Ok Hi guys. Yes I am writting a new story and yes my OC's will be used and so will the Storm hawks this first page has the OC descriptions so here the they are

1. Anastasia Rios(TaiTai pronounced TyTy)/Luna



frame:tall skinny but muscular

Hair color:Brown long and thick

Eye color:brown

occupation:leader of the planetas/Sky knight of terra Casa

weapons:any thing under the sun

Powers:Flight, binding, control elements, magic, mind reading (no one can read her with out her wanting them to), super speed, morph in to anything she sees, and super sonic screech

Clothes:any thing really

Hero clothes:mask, hooded cape, unitard, utillity belt with lots of stuff, and steel toed shoes

2. Crysta Acorn/Black Panther


age: 15

frame: mid size very skinny almost as if one touch could break her in two but don't be fooled by the way she looks she is really strong

hair color:Blondish brown mid lengnth and thick

eye color:blue

Occupation:Second in comand of the Planetas/squad member

Weapons: Anything and a really big fan

Powers: Can control all types of fire, and can fly with the help of her big fan, and change into a phoinex, a black panther, and a dragon


Hero clothes: a white tube top, a white skirt, a belt with a sword hanging on to it, and flip flops,

3. Luke Hardert/ Black Boa

gender: male


frame: Taller than Anastasia and muscular

hair color: blond floppy like a boys hair

eye color: crystal blue

occupation: third in comand of the planetas/squad member

powers:flight, the strenght of a boa constricter, and morph in to a boa constricter

clothes: anything

hero clothes:black mask, black tights, and two black boa constricters on his chest (no shirt)

Yes I use them a lot. The start of the story will be on the next page.