By the end of the night, the castle was practically a full house as several of the unmarried Weasley men decided to also stay with the Woods that night too before the first quidditch game of the season. Charlie, Ron, and George each got a room near each other while Yulisa decided to occupy the one adjoining Ollie's. Gerry, Rianne, and Alicia felt quite nostalgic of their Bachelor days... even if it was only some months ago... and decided to take up Rianne and Alicia's old room for old time's sakes.

"I almost feel like a contestant again," Gerry laughed as she took a seat in the room that would soon be Hermione's library that they were all gathered in and helping to set up.

Hermione's parents had gone with Oliver's into the village, the two parents deciding they wanted to get to know each other as they were now family. Decan was still exploring the castle after he'd checked out and got his fill of still bachelor Charlie Weasley. Meanwhile Ron and George were tasked with Oliver to get Lady Catriona's portrait from the hidden corridor to Hermione's library. Hermione was levitating all her books that she'd collected so far into the correct book shelves. Rianne was hanging out on the ladder as she put finishing touches on the wood book shelves by decorating them with snow drop flowers and forget me nots.

Alicia was helping Ollie and Yulisa set up Ollie's desk that was basically a miniature copy of Hermione's cherry wood desk. She was helping Ollie set up his floating quidditch figurines that silently played a quidditch game when you took the miniature quaffle out of the box. It had apparently originally been Alick Wood's before Oliver's and with tradition, was now Ollie's.

"Bloody hell, you really do look like Mione," Ron said when they delicately put the portrait down.

"It is quite a strange coincidence." Catriona nodded in agreement.

"Or fate," Rianne quipped as she got down from the brass ladder engraved with olive leaves and fleur de lis.

"Have you ever thought that maybe Hermione could be a descendant of the family that you can't remember?" Oliver asked the portrait concerned as he had been told the story by Hermione and he felt some obligation as even though this castle was given to him, he still did feel guilt that the castle was no longer owned by the original family. Not that he would ever hand the castle back to the greedy cousin of the old owner. If he did, this castle would be destroyed for a resort of some kind...

"I do wish that I remembered... if that is the truth, I would be so honored to have Hermione as a descendant."

And the castle would rightfully belong to a kin of the family... many of them thought but did not say as Hermione Granger could care less if her family was potentially rightful heirs for a castle and possibly more...

"My parents would love to meet you regardless. Oh and Decan is going to be completely enthralled. Just to be warned, there will be a barrage of questions as soon as they do see you. "

"What is barrage and enthralled?" Yulisa asked George as she came to stand beside him.

George patted the top of his daughter's head as he tried not to laugh. "Those are Hermione words that remind us adults that we did not pay enough attention in school."

Ron grunted in agreement. The amount of words that Hermione would use when speaking to him, where he had to stop her and ask what a word meant, was enough to fill a cauldron.

Hermione ignored the both of them as she levitated Lady Catriona's portrait, asking the portrait where she'd like to be placed. Rather than over the fire place as many portraits were placed, Catriona wanted to face the window, above Hermione's desk.

"Would you like an empty frame that you can jump in and see the ongoing of the castle from the parlor?" Oliver asked.

Hermione's eyes widened as she recalled that the Hogwarts portraits were able to jump portraits! "Can we buy more?" Hermione asked excitedly, not seeing that she and Catriona had the same wide eyed expression.

"Well it has to be curated but yes essentially we can buy more." Oliver explained to both females' delights.

"Why don't you know this already Mum?" Ollie asked the question many of them were saying in their heads.

"I had so many other things going on when we were at Hogwarts and I was probably more curious over the ghosts and the Fat Lady never cared much for me." Hermione sighed.

"Well she liked Ollie." George quipped.

"Oh my god, I totally forgot that!" Alicia nearly cried before laughing at the memories."

"Oh, really?" Hermione said before giving her husband a look.

Oliver blushed. "She really just had a thing for the captains of the Gryffindor team."

"I don't remember her being like that with Angelina or Harry." Hermione said looking at Ron for confirmation.

Ron shook his head in confirmation.

Hermione couldn't help but tease Oliver as they finished setting up her library... her own library. How could one man know her so well when in the scheme of things, his presence in her life was a blip until the past year... Love really was amazing in how it could change one's life.

As they put the last novels in its place, everyone took a step back so they could even admire.

"Merlin, you know if I would've been told while we were at Hogwarts that our Oliver would end up with the Hermione Granger, I would've thought they must've sniffed too much fairy dust." Alicia said in wonder. "But somehow even though you two can't possibly be cut from the same cloth, looking at this place. Wow are you both made for each other. I mean what a wedding gift. If I could think of the perfect wedding gift, even I wouldn't have been able to recreate this." Alicia finished as she looked up at the multilevel library that while expanse was homey.

"When did you both even have time to order all this?" Charlie asked shaking his head.

Hermione and Oliver looked at each other and just smiled.

"Jeez, they're already doing that couple thing!" Gerry exclaimed. "Way to remind the rest of us of how single we are."

Alicia gave the girl a narrowed look. "Speak for yourself Ger. If I recall the last encounters we've had with a certain Chaser, I would say I'm the only one who's truly single." She said crossing her arms at Gerry who looked up innocently as if to admire the library again.

Rianne at least blushed as she shot a quick glance at George who was now standing next to the kids.

Hermione and Oliver shared another look but Oliver shook his head. Would he have to threaten his star Chaser soon? Honestly with Gerry being the daughter to one of the most famous broom makers ever, Oliver doubted he had to, the coach would do enough threatening for them all once he was told the truth.

"Everyone, unfortunately I will be leaving shortly to have a short pre-game conversation with the team and knowing them, a few may be coming back with me but I'll send word prior in case we need to set up a room for them."

"If you guys want to all relax in your rooms or just hang out wherever, please feel free to. Oliver's heading out and I have study time with Ollie."

"Study time?" Ron echoed in disbelief.

"Muggle history and current events. I don't want him to forget part of his history." Hermione explained as Ollie's mum had been a muggle and seemed to have exposed him to quite a bit of muggle life from what she'd observed.

There were nods and a few groans.


Oliver's parents came back to the castle towing Hermione's parents behind them. To say they'd bonded would be an understatement. Hermione and Oliver's wedding was now practically planned down to the shoes the ring bearer would be wearing...

Decan was still questioning Lady Catriona three hours later. He was absolutely convinced that she was an ancestor, but was she from his aunt and mom and hence his relative or his uncles? He had asked Catriona to stand still so he could take a picture because Regina just had to see this. Whether she thought Hermione could be related to a titled Scottish lady or Hermione already having her own rich person's painted portrait, both would make her seethe and Declan got too much glee from that either way.

"Holy shiiiips!" Helena Granger said upon finally entering the library room and seeing her daughter's double stuck in a portrait.

Ollie couldn't help but giggle at his grandmother. Maybe he should break it to her that he definitely knew that was not how that went... or probably not. Probably not.

"Hello, Ms. Granger, mother of Hermione."

"Hu, hello, uh, Lady-" she drew out the word as she could not really recall the name Ophelia had told her, rather speechless. She knew they most likely were not joking when so many different people had warned her but she still hadn't expected this! That was her daughter! Well her daughter's face. Her hair was much darker than Hermione's. And her nose was quite possibly a bit bigger? "How?" She asked not sure how to even start her question. "Honey, what happened to you?"

Catriona smiled as she had been lonely for so long and suddenly thrust in the middle of a family that treated her like as if she was their long lost loved one... honey. How long had it been since someone had called her by that sweet moniker? And so Catriona began her story again not that Decan minded. He could honestly listen to the portrait talk all day. God magic was amazing.

Meanwhile Hermione and Rinny were going around setting up five more rooms. Thank Merlin they were at the castle and not the flat or they'd have to transform many of the beds into bunk beds! It seemed it was quite a tradition for some of the players to crash with the captain on nights before the game, some dealing with pre-game anxiety, others just wanting to make sure they got to the game on time, others... that were forced to so the coach and captain would know their whereabouts the morning of the game. And Hermione worried that it might have also have something to do with loneliness. Even though she'd only started training, the Healers had spent one whole day on the depression of Quidditch Players whose quick rise to fame tended to affect them emotionally and the feeling of isolation that came with the fame especially those pre and post games. The worst of all, those on the brink of retiring.