Once upon a time in a land far away there were two princesses. These princesses were forever doomed to living in their father's dark castle.

The eldest and far more mature Princess Jean was cursd, since the day she was born, to have a dark side that in some ime would rule her body. The younger and far more sassy younger sister was "gifted" by the same witch to forever be able to suck anything out of a human being, but never touch. Both princesses lamented over their positions, but while Jean was never afraid to show her feelings, Rogue always cried in private and very rarely. One day they were out riding their horses. They saw a spring and stopped to drink from it but before they could taste it an orb appeared before them. Out of the orb came a woman dressed in a shimmering white dress that came down just below her knees. She held a crystal wand in her hand and a diamond halo on her head with a single ruby in it. She also wore a necklace made purely of crystal water, laying gracefully on her neck.

"Who the heck are ya?" asked the already annoyed Rogue.

"I am the goddess named Ororro. Others call me Storm. I have come to tell you that the women who placed the curses on you has bewitched your friends, the Rippers. They are planning to attack."

"How would you know this?" asked Jean.

"I'm a goddess. It is what I do. The witches name is Wanda. Her enemies call her the Scarlet Witch. If you survive this no one will love you more than each other...well, beside your true loves."

"No one can love meh. Ah am untouchable. Jean's got a chance 'cause sheh is beautiful and talented. The onleh good thang 'bout meh is that ah'm a good swordswoman. Nothin' good will happen ta meh."

Jean smiled bitter/sweetly.
"That is not true Rogue. Someday he will come." She turned back to the woman.
"Why are they gong to attack us?"

"They want your Father's kingdom. They believe that people will admire them if they overthrow the king. Your father. As it is no one likes them but they are gathering people on their side. Slowly, but surely."

"So what of us?" Jean asked.

"I will grant you something that not even the Rippers could control, but you might."

"And what in the world is that?" asked Rogue.

"It is hard for you to control, so I give you an ruby red dragon as for Jean. Young woman you have great potential and a great power. You shall be able to summon and control what Wanda said would haunt you until the day you die. I must go. I wish you both luck. Jean, your gift will only last through out the battle for I cannot end a curse...only soften it."

She whirled back into the water. Rogue laughed, not believing any of it and climbed back onto her horse and prepared to gallop away but Jean stayed by the water and looked down. In between her feet was a complete Jade dragon, its eye was a ruby and the claws were crystal. Rogue was already far ahead so she hid it in her saddle bag and raced after her sister.

Back at the castle she hid it in her pillow, where she kept the ruby stone that her brother Bobby had given her. That stone and the dragon were to be more helpful then either her sister or herself would ever know.

Rogue and Jean-----

The next morning Jean awoke to see Rogue with a hard glare on her face. "What?"

"Ah found this chewin' on mah pillow. A friend o' yours?" Rogue asked as she held up the dragon.

"I don't have time for this. We'll talk later. You'll be late for that lesson with Sir Logan if you don't get a move along."

Rogue ignored her, set the dragon down and dressed into an emerald dress with a black belt. "If ah see that dragon anywhere near mah stuff 'gain ah'll have Logan deal with the thang."

Jean pulled a ruby dress over her head and raced around trying to get herself ready before her sword fighting lesson.

"Logan is going to kill me."
"He will if you don't call him SIR Logan."
Rogue looked startled whenever Jean pulled out her serious voice. Normally she never got upset with anyone. Except their father.


"Why do ya go 'round wearin' jewelry?"
"Father wants me to."
"Oh yeah."

The dragon flew around the room, making Rogue nervous.

Jean laughed.

"Rogue, it is a dragon baby... it is not going to hurt you."

"I don't know. I have this feeling that it knows something I don't."

Outside at the battlegrounds----

Later that day Rogue had again beat Jean at swordsplay, but when their father and mother, Queen Mystique and King Charles Xavier, came to inspect their work they showed no approval. Jean was told she was beautiful while Rogue watched from the sidelines. When Xavier looked at her his smile fell. "No jewelry, a simple dress and mud. You've done and will do better Rogue. If not you should try and be a boy not woman."

"Well ya'd atleast have an heir." Rogue muttered as she stormed back inside.

"Father, you are to hard on Rogue. She wants your approval. She is not a girly person but she beats me every time when we duel. She almost beat Sir Logan the other day, and you know how difficult that is."

Her mothers eyes grew cold.

"Jean, listen to your father. What he says makes sense. She will never marry unless she acts as a lady."

"Rogue doesn't do lady stuff... mother."

Jean had always despised their step mother, refusing to call her by a parental term until their father had been married for a while and told them to. She walked out of the room and saw her dragon following a screaming Rogue.

"Jean, get this thing away form me!"

She tried hard not to laugh and whistled. The dragon turned and flew straight to her and perched on her shoulder. Rogue grumbled and walked back to her room.

"Thanks?" Jean called after her.

"Whatever. Keep that thing away from me. And i mean it!"

Rogue's room----

Rogue was aggravated enough. She didn't need a bratty over grown dragon around her. When she walked onto her balcony she heard a roar come from above. Looking up, she saw a ruby dragon gazing at her. "Ah'm goin' crazy!"

The dragon looked ready to laugh as it swooped to her side. It had startling red on black eyes that she thought were beautiful. "Ah gotta be seein' thangs. This ain' possible."

Rogue turned to go, but just as soon as she did the dragon grabbed her by it's claws and forced her onto its back. "Ah ain' gonna rahde ya."

~You'll enjoy it, cherie.~

"What the-" ~

Oh, no. Ah ain' talkin' ta a creature such as yourself.~

The dragon's body rumbled as if it were chuckling. Then right as she was about to get off, it flew higher into the sky and twirled around to Rogue's delight. ~What's yar name, shugah?~

~Gambit. Yours is?~

~Rogue. Whah did ya come here?~

~Didn' Stormy tell ya 'bout moi?~

~Didn' believe her at the time.~ A smirk seemed to appear on the dragon's face as he flew her higher into the air. She laughed as he sun's rays made her skin glow. ~Gambit need t' make y' laugh more, petite.~

"Ah ain' little."

~T' moi y' are.~ Rogue looked at the ground below them and saw everything! Logan teaching, Xavier bickering with Mystique and the whole town working. ~ Ah've neveh enjoyed somethin' lahke this so much.~

~Why dat?~

~It's a little complicated for a rahde lahke this.~ Rogue and Gambit flew until nightfall, but when Rogue started shivering from the cold he took her home. ~Thanks for this, shugah.~

~Any time.~

"Will weh rahde tomorrow?~

~If you wish.~ She smirked and walked inside. Rogue decided that Gambit would be her little secret as she dressed into a silk nightgown. Little did she know that he had a secret of his own