Hey, people. I'm Elphie! I'm going to be the narrator today. I snuck out of Kris' brain and wrote this for her. So you guys want to know the magnificent ending to Battle of Curses?


Storm and Airin had died during the war. Anya's spell wasn't strong enough to save three different people with one life. She could only save Remy and his minor wound. Atleast minor compared to the other three. Anyway, he was in a coma for a week. Rogue never left his side, and when he did wake...the first thing he did...was ask Rogue to marry him. She seemed so shocked that she might've said no, but in the end she kissed him with a burning passion. He took it as a yes.

After both of the funerals had taken place everyone was sullen. That is until Scott's and Jean's wedding that took place the next month. Everyone from the two kingdoms were there and happy that they found love. Scott was just glad Jean hadn't died during the war. It was grand, fancy, and extravagantly wonderful.

When Rogue had asked Anya if she would stay with them in the castle she politely declined. She said she had wanted to keep up her mother's safety between kingdoms. Leaving the day after Jean's and Scott's wedding, she disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Storm's followers had gone back into silent hiding where they were never heard of again. All except Jackie. She was last seen in Wanda's castle. Some believe she has been learning Wanda's magic to bring her back to life, or to follow in her footsteps. Either way Anya would be there to stop her.

Rogue and Remy had married after Jean and Scott had their second child. It was a small wedding that held only friends and family. This included Kitty, Betsy, Kurt, Jean, Scott, their kids, Xavier, Raven, and Remy's family who was shocked to find that he was still alive. Anya had appeared the day before the wedding to congradulate the two of them and wish them well. After that...she wasn't heard of again. Atleast...not since then.

Ten years have passed and Rogue and Remy had three children. Their first had died by a plague when he was five years old while their second lived to be a great queen of Rogue's kingdom. The third, a young boy, is now the king of Remy's kingdom. They had taken over when Rgue had died in the plague and Remy had been murdered. Since then...people have heard rumors that Jackie is back. Question is...are they true?

The End


So that's the ending to Battle of Curses and Two True Loves. Should this continue? That depends on if you guys want it to. REVIEW AND TELL ME!