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Some Day by puripurina

"Oniisan! Wait for me!"

"You're too slow, Ooka," Raigar shouted ahead of his little brother.

"Mom said that you'll have to wait- Ahh!" Ooka shouted as he fell on the ground. "I-itai..."

"Now what is it?" Raigar sighed as he made his way to his brother.

"My leg started to hurt again..." Ooka sniffed.

Raigar bend on his knees next to him. "Let me take a look."

He took a look at Ooka's ankle. "It's starting to swell again," he said, "let's go back home."

Raigar lifted his little brother from the ground and started to carry him back to their house.

"Am I.... going to die?" Ooka asked.

Raigar laughed a little. "Baka," he said, "you're not going to die if you'r ankle is hurt."

"I'm going to say mom that you called me baka," Ooka said.

"Really? Then I'm going to say mom that you took candies from the drawer," Raigar said proudly.

"So what? You took them too," Ooka protested, "I saw you yesterday!"

Raigar sighed. "Okay, so now we're even."

"No! I want to win you this time! Let me down!" Ooka shouted and started to move his legs and hands.

"Okay, okay," Raigar said and let Ooka go. "Last one at home is stupid slimy head!" Ooka shouted and started to run.

"Carefully!" Raidar shouted and started to run as well.

They soon reached their garden. Ooka tried to run faster but it clearly seemed that his leg hurt. Raigar decided to let him win so he would stop complaining.

"I was first!" Ooka shouted as he jumped in front of their front door. "You're stupid slimy head, oniisan!" he laughed and jumped for joy. "I'm the best!"

Raigar laughed too. He knew that Ooka would've lost if he had made his best, but it certainly was better this way.

"What's the matter here? Why you're already back home?" their mom came from the front yard.

"Ooka's ankle started to-" Raigar started.

"I won oniisan when we ran back home! He's stupid slimy-" Ooka started to jump again but he stopped quickly because of his ankle. "Ittai...."

Mom smiled at the brothers. "You shouldn't bush it, Ooka," she said and bent next to the younger boy and took a look at his ankle, "you should let your leg get better before you start running."

"But I won oniisan! At last!" Ooka grinned and took a look at Raigar who was leaning to a wall.

"Yes you did," Raigar said and showed his tongue to his brother.

"I'm definetly becoming a knight one day! And I will be the best! What you'd say, mommy?!" Ooka grinned even larger.

"Hai hai," their mom said, "one day maybe. Now come on, the food is starting to be ready. And we'll going to put a new bandage on your leg, mister," she said to Ooka as she stood up and openend the door.

"No! Then I'll never be a leader if my leg is in bandages and all stuff!" Ooka cried.

"But if it doesn't heal you won't be able to run ever again. Now come on."

Ooka 'hmph'ed and went in. "Why Raigar isn't coming?!" he complained as he saw his brother looking up to the sky.

"He'll come too, ne, Raigar?" their mom shouted.

"Hai," Raigar said and took last look on the sky. It was so blue and everything seemed to be quite in harmony. Suddenly he noticed Ooka running back to the garden. "I won't eat if Raigar doesn't have to eat either!" he shouted as he ran with his hurting ankle.

"Ah! Raigar, would you please watch your brother. And both of you, come to eat."

"Hai," Raigar said to his mom who was standing at the door.

'Maybe some day, yeah,' he thought to himself as he went after his brother.

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