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"What?" Piper said.

"Metas Piper" Tai said and started floating in the air. Crysta's clothes changed and panther fangs grew out. Luke put on his mask and his clothes changed, but Tai stared at the mask in her hands.

"Go ahead, Piper." Tai said, "Call us freaks, Call us what ever you want. If ou don't want to be friends with us we understand, but we'll still love you"

"Why would I do that? You guys are my friends and I'll love you guys. Now lets kick some ass" She said and smiled.

"Boa, explain the plan. Luna out" Tai said and walked out of the cave.

"Tai" Piper called but she was gone.

"Piper girl we have a plan don't worry" Crysta said.

*with Tai*

"I want her head!" Scar yelled at the talons. Tai walked out of the brush.

"Tratoir" She said.

"Aw is the little girl afraid?" He cooed in her face as talons put her in shackles, "Take her to the Dark Ace." They draged her to a tent where the Dark Ace was.

"Sir we brought the Sky Knight" the talon on her right said.

"Good leave us" He said. He was looking at a map hanging on the wall, he turned and his heart stopped.

"Dianna?" He whispered.

"How do you kow about Dianna?" Tai asked and squinted at him. Pain ripped through her and she fell to the floor but a ghostly figure stood in her place.

"Thorne?" She asked. Dark Ace's jaw dropped.

"Dianna" He breathed and took her hand and kissed her knuckles.

"Thorne, what happened to you?" She asked.

"I..I- I don't even know" He said and looked down.

"Thorne, stop" She said and touched his cheek, "Don't kill anyone else"

"Why? Its the only way I can feel anything" he said, "I haven't felt anything since you died"

"Thorne when you die I won't be able to see you"


"Your going to hell if you don't change your ways. Please Thorne, change for me" Dianna begged.

"I'll do anything for you" He said, "I always will" There was a cold blast of air and Dianna was gone. Tai openned her eyes and blinked.

"You dated Dianna?"

"I did. Hold still" He said and undid the shackles.

"Why are you helping me?"

"I want to change my ways for Dianna" he said and the metal clanked to the floor. He looked at the figure before him. He was two heads taller than her.

"Sir?" A talon said and entered the tent. Tai turned and landed a good punch on his cheek.

"We dont have much time." The Dark Ace said and looked outside the tent. Tai made a wolf call.

"Shut up you want to give us away?" The Dark Ace said. Link entered the door.

"Link we gotta get out of here how many guards are here?" Tai asked.


"Hold you breath" Tai said and threw something outside. There where five thumps. Link looked outside.

"Come on" He said and dashed outside. Tai and The Dark Ace followed.

"Sky Knight" Scar said. Tai growled.

"Tratoir" She said and touched the ground. The Dark Ace stared at how much she looked like Dianna. She attacked biting, kicking, punching. He pulled out a knife and stuck it in her side.

"You bastard" She said and fell to the side.

"Your weak" He said. Link ripped the knife out and took a crystal and shot Tai with it. Her bleeding stopped and she stood up. The three where forced back to back as talons surounded them.

"Any other good ideas?" Tai asked Link.
"Shut up" He muttered. They where tied together and put in a tent. Tai started gnawing at the rope.

"What are you doing?" The Dark Ace asked.

"Trying to chew the rope" Tai said and coughed. The Dark Ace rolled his eyes.

"Got any better ideas?" Tai asked and gave him a look that said 'I'll kill you'.

"You look so much like her"



"I got my hand free" Link said.

"Great I have a knife" Tai said.

"Um.. Oh in my bra..." Link's eye twitched and the Dark Ace snickered.

"Shut up" Tai said.

"I'm not gonn-"

"Good I wasn't gonna let you." Tai said.

"Well this sucks" The Dark Ace said

"Big ones" Tai added.

"Hey what are you- urgh!"

"Tammy!" Tai yelled. The merb peeked in the tent.

"Over here!" She yelled and grabbed her knife and sliced the rope. Aerrow entered and took out his blades.

"Dark Ace" he hissed.

"We don't have time for this!" Tai yelled and grabbed her sword, "The Dark Ace changed people lets get out of here!"

"Call me Thorne" He said.

"As in pain?" Aerrow said.

"As in my real name" Dar- Thorne said and scowled.

"Fits you" Boa said as he entered.

"Boa" Tai said and hugged the masked man.

"Cute. Can I barf?" Tammy said.

" Whoes ready to kick ass?" Tai said. They cheered and she held her sword up.

"If we die we die with honnor" Tai said. They charged and attacked the talons.

"Scar is mine!" Tai said and hacked her way to the general.

"So the little girl has friends. Not for long" he hissed.

"Really?" She said and started kicking and blocking his blows, he fell and she pointed her sword at him "Why?"

"Why? Because I'm evil, thats why" he said and kicked her in the stomach. She blocked and lifted him up but his shirt and punched him.

"GET OFF MY TERRA!" She yelled and talons ran to the skimmers and rode away.

"We... we won!" Boa said and smiled. Tai's body quivered and she fell.

"Tai!" Piper yelled and rushed to her. Dianna stood infront of Thorne.

"Thorne, My Thorne." She said and smiled.

"My Dianna, My dearest Dianna" Thorne said and hugged her ghostly form.

"I must go. Please stay on this terra don't leave" The form said fading.

"I'll do anything for you" He said and felt the warm shiver he loved to fell down his spine as she disappeared. He smiled and took off his helmet.

"I work for Cyclonis no more" He said and kneeled before Tai and presented his helmet to her.

"Why did you kill my father?" Aerrow asked.

"I didn't kill him, I pushed him off the skimmer and he fell to the Wastelands" Thorne shook his head, "I did it because I felt so numb after Dianna died. Aerrow I'm sorry I denide you a father. Please forgive me. I'll do anything." Aerrow searched his eyes for the devious man the was the dark ace, but found no trace of him all he found was a sorowful man.

"Tai do you have a church here?" Aerrow asked.

"Yes a few why?" Tai said sitting up.

"Take him to the one you go to." Aerrow said to tai and turned to Thorne, "Where did you push them?"

"50 leagues away why?" Thorne said.

"Guys who wants to do a recon mission in the wastelands?" Aerrow asked.

"Now guys we need to sleep, rest ya know?" Tai said and got up shaking the dirt off herself. Annie sniffed Thorne, barked happily and licked his hand.

"Hello there" He said and patted her head. Annie rolled on her back and Thorne rubbed her tummy.

"Hey Raddar where where you?" Aerrow said.

"He said he was letting the people know that it was safe to come out." Tai said and recived looks from everyone, "What? I speak animal."

"Now nothing suprises me" Piper said and laughed. They walked to the house which was untouched. Tai unlocked the door and opened a closet.

"Thorne, follow me" Tai said.

"Wait, whats in your workshop" Finn asked.

"Come on down. watch your head though" Tai said. The work shop was much like Piper's crystal lab only no windows.

"Thorne?" Tai asked.


"Will you be a Casa man and leave your life of crime behind?" She asked.


"Good this makes it easier. Take off your clothes"

"Um what?"

"Leave your underwear on. I have to measure you for new clothes" She said as the Storm Hawks looked around her lab. She wrote Thorne's meaurments and started sewing. Within an hour he had a new shirt and a pair of jeans.

"Put them on" Tai said. He did so and he found that the clothes he put on where the most comfortable clothes he has ever worn.

"Thank you" He said.

"No problem" she said. The group walked back up the stairs and sat on the couch falling asleep one by one until everyone was asleep.

*Morning after breakfast*

"It was great to see you again Piper girl" Tai said and hugged Piper, "You better come back soon or I drag y'all back myself"

"I'll help" Crysta said.

"It was great to meet you. Take care of our Piper" Luke said as they boarded there ship. They waved until they couldn't see each other any more.

"So Piper, Did you mean but what you said that you loved me?" Aerrow asked.

"Does this answer your question?" Piper kissed him.

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