Voyagers: Frozen in Time

Chapter 1: When Lightning Strikes

Paris, France. June 3rd, 1902 9:10pm

"You know Bogg, I'll admit this was a great idea!" twelve-year old Voyager Jeffrey Jones shouted above the wind as he gazed at a towering structure.

"Good thing it's warm out! When I had the guidebook, I did this all the time!" His partner, Voyager Phineas Bogg replied.

"So you closed your eyes, put your finger on a random date, and went to that time zone to witness history in the making?" Jeffrey laughed. "That's so neat! Wish I'd thought of it."

"It killed boredom! I needed some kind of fun, ya know? Now I don't know a lot of famous dates, so I have to pick your brain. What's gonna happen?"

Phineas stared at the overhead black clouds; they were plumped with rain. Droplets splashed off his suede vest. He pushed his dark-blonde hair back and raised his face skyward to feel the cool water. His vivid blue eyes widened and he grinned.

The majesty of the Eiffel tower never ceased to amaze him.

"In five minutes, lightning is gonna strike the top of the tower and blow all the electricity. I've seen a picture in one of my history books and it looked awesome." Jeffrey explained.

"Yeah, but you might not wanna stand too close, kid. The tower's made of pure steel!" Phineas warned. The energy built up around them, and he felt rooted to his spot while a resonant hum filled his ears.

"Aww, Bogg! It would've been even cooler if we were on the top!" Jeffrey kidded. "Hey, we forgot, make sure the omni's not red."

Phineas flicked it open and saw a green light. "We're good, I guess we can stand back and watch the show."

Thunder rumbled and the rain poured down in sheets. Jeffrey shook out his dark curls and wiped his face. "Keep your eyes on the skies! Eight years from now a physicist named Theodore Wulf is gonna detect cosmic rays throughout the tower after a 4-day experiment then he discovered…"

Phineas grabbed his arm and pointed. "Science lessons later, Jeff! It's gorgeous! The storm's getting closer! Look at those bolts out there, it's…woah! Here it comes!" He bellowed.

Phineas practically jumped up and down like kid in a candy store. Three crackling streams of bluish-white energy shot from the sky and linked together as they forcefully made contact with the apex of the tower. The entire monument quivered, its metal parts screeched on impact. The static electricity in the atmosphere raised every hair on Phineas' arms and his body shivered from head to toe. Jeffrey clutched him, laughing at the spectacular scene.

Thunder cracked again and more lightning embellished the purple-hued skies. Phineas felt a jolt in his hand and the omni made a noise he'd never heard before. It was a jarring mix of sounds from the red and green light. He realized he hadn't closed the device. Both lights flashed and the globe spun wild. The dials turned automatically, but Phineas couldn't read the dates in the darkness. He conked it on his palm. A shock passed through him and the noise died off with a sharp buzz. The light turned red and the globe locked into place.

Phineas held the omni away from him confused. Jeffrey was too enthralled by the storm to notice.

"Bogg, do we have to go already?"

"Go? Where? What do you…?"

In that instant, the Voyagers were flung through the cosmos faster than ever been before.