Author's Note: This is the first ever Eureka fic that I have written, I hope that you all enjoy it, and thank you for reading! :)

"Unless of course you are into chicks... and that's fine too." Zoe uttered quickly to the brunette deputy sheriff.

"Shut up now." Jo muttered softly, averting her eyes from the blonde girl. She wondered how someone could manage to look so cute and be so annoying at the same time.

Jo watched the blonde as she backed up and sat down in front of the bars. Zoe stared straight at the brunette, never taking her eyes off what she was doing, the way that Jo's fingers worked at the guns and flowed seamlessly. Zoe was entranced by the brunette, by the way that she did the little things. Jo was similarly entranced by the way that the blonde was acting. She wasn't just a normal stuck up teenager. She wasn't just a normal delinquent. She was actually fighting her father because of something she felt was important, not because she wanted to be a yob.

"You know, you are probably the first person I've ever met brave enough to say that to me." Jo said softly to the blonde girl.

"Say what?" Zoe replied intrigued by what the woman had said.

"That I'm into women." The older woman replied, "You'd be right, but no one has ever asked before."

"I guess that my Gaydar is a lot better than the normal persons." The young woman replied indignantly.

"And by that, I take it that mine is sub par." Jo replied with a grin. She liked this girl for some reason. By the way that her heart was beating faster in her chest she imagined that she liked her a lot more than she would normally have liked a person.

Zoe laughed a little for a few seconds before it stopped and turned into chuckles. "I figured that I was pretty obvious, all the other girls in school think so, at least. That is the reason they state for how much they like to beat me up in the hallways. That's why I get into fights at school, because I'm defending myself. Neither my mother nor my father has ever guessed."

Jo watched the blonde for a moment before she approached the cell, "I can't say that the signs of a depressed teenager are there, you seem happy."

"I am, mostly. I like being me, no matter what anyone else says I am myself. They can't stop me from being that, and soon enough my parents will see who I am." Zoe replied softly.

"You can't hide it forever." Jo replied, her hands lifting to the bars of the cell.

"I'm not hiding." Zoe replied lifting her eyes to the brunette's dark brown ones.

Jo unlocked the cell and pulled the door open before she moved into the cell and sat down on the bed for a moment. She thought for a second before she lay her hand on the girl's shoulder. "I'm not sure if I can help, but..."

"I want to kiss you," Zoe replied, cutting off Jo's sentence in the middle, turning her head to stare into the brunette's dark eyes.

"I... can't. You're a minor, it's illegal." Jo replied softly. Though, if she was honest with herself, she wasn't adverse to the idea of kissing the blonde girl.

"Jo, please ignore the rules and kiss me." Zoe uttered the words softly while she leaned forward and pressed her lips to the deputy's.