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The next day Numbuh 1 was awoken by a loud pounding on his bedroom door.

"Numbuh 1" came a shout from the other side of the door "C'mon! you told us all to meet for a meeting at 11am and yet you're the one who's late!"

Nigel glanced at his clock which read 11:38am

"Great" Numbuh 1 thought to himself "Flirt with Rachel and come home late and then you sleep in…"

Numbuh 1 opened his door to see Numbuh 2 looking annoyed

"Sorry" Was all Numbuh 1 could say "I got back late"

"Whatever" Numbuh 2 replied to him "Oh, Lizzie called last night and she was looking for you…"

"Please tell me you answered it!" Numbuh 1 screamed "Please tell me Abby doesn't know!"

"No, I don't think she does" Numbuh 2 told him "I picked up and told her you went to moonbase but I don't know why you would care she dumped you and what does it matter if Numbuh 5 knew?"

"You know how Numbuh 5 can be…." Numbuh 1 told him "That's all I don't want her to yell at me for speaking to Lizzie…"

"So are you and Lizzie?" Numbuh 2 asked him "Together?"

"Sorta" Numbuh 1 admitted "But keep this between me and you I don't want the others to know just yet"

"Alright whatever you say" Numbuh 2 told him "Now would ya hurry up? You have a meeting to be at and the rest of the team is getting annoyed"

Later that day Nigel Took Abby to the Movie's and told the rest of the team it was a "Private Mission" which everyone accepted that. Abby on the other hand was not as happy he called it a "Private Mission"

"Did you enjoy the movie?" Numbuh 1 asked her as they walked out

"Yeah Numbuh 5 had a good time" Numbuh 5 told him "I just wish you would tell the team about us already! Numbuh 5 wants them to know!"

"Soon Abby" Numbuh 1 told her "I promise…Say look at the time! It's 3:45! Don't ya think you should get going?"

"Yeah I guess we could head back to the treehouse" Numbuh 5 agreed

"Not we…Just you" Numbuh 1 said with a smile "I have to…urm…Stop at my house to get something!"

"We live in the treehouse and its connected to your house" Numbuh 5 reminded him

"Oh Right!" Numbuh 1 said with a chuckle "I have to return a book to the library!"

"Didn't you already do that the other day?" Numbuh 5 asked

"I did" Numbuh 1 told her "But I have another one due back today"

"I'll go with you" Numbuh 5 told him

"No No No!" Numbuh 1 objected "It's alright I'll just meet you back at the treehouse!"

"Fine" Numbuh 5 sighed "I'll meet you back there…."

Not even 5 minutes after Abby left in walked Rachel

"Hiya Nigel" Rachel greeted him

"Hey Rach" He replied "Ready for the movie?"

"Sure" she told him as they got their tickets

The following day Nigel walked into the treehouse after school with his 2 best friends who were Numbuh 4 and Numbuh 2. Nigel couldn't believe how well everything was going for him. He had Lizzie and Abby and he made it official with Rachel last night. Boy were things ever going well for him. For once in the past few weeks Nigel actually had nothing to do.

"Hey guys where's Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 5?" Numbuh 2 asked

"Detention" Numbuh 4 told him "Kooks got in trouble for talking in class with Numbuh 86"

"What about Numbuh 5?" Numbuh 1 asked

"Chewing gum in class…" Numbuh 4 told him "Cruddy teachers"

"So it's a girl free night?" Numbuh 1 asked "You guys wanna do something?"

"Can't" Numbuh 2 told him "I got a ton of homework"

"How about we sit down and talk while we all do homework?" Numbuh 4 suggested "I need help anyway with my spelling homework and Numbuh 5 usually helps with that but since she's in detention…."

"Fine we'll help you with homework!" Numbuh 2 laughed

"But Remember" Numbuh 1 added "The Numbuh 4 does not have an L in it"

"It does now…." Numbuh 4 told them as he started frantically erasing everything

"Soooooo….What's new?" Numbuh 1 asked his friends

"Why don't you tell me?" Numbuh 4 said laughing "Mrs. Kissy Lizzie"

"Numbuh 2!" Numbuh 1 yelled "You said you wouldn't say anything!"

"No, I told you I wouldn't tell Numbuh 5" Numbuh 2 mentioned "Does anyone here look like Numbuh 5?"

"Speaking of her…."Numbuh 4 mentioned "How can you date Kissy Lizzie when your with Numbuh 5?"

"Woah Woah Woah! Who told you I was dating Numbuh 5?" Numbuh 1 asked

"Your dating Abby?" Numbuh 2 asked him "What about Lizzie?"

"Numbuh 5 told me you were dating her…." Numbuh 4 admitted

"Why would she tell YOU of all people?" Numbuh 1 demanded

"No need to yell mate" Numbuh 4 told him "She told me because l asked her what's wrong when I saw her in the hallway"

"Great! Just Great!" Numbuh 1 yelled sarcastically "Now what's Rachel going to think! If everyone knows I have 2 girlfriends!"

"Why would this conce—" Numbuh 2 stopped mid sentence "Oh god…Your dating Rachel aren't you?"

"Uh..Maybe?" Numbuh 1 said nervously "Listen you guys can't say a word to any of them! Help me out I would do the same for you!"

"Fine I'll help you" Numbuh 4 agreed "Just stay away from Kuki!"

"I'll help you too…" Numbuh 2 agreed "Just remember I don't like doing this…"

"Thanks guys!" Numbuh 1 told them "You're the best!"

"Wonder how many girls you told that to…" Numbuh 2 muttered