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Nigel Uno A.K.A. Numbuh 1 was walking back to the tree house with his girlfriend Lizzie they have just gotten back together recently after Nigel Agreed to start spending more time with her.

"Nigel, I'm so glad we decided to give this another shot" Lizzie told him "I just knew you would come around"

"I'm just glad you were willing to give me another chance" Numbuh 1 told her

"I'm glad to Nigie hehehe" Lizzie said with a giggle "So Tomorrow do you want me to come over for lunch?"

"Tomorrow? No, Tomorrow's not a good time I have some paperwork I need to get done" Numbuh 1 told her "Maybe we could do something this weekend?"

"Sure thing Nigie" Lizzie agreed

"Well here's the tree house" Numbuh 1 told her "I guess I better get going, I'll call you later Lizzie"

So Numbuh 1 went up to the tree house and walked by Numbuh's 2 and 4 who were playing video games and Numbuh 3 who was watching.

"Hey guys did you see Numbuh 5?" Numbuh 1 asked his team

"Yeah, I think she went to her room" Numbuh 2 told him "You want to play next game with us?"

"Nah, I'm good" Numbuh 1 told him "I'm going to go see what Numbuh 5's up to I need to give her something"

"Ooooohhhh Ohhhhhhhh! Is it Candy?!" Numbuh 3 asked "Can I have some?"

"No, It's not Candy Numbuh 3" Numbuh 1 laughed at his friend "Numbuh 5 was checking on something for me and I wanted to see how she was doing with that"

"Oh Okaaayyy! See ya later Numbuh 1" Numbuh 3 yelled as she waved

Numbuh 1 walked up the many stairs on the way to Numbuh 5's room with many thoughts going through his head such as "Am I doing the right thing?" and "Why am I doing this to myself? To them?" Nigel then reached Numbuh 5's door and finally decided "So what? What they don't know won't hurt them" as he knocked on Numbuh 5's door.

"Come in" He heard Numbuh 5 yell

"Hey Abby" Numbuh 1 said to her as she got up and hugged him "Miss me?"

"I did" Numbuh 5 told him "So where have you been?"

"I had to run to the library to return a book" Numbuh 1 told her "So what are we doing tomorrow?"

"I dunno Numbuh 5 was gonna leave that up to you" Numbuh 5 told her leader

"How about a movie?" Numbuh 1 suggested "The new Yipper movie just came out"

"Numbuh 5 refuses to see that! All those trading card geeks in one line, Numbuh 5 is gonna pass"

"Alright fine what if we go and see the new Rainbow Monkey movie instead?" Numbuh 1 suggested only to get a dirty look from Numbuh 5

"What?" Numbuh 1 asked with a smirk "I know you like Rainbow Monkey's even if you don't admit it"

"What would make you think Numbuh 5 likes Rainbow Monkey's?" Numbuh 5 asked him

"Your ringtone" Numbuh 1 told her "I've heard you phone go off and I know the theme song"

"Alright fine" Numbuh 5 agreed "But you don't tell anyone that we went to see a Rainbow Monkey movie especially not Numbuh 3"

"Alright I won't" Numbuh 1 agreed as he was about to leave

"Nigel?" Numbuh 5 asked

"Yes, Abby?" Numbuh 1 replied

"When are we going to tell the team about us?" Numbuh 5 asked him

"When the time is right" Numbuh 1 told her

"When will that be?" Numbuh 5 asked "I'm tired of keeping it a secret"

"I promise you that eventually we will tell them" Numbuh 1 assured her "Now, I'll see you tomorrow I have some work to take care of and I need to go to the moon base"

"Alright, I'll see you tomorrow" Numbuh 5 told him as he left to go to the moon base.

Numbuh 1 really did need to go to the moon base to turn in some paperwork and he needed to talk to pick up a few new parts for Numbuh 2 so that he could start working on some new 2x4 tech. He handed in all his reports and picked up all the parts Numbuh 2 asked for and was about to head back to the tree house when he got carried away.

"Hey, Nigel" Numbuh 362 said as she walked up to him "What brings you to the moon base?"

"Paperwork and Picking up Parts for Numbuh 2" Numbuh 1 told her "What about you?"

"I am the supreme leader and I do work here so I tend to be here often" Numbuh 362 replied laughing

"So where are you off to now?" Numbuh 1 asked

"I was going to get some food" Numbuh 362 told him "Your welcome to join me if you want"

"I can't" Numbuh 1 told her "Numbuh 2 really wants these parts and I need to get them to him"

"Oh, Well I understand" Numbuh 362 replied "Your team does need you"

"I'd still like to go out to eat with you how does Tomorrow Night sound?" Numbuh 1 suggested

"Are you asking me out?" Numbuh 362 asked him

"Depends if I say yes am I getting decommissioned?" Numbuh 1 asked with a laugh

"I would say no" Numbuh 362 told him "But if you wanna take me out how about a movie?"

"A movie?" Numbuh 1 asked remembering Numbuh 5 "What did you want to see?"

"How about the new Yipper Movie?" Numbuh 362 asked "I've wanted to see it for awhile now and I've always liked the game"

"Sure sounds like a plan" Numbuh 1 told her "How about around 4:00?"

"Sounds good to me" Numbuh 362 agreed as she and Numbuh 1 went their separate ways

Numbuh 1 then got in his ship and headed back to the tree house "Great, I've got 2 dates for the movies tomorrow…."

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