refinement, dignity...

by NiNA_eN

...and beauty. Because she's not at all beautiful.

She's not at all beautiful.

Her cheeks are too round, her nose tilts up a little and her eyes are too big, too expressive, too vulnerable. The little pigtails she has on either side are too childish - and her clothes are more often than not covered with bows, ribbons and pleats.

Her generous lips jut out, her cheeks puff up as she pouts at the slightest of things; her voice, though not as shrill as most girls her age, grows to a frightening decibel when she is surprised and she has a habit of gesturing with her hands a lot so they seem all over the place.

No, beauty does not suit her.

And neither does refinement, as she bursts through the back doors of the bakery; her hair wild and windblown, shirt half-unbuttoned and half-tucked into her school skirt, which has ridden up high on her thighs.

Her black knee-length socks ruck around her slender ankles, her hands tremble slightly, her cheeks are flushed and her throat glistens slightly.

He watches, as beads of moisture slide down the length of her long swan-like neck and gather in the hollow crevice of her collarbone, and swallows thickly to himself.

No, refinement does not suit her either.

And neither does dignity, when Yukino steals away the head position and personally orchestras the demolition of the South Pantasia store; and she has to watch it all with tears rolling down her cheeks, her fists clenched in his shirt and her face half-buried into his shoulder.

Pride does not suit her either.

Her head hangs but he knows her expression already; bright red cheeks, demurely lowered eyes that strain not to flicker this way and that, and quivering eyes.

He knows but it does not quite register in his mind. All he can do is stare at her in complete and utter shock.

The silence stretches between them, sudden and deafening.

Her hands begin to shake.

And the spell is immediately broken.

With unexpected, uncharacteristic savagery, he snatches her up and buries his face in her ordinary chestnut-coloured hair. He is not much taller than her but his slender hands are deceiving, with enough strength to lift her straight into the air.

Her expression is comical; a cross between fright and bewilderment, but it slowly relaxes into a small smile as she hesitantly, contentedly slips her arms around him to return his embrace - as he has done to her confession.

This silent, peaceful scene is absolutely ruined when he attempts to kiss her - heads turning towards each other slowly, lips inching closer - but inexperience (on both sides) completely botches it. He misses and fumbles freezes then just stops altogether.

A faint pink flush begins to spread across his cheekbones.

She giggles.

And he realizes that he is very, very glad that she is not at all beautiful - because neither is he, and so they will learn together.

because she already knows what he wants to say, is trying to say back.

I love you.

...I have no idea where this sappy thing came from O.O

And how do you miss a kiss, Kanmuri? -giggles-

The third one, pride is not being sexist. What I mean, in this case, is an unwillingness to admit your feelings - which is obviously opposed here, haha :D

Yakitate!Japan is a Japanese anime - so when Kanmuri talks about "beauty," he means it from old-age of traditional Oriental beauty; long black hair, white skin, docile-mannered and mask-like face. A mature, sophisticated and elegant woman.

There's a woman famed as a stereotype of this named Yamato Nadeshiko. I considering naming this fic that..

This is not connected to Cookie Kiss but please, do drop by and read it sometime :)