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What Winter Brought

Chapter 1:Dec 4

"Dude! Stop it man! Really!" cried out the aching Kouichi. His twin brother was beating him up because of his comment. They both had midnight blue eyes and dark raven colored hair.

"Not until you take back what you said!" barked his younger twin brother, Koji (Haha he barked! Remember he's a wolf and he's barking!).

"It's not a shame to speak of your girlfriend, you know. I actually think it's sweet of any guy to speak of his girlfriend," commented the blonde girl watching from her seat. She had emerald colored eyes and was the shortest of the group (dang it stupid puberty!)

"You only say that because you're a girl, Zoe," spoke the brunette sitting next to Zoe. He was the same age as the other three teens, 17 and they were all seniors in high school.

"Oh, just stop fighting!" voiced the youngest member of the group. He was also brunette but was not related to the other brunette. His name was Tommy and he was 14.

"I'll tell Kelsi you get nervous and embarrassed when you talk about her in public!" joked Zoe.

"Don't you dare!" glared back Koji.

"Oh gosh calm down I was just joking. But keep it up and I will tell her. She is my best friend you know," shot back Zoe.

Koji just shrugged and left his brother alone.

"Alright, now that that's over, aren't you all excited it's almost Christmas!" sheered Takuya.

"Duh! Especially that now I'll be taking my midterms before break! Yes!" cheered Zoe.

"You didn't have midterms before break?" asked Kouichi, almost completely recovered.

"Yeah, I had suffered for three years with exams after break, but now that I'm a senior, the school changed the rules and we'll have them before! Meaning…I'll truly have the most wonderful time of year!" said Zoe thinking about Christmas.

"I'm in 8th grade, we only have finals, and they are only on the second semester," said Tommy.

"Well, stop bragging," nagged Takuya.

"It's only the fourth of December, so I'll have to start studying ASAP," said Zoe.

"But midterms aren't until the…well….in two weeks or so!" said Takuya.

"I know, but I want and have to get all A's on them. I just have to! So I'll start studying for them now, so it won't be as hard later. Get it?" she said quickly.

"No…I don't…get it…" said Takuya confused.

Zoe was about to say something to Takuya (probably something rude!), but her phone rang. "Alright. I'll be out. Bye!" she answered and hung up. "Alright. Gotta go! My parents are here. Bye guys! Oh, and Takuya, thell your mom thank you for me for the cookies, they were so delicious! I wish I could have them everyday!" she said excitedly.

"Alright. Bye. Oh, and I get the eat cookies everyday and you don't!" Takuya bragged.

"Whatever. See ya guys!" she said and went out to her parents' car. All of the teens had met at Takuya's house to hang out and stuff.

She got in the car. "Hey mom! Hey dad!" she greeted them.

"Hi honey! How was it?" asked her mom.

"Oh, the usual. Mrs. Kanbara gave us cookies. Oh how delicious! Kouichi spoke of Kelsi, Koji got mad, they were wrestling, Tommy tried to stop them, Takuya annoyed me, and I annoyed him back. Yup, the usual," finished Zoe.

"Oh, how…interesting. So wait. If you guys argue like that, why are you friends?" asked Mr. Orimoto.

"Oh, we're just playing around. We actually like each other, but we wanna waste time, so we argue, but jokingly," finished Zoe.

"I remember those days when I would…" started Mrs. Orimoto. Zoe knew exactly where it was headed. Her mom would start talking of her high school friends, then her dad would talk about his friends, but each story would have something different about it, and her mom would correct him. Her dad would not agree, but her mom would not say anything because by that point Zoe would be laughing. But since Zoe knew all the stories from back in the days, she just looked outside.

Wow. The winter is so beautiful. It's so my favorite time of year!, she thought. Cool! That car is awesome. She was looking at a small black car that was beside theirs.

"So I would joke around with them, just like Zoe and her friends," finished her mom. She had been talking for about 15 minutes.

"Yeah, my friends and I played in the same…" started her dad.

She looked outside again. Wow that car has been taking our same route for a long time…, she thought as she saw the car. She couldn't see the person driving.

Another ten minutes had passed.

"So we pranked him and-"Mr. Orimoto was cut off by Zoe.

"Sorry dad, but that black car has been following us for the past 20 or 30 minutes or something," she said warily.

"Really? Hmm, then let's take a different turn," said Mr. Orimoto and made a right turn on the nearest street. The black car did not follow. "See Zoe, you were just paranoid. Where was I? Oh, right and he looked at us…" and he continued his story.

They had made a stop at a stoplight waiting for the light to turn green.

Ha. I can't believe I was being so paranoid, she thought.

She looked to her right.

Wow, I've never seen such a bird!

Then she looked to her left. Her eyes grew wide. It was the same black car from before, but instead of being beside them, it was coming towards them.

"Dad! Look OUT!" yelled Zoe.

Her parents looked to their left. The car crashed into the Orimoto's car. Zoe felt pain all over her body. She opened her eyes but everything was blurry. All of a sudden everything went blank.

Mom. Dad.

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