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Hermione looked nervously at her husband. Her husband. Who would've ever thought? Her a brainy plain Jane would end up with the dangerously handsome hot shot athlete.

Oliver smiled down at her and gave her shoulder a squeeze. It somewhat relaxed her.

"Her, I mean Mum, can I ring it?" Ollie said as he pointed to the doorbell.

"Of course Ollie."

"Helena can you get that!" Neil Granger yelled from his office.

Helena Granger rolled her eyes as she turned off the faucet. She quickly wiped her hand on one of the kitchen towels. "Yes?" She asked as she opened the door. "Sweetheart?" She said confused as she looked at the scene in front of her. There stood her daughter with a small boy attached to her hips and a man standing right behind her and towering over her by several inches.

"Hi Mum." Hermione squeaked.

Mrs. Granger stood there just staring.

Hermione and Oliver exchanged a look.

"Come in, come in." Helena said as she got over the initial shock.

"Neil!" She yelled.

"I'm here, I'm here. Hermione darling?" Hermione's father said coming down the stairs to see his only daughter by the foot of the stairs.

"Hi daddy." Hermione said as she gave him a one armed hug, the other still around Ollie.

"What is going on?" He asked as he looked at his daughter and the two males. "And what is that?" He asked as he caught hold of his daughter's left hand. On her finger was a ring, a large diamond ring, and a simple gold band. He then looked at the older male's hand and also caught the gold band on his hand.

"Sweetheart, is there something you need to tell us?"

"Um yes." Hermione said smiling nervously.

"Hullo, Mr. and Mrs. Granger. My name is Oliver Wood. I'm a professional Quidditch player. Which I'm not sure Hermione has told you about but it is a sport that is very popular in the Wizarding World. I live in Scotland. I've never been in trouble before with the law or anything of the sort, well no, actually... well that time doesn't really count. During the short time that... Voldemort controlled I broke plenty of rules." Oliver muttered to The Grager's amusement. "But I am in love with your daughter and if the circumstances would have been better... I promise that we had not meant to exclude you from the wedding. It's just that myself, Harry, Ron, and Ginny all agreed it would be better if you had not been there." Oliver said speaking up.

"Oh and why not." Mr. Granger said in a voice void of emotion. His only daughter was married to a man he'd never met before nor had they been invited.

"Because I wasn't quite myself that day." Hermione spoke up.

Her parents just looked even more confused and suspicous.

"Mummy had been taken over by a ghost that wanted to marry Daddy." Ollie said piping in at last.

"I'm sorry what?" Mrs. Granger asked, her face pale.

"I think we should sit at the couch for this story." Hermione said.

"Yes, I think that would be a good idea." Mr. Granger said agreeing with his daughter.

So as it was, they spent an hour telling Hermione's parents the whole story from Ginny going for the show, to when Hermione collapsed as Lady Felicia had left her body, ending with when they adopted Oliver.

"So you two are well and truly married?" Mr. Granger asked just to confirm.

"Yes Daddy." Hermione nodded.

"Well if that's the case welcome to the family you two!" Mrs. Granger exclaimed as she leaned over to hug the two males. "I must call the family over to dinner. Just wait till I tell your Aunt Regina that my daughter married first. Everyone kept betting that your cousin Georgina would but I knew in my heart that you would beat her. Everyone may have thought her a lovely china doll but I knew that you were the whole package. Smarts and looks. And with such a handsome husband and child in tow. Oh I can't wait till I rub it in my sister-in-law's face."

"Mum!" Hermione cried horrified.

"Oh hush darling. I'm a mother. I have a right to brag about my only daughter. You'll know the feeling soon enough." Mrs. Granger said as she winked. "Oh we must have a family gathering so everyone can meet Oliver and Ollie. You do prefer Ollie right sweet?" She asked as she leaned down to ask her brand new grandson.

He nodded.

"Great! Neil show them to where they can stay."

"Mum we already booked a room."

"Well unbook them, my daughter and her family are not staying at a hotel when we have two perfectly good bedrooms. You can stay in the guest while my grandson stays in your old room. He's lucky you weren't into girly frilly colors when you were little. Did you know that your mother's favorite color when she was younger was midnight blue?"

Ollie shook his head. While Oliver looked over to Hermione, a grin fixed on his face.

"Well son like my wife said, welcome to the family." Mr. Granger said as he brought out a hand for him to shake. Oliver shook it.

"Good and firm. I like that." He commented. "Now you, I'll have to take you fly fishing one of these days." He said as he looked at Ollie.

"What's fly fishing?" Ollie asked wide eyed.

"The best way to fish in the world." Mr. Granger said smiling as he stood up. Then began to walk down the hall with Ollie.

"Cool." Ollie said as he trailed after his grandfather asking questions.

"I'm so sorry my parents." Hermione whispered.

"There's no reason to be sorry lass. They seem wonderful and must be to raise an extraordinary daughter like you."

Hermione blushed. "I just wish my mother wasn't so embarrassing sometimes."

"What does your mother also have naked stories about you too?" Oliver joked.

This caused Hermione to laugh.

When they made it to their room it was a bit awkward as they realized that for the first time they would be sharing a bed.

"I'll take the floor lass." Oliver said softly.

It caused Hermione to stop staring at the bed and jump in shock. "What no. The floor's utterly uncomfortable. We're married anyway..." she trailed off, biting her lip.

"Well yes but lass."

"Oliver we're married, we can sleep in the same bed, I'm just not ready to,"

Oliver gulped. "Of course lass I never expected that at all."

Hermione flushed. "I didn't think you would expect but Oliver, I've never..." She trailed off.

Oliver blinked. "Lass you don't mean you're a... virgin?"

Hermione turned a furious shade of red. She laid on the bed and buried her face into the pillow. "Yes." Came muffled out.

Oliver had mixed feelings. He was delighted for one and then frightened for another. "It's okay lass, there's nothing wrong with that, like I said, I don't expect anything at all. We can just sleep in the bed." Oliver said as he sat on the side of the bed and gently ran his fingers over her hair comfortingly.

Hermione looked up from her pillow. "I love you Oliver." she couldn't help but say as she gazed up at him. They had been through some strange things and their marriage was one of the toppers but it didn't diminish how they felt for each other.

"I love you too."

Hermione began to unpack as did Oliver.

"Grandpa's so cool!" Ollie said as he jumped on Hermione's and Oliver's bed.

"Hey love." Hermione smiled at him.

"I'm hungry, do you think grandma has food?"

"I'm positive she does." Hermione laughed. "But Ollie, tomorrow do you want to go shopping for clothes?"

"Sure, can I go down to the kitchen? Please." He looked up at her with wide eyes brimming with joy and excitement.

Hermione looked at him laughing. "Okay."

"I'll go down with him." Oliver offered.

"You just want to get out of unpacking." Hermione scowled at him.

Oliver gave an innocent look.

"Go on." Hermione rolled her eyes.

Oliver and Ollie both high fived to Hermione's amusement.

Hermione came down after unpacking all their things even Ollie's.

She thanked god that Oliver had already unpacked his underwear into the draws. She wasn't quite there yet, they hadn't been married even over twenty four hours yet.

"Hi Mum." Hermione said as she entered the kitchen.

"He can cook!" Mrs. Granger exclaimed proudly as she turned to her daughter. "He can cook and not burn things! You really did well for yourself. He's handsome and can cook!"

Hermione and Oliver both blushed as Ollie just laughed, while Mr. Granger grunted. He was one of those people that could burn water.

"I'm so excited for tonight. Ollie dear don't eat too much I don't want your appetite to be ruined." Helena said finally having the opportunity to be grandmotherly.

Ollie nodded but snuck one more bite of the whip cream that she had made to accompany the pie that she was making with Oliver.

"Mr. Granger, you're a dentist right? Hermione said that the both of you were dentist."

"Just call me dad, you're part of the family now. But yes."

"Oh okay... dad. What exactly does a dentist do?"

"You don't have dentist in the wizarding world?" Neil Granger said puzzled.

Oliver shook his head.

As Oliver and Hermione's dad talked, Hermione had taken over Oliver's job of kneading the dough for the rolls.

Mother and daughter shared looks as the two older males got into a serious discussion about sports. Of course. They took turns comparing football to quidditch. Both were so passionate the two couldn't help but roll their eyes at the males. Even Ollie joined the conversation though he batted for both teams as he was a halfblood and knew both from his background and vague memories of his parents before the war.

"Ohhh, I see them rising." Ollie said as he watched the rolls in the oven. "Can I have one?"

"Love you have to wait until they're done cooking and for them to cool down." Hermione said.

Ollie gave a sad sigh. "I'm hungry again."

Mrs. Granger laughed. "You definitely take from your grandfather. He's always hungry too."

"What, what'd you say about me?" Neil yelled from the other room where the television was. He and Oliver were both watching football as he explained the game to Oliver whom was of course fascinated.

"Nothing dear." Just as she said so the doorbell rang.

"Neil get the door. It's probably your sisters!" She said excited to show off the new additons to the family.

As it was Oliver had gotten up first to open the door and greet the guests.

All of them had come at once. Six of Hermione's cousins including Georgina and their significant others. Her two Aunts and Uncles along with some of the kids. A few neightbors that were family friends too were mixed in the bunch.

"Hullo." Oliver said his Scottish accent very evident.

All the females there, married and unmarried all gasped and sighed.

Oliver stood to the side holding the door open as the people walked in. Many of the women couldn't help but admire him and some of the males looked at him, surveying him. Two of Hermione's male cousins put a protective arm around their dates as did Georgina's date. While one male cousin, Hermione's personal favorite, Decan, openly flirted with Oliver. Making him fluster.

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