settling on the couch beside Ian and Ana.
"We came to an agreement. I will continue working as his bodyguard but his other jobs will fall onto someone elses shoulders."
Sara snuggles against his side smiling at the sight of Ana cuddled against her father's chest her fingers in her mouth. "Looks like she's going to sleep early" she states seeing Ana's eyelids droop.
"Have you thought about what we talked about earlier?" Ian asks
Sara looks at him "Moving to a bigger place or the whole Irons discussion?"
"Moving" Ian says with a faint smile
Sara looks around her apartment "Probably should this place definately isn't made for kids." she looks back at Ian tilting her head "You ready to be a domesticated stalker?" she asks with a smirk
Ian shakes his head amused "Guess I will have to give it a try. Its time for a change."
"Mmm this will be a big change for us both." she rests her hand over Ian's resting on Ana's back. The two remain on the couch as Ana drifts off to sleep against Ian's chest. "She's out. I'll go put her down" she starts to lift Ana up when the little girl opens her eyes her small hands clutching at her father's shirt. Sara laughs "Something tells me she is going to be a Daddy's girl."
Ian smiles
"Come on Ana girl time for bed."
Ana looks at her mother sticking her lower lip out
"Don't give me that look you are going to bed little miss." Sara says carrying Ana up to the bedroom. She lays Ana in the crib
Ana sits up rubbing her eyes she holds her arms up
"No time for bed" Sara says sternly handing Ana her pacifier. She moves away from the crib heading back to the livingroom
Ana begins to cry
Sara sighs "Great she's in a mood"
"Mood?" Ian lifts his brow
"She's probably going to cry for about five minutes then finally go to sleep."
"Mmm" Ian nods kissing Sara's neck
Sara laughs at the feeling of his moustache and beard tickling her skin. She undoes the braid holding his hair back. Tangling her fingers in his hair she pulls his head up kissing him deeply.
Ian pulls her close his hands caressing the skin of her back and sides.
Sara breaks the kiss shifting she straddles his legs her fingers scratching lightly at his neck. She tilts her head "She finally stopped."
"Mmm" Ian caresses her cheek with the back of his fingers.
Sara smiles her hands going the the hem of his shirt "You said we'd finish what we started"
"I did?" Ian smirks
"Mmm" Sara nods leaning down she licks his neck "you aren't going back on your promise are you?" she asks childishly
Ian's hands go to her shirt he pulls it off tossing it aside. "Beautiful" he says awed his fingers trailing over her breasts
Sara tugs at his shirt with Ian's help she removes it.