AN: New fandom, and only a very short fic, but I hope you like it! For ShadowHaloedAngel
Pairing: Sango and Sesshoumaru
Warnings: None

Sango glanced over at the man who was walking ahead. She shifted awkwardly. She knew he would look at her, and whilst she wouldn't blush, she'd still feel a burst of shyness that she had never felt with anyone else. She couldn't be feeling this towards him though, it was awful. Even the pervert Miroku would be better than having these feelings for him.

He turned around, long white hair swaying in the wind as he looked around. She gasped softly, captivated by his beautiful eyes and purple stripes. She tore her gaze away, scanning the woods for any threat for them. He smiled slightly, and she felt sick. She was a demon hunter. She was expected to destroy the demons, not fall for them. Demons had hurt her family, destroyed her village, shattered her brother's mind and made him into a puppet, and she had fallen for one of their number.

She tried to push those thoughts away. Even though she despised the race, she couldn't deny that this demon lord wasn't like any of the other monsters she had fought. For a start, he wasn't after the Shikon shards, and far more importantly, he was protecting Kohaku. He had kept her brother safe, and in doing so had given her a chance to have a family.

She smiled slightly, seeing Kohaku and Rin running around, slightly to the side of her and the man who was filling her thoughts. They had stopped pestering Jaken, and were just walking along, holding each other's hands, with a smile on their faces.

Sango felt a little envious of Rin, but at the same time, she thought that she could learn a lot from her. She could be friends with anyone, judged them not on what they were but who. Maybe if she could keep that mindset, life would be easier. Sesshoumaru was a bad person, but right now he was being good to them, he was helping them, and she owed him a lot.

She couldn't help how she felt, but she wouldn't act on it. She'd just keep on walking, keep on fighting, and see what came of it.