Mega Man X: Warmachine
A Mega Man X Fiction


Greetings to all and thank you for taking the time to read this fiction. I'd like feedback, comments, criticism, anything as long as it's constructive; don't hold back I can take it. Any reviews that would like to start up discussions or debates are also more than welcome, so long as things are kept civil.

This fiction definitely handles an odd pairing of protagonists. I always found it a pity that Vile wasn't present in Command Mission, so I couldn't help but wonder how the others would respond to the loose cannon fighting with or against them. Eventually, the idea of Vile having a shaky alliance with an operator came up and the renegade teaming up with Nana just kind of stuck. For anyone here for that kind of content, though, remember that this isn't a slashfic.

I hope you enjoy and please, review!

PS: Visit the forum ( forum/Mega-Man-X-Warmachine/104275/ ) for news, updates and a glossary of terms for those not familiar with Mega Man X or one or more of the games in the franchise.