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----At home

"So, here are the copies of the recordings I made," said Zoe as she placed the disc into the computer. "This is when you called Takuya." She clicked play.

--the recording…yeah…

[ringing of cell phone]

"Oh, who could that be? Ah, talk about luck, hey Zoe! Guess who it is! It's your little boyfriend…what was his name again…Takuya! I'll answer and wish him the best New Years and a new slut he could play around with…"

[small pause]



"Oh, my no! I'm just her murderer,"

[small pause]

"Yeah! I'm her murderer!"


"You know, a person who kills, yeah, I'm the person who killed your precious little Zoe. Oh, and I didn't just kill her, but hit her, multiple times and very hard, tortured her, and of course, I raped her, I just had to. No wonder you were with her, such great company…"


"Why I can't tell you boy! I'm actually glad you called. I just wanted to wish you a great and happy new year! Oh and you might want to find a new slut, your old one is dead. There might not be too much excitement in that!"

[pause followed by laughter] [another pause]

"You see Zoe, I told him that because I just wanted to give you a sneak peek of what will happen in the near future!"


Zoe clicked the pause button. "That was just a bit that happened…" she said casually and faced her audience.

"So wait. You and Takuya, did, um, you know…" asked Shinya.

Zoe and Takuya started to blush an intense shade of red.

"No! nothing! Never! No! H-he just said that because maybe he thought that's what other teens do or I don't know! No!" she said quickly and turned towards the computer to take out the disk.

There was a collective chuckle coming from the rest of the people gathered.

"But, how exactly did you survive?" asked Kelsi. "Because that dude sounded a little …out of it…"

"Well, once I couldn't take it any more…" started Zoe and retold her story. She told about the pain, the insults, the knife, the shooting, the pool, and all those killed.

As she finished her story, her audience gaped at the girl.

"You stabbed him!" said Tommy surprised.

"Yeah…" said Zoe somberly as she looked into her hands.

"Dude, try not to do something stupid because you know what's coming!" joked Kouichi as he hit Takuya in his arm.

"Yeah, and we already thought she was vicious!" joined in Tommy.

"No wonder you're limping…" said Mrs. Kanbara changing the subject. "I was going to ask you about that."

"I'm limping?" asked Zoe. She looked at her leg and then to the rest of the people. They all nodded.

"At least you're safe, and that's what matters," said Mr. Kanbara.

"Yeah and I'm glad I'm back and alive…" smiled Zoe.

"We all are," said Takuya quietly and looked Zoe in the eyes.

She looked back and with that same look, they declared their love for each other once again.

---------------December 11, ten years later

So…it's been ten years. Ten years of changes, ten years of absence, and ten years of love.

How exactly did it turn out for me after I returned to Japan? Well, that same day I stayed up late finishing the rest of the winter break work my teachers had assigned. I was returning to school the next day and I hadn't bothered of doing the work any time soon. The first few days I was sort of struggling with my grades and all, but soon I got the hang of it again with the help of all those around me. I will not mention grades.

The rest of senior year went by quickly. I got accepted into all of my colleges, but went tone of the top colleges in Japan. Before I left the loving care of the Kanbara's I offered Mr. and Mrs. Kanbara one million of what my parents left for me. They did not accept however, but after a few days of convincing, they finally accepted. That was only a small token of what I owe them for the great deed they did for me.

What of Takuya and the others? Well, Takuya and I were officially going out. Takuya, as always, was struggling with the last bit of senior year, but passed…satisfactorily. He got a soccer scholarship to college that was about thirty minutes away from mine.

Koji and Kelsi also continued together. They went to the same college and now they are happily married with two children.

Kouichi, after giving it lots of thought, decided to join Takuya in his same college. So I saw both of them a lot. Kouichi is also married with only one child. I even think there is a competition between Koji and Kouichi about who will have the most children...They never change….

Tommy and Shinya were others that attended the same university. They are still in it actually. Tommy is studying to be an engineer. I knew he had it in him! And Shinya is studying to become an astronaut.

JP, although a little more distant than the others, sometimes comes to visit. And like the others, he's married with three children.

After college, I got a job at Shibuya Hospital. I became a physical therapist. I felt it was what I had to do. Maybe what I went through makes me want to help those who have been injured. I would never want all of that happened to me to happen to anyone.

Takuya is a professional soccer player. I guess it was sort of obvious. I love going to his games and seeing how he leads his team to victory.

We also got married three years ago. He proposed at the last semester of my grad school. I don't even know how to put the event into words. Let's just say that when Takuya proposed, he always found a way to make it…his way.

Later on, I also found out how and why Hiroshi and Kenichi did all that they did. Kenichi confessed having stalked my family ever since my mom left Hiroshi. So he knew a lot about me. He had followed my family that day of the crash because he decide it was finally time they paid for what they did. So he thought that dying in a car crash would be best. When he was unsatisfied with me still being alive he stalked me from the moment I came out of the hospital. He knew where I was staying and with who. Both he and Hiroshi followed me to Italy. That is why they attacked on New Year's Eve, thinking they would kill me and get away with it.

That is what I remember each year… We come to the cemetery every year on this day. I come visit my parents on the day of their death.

Zoe was standing in front of her parents' graves. Tears were rolling down her face.

"…I hope…I have made you proud so far…" she said aloud.

She flinched as she felt hands wrap around her waist.

"Don't worry, I think you have," said her husband as he softly kissed her on her cheek.

"Mommy, you're great!" said a little girl as she wrapped her arms around Zoe's leg.

"Thanks Tatsumi," replied her mother and picked her up. Zoe kissed the girl.

"Hey! I want a kiss too," said Takuya as he pouted playfully.

With Zoe still in his arms, and Tatsumi in her arms, Zoe managed to stretch enough to kiss Takuya on the nose.

After a moment of silence, Zoe spoke.

"What do you think would have happened if my parents would have never died?" she asked.

"What do you mean?" asked Takuya.

"Do you ever wonder what our lives would be like if this day would have never happened ten years ago, if there was never a car crash? Do you think we would have cared about each other like we did?"

"…I don't know…" he replied, "…but I do know that we would have always found a way to be together…"

Zoe smiled. The wind picked up and blew on Zoe's face. The winter breeze, although cold, was soothing.

"Do you think I'm doing a good job as a mother?" she asked suddenly.

"Yeah! Of course you are Zoe! What makes you think you're not?!" asked Takuya as he looked at his wife incredulously.

"I don't know," replied Zoe. "But I ask myself that at times, and I just want to be the best mother I can be for Tatsumi, I guess." She smiled at her daughter.

The auburn haired girl grinned back hugging her mother closely. "Well, I know you sure are doing great!" said Tatsumi as her emerald eyes showed nothing but sincerity.

"And wherever your parents are I know they're taking care of us," reassured Takuya. "Well, I know you're father is taking care more of you than me, because, well, you know…"

Zoe laughed at his comment.

"I love it when you laugh," he said. "I love making you laugh. You always look so beautiful." He added a kiss.

"Yeah mommy! You're pretty!" added Tatsumi happily and also kissed her mother.

Zoe smiled. "Well, I guess everything happens for a reason," she said. "But winter will always be my favorite season, it always brings me different surprises…"

"Like your birthday, Tatsumi!" said Takuya as he reminded the little girl.

"Yay! M y birthday is coming up!" cheered Tatsumi. "It's Januray 3rd!"

Both Takuya and Zoe smiled. "Let's go home…" said Takuya as he grabbed Zoe by the hand. Zoe then put Tatsumi down and grabbed her hand. The family walked out of the cemetery laughing and smiling as the winter breeze blew around them.


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